9th Jun 2012 10:21 -  11 years ago
Description : A Drum and Bass track built around a Jazz sample from MaxJC s loops.

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If you have time take a listen and give smallpaul some feedback.

Mosaic 10th May 2014 07:16 -  10 years ago
Hey man

Paul what a brilliant piece, first thing that hit me was the clarity, First time heard a DnB like this one, have to say one of the best heard here on the loop, with the jazzy house blend, great use of the vocal to here friend, it isn't one of those hit you in face DnB which means you get to enjoy the different sounds and feels through out the track, this one has a coffee/café lounge feels to it, one you would hear when out at a café getting coffee, don't download many tracks from here mate, but this one is a must download...Excellent work here...Peace n Respect Paul...Mosaic...Oh massive fav...
FreeRadical 24th Jul 2013 18:42 -  10 years ago
Hi! Welcome to Jazz Club! Nice! Groovy! (remember that from the fast show?)
Anyway is that a rhodes keyboard. Sounds fat mate. This is really uplifting, has a groovy bassline and would stand the test in any decent d&b mix.
Brilliant is what it is.
smallpaul replied 24th Jul 2013 - 10 years ago
Yes mate, Loved the Fast show. The sample I used from MaxJC has the bass in it, Check it out on his page, I made the chorus myself I think I used the Spencer Hill Rhodes in Nexus. And a few other bits.
BlackKasper 10th Jun 2013 05:06 -  10 years ago
That's what i'm talking about! I love when artist are able to re-create something, and make it their own. You have done that, and then some with this swingin track! I especially love the intro, and build of it. Quality tune yo.
Rebellious 18th Jun 2012 01:32 -  11 years ago
I Love It.
I'm Downloading It. The Saxophone is Epic. Thank You SmallPaul.

Man if you're looking for some serious collaborating I am so into the idea. Hmu 1216 421 6021
smallpaul replied 18th Jun 2012 - 11 years ago
Hey Belli, thanks for stopping by. Check the hip hop original version as well.

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Peace Love Respect...

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i wanted to share with you my track
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i know its not finished and polished,but it sounds simply good :D
Let me know your critics!
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9th Jun 2013 23:40 -  10 years ago
Description : Here's my version of spade's track superman which he kindly let us remix! Thank you, i had fun making this! :)

Original can be found here:

Went for a sort of drumsteppy/dnb feel at 170bpm so i hope you like it!
14th Jun 2015 12:29 -  8 years ago
Description : Finally got around to getting rid of that awful noise which was the previous version of this song. All new and exciting this time, hope you enjoy.

Big thanks to Inklewinkle2 who produced the awesome bass riffs and Xenovianlogic for producing the drum loops.
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Description : My first song, made in GarageBand using instruments I created and inklewinkle2's liquid D'n'B breakbeat, go check it out. Don't expect this to be Dirtyphonics quality.