11th Jul 2011 22:26 -  12 years ago
Description : For official breakers everywhere!!

Comments (14)

If you have time take a listen and give smallpaul some feedback.

Mosaic 30th Apr 2014 06:11 -  10 years ago
Hey man

Firstly apologise for not getting back to your works earlier, had to have a break from the loop due to personal reasons, link on one of my tracks explaining why...Very sweet sound here, excellent panning, nice DnB type of beat, must admit not listened to much of this genre but loving what I am hearing here, seems to be a blend of house and DnB this genre? everything sounds great man...looking forward to more tunes of yours over next few weeks now that I am back on the loop...Fav'd...Peace n Respect Paul...Mosaic....
smallpaul replied 30th Apr 2014 - 10 years ago
Hi mate thanks for review, glad to see you back on the loop and hopefully on the mend!! Yes I think this would have sat better in the D&B genre except for the lack of a good bass line. Thanks again. sp.
mackit 14th Jan 2014 05:09 -  10 years ago
First let me thankyou for stopping by. This is what I call some GREAT BREAK. I love those hits,they come in right on time. That rhodes sample is perfect for this track.I'm still bobbin my head. PEACE. THE MACK MAN OUT.
cosmicinfluence 19th Dec 2013 22:39 -  10 years ago
i could learn a thing or two from u bro. its not my usual genre but i like this alot
Badhuman 3rd Oct 2013 20:11 -  10 years ago
Nodding my head while listening. You know I love the Rhodes in there!
janis71 2nd Nov 2012 19:25 -  11 years ago
Was dancing on my chair like a mad with my dog staring perplexedly at me ... Wow ! What a gorgeous track ! Thanks a lot for this incredible energy !
xwatt 11th Apr 2012 07:35 -  12 years ago
greats songs, i like it , so groovy
Spivkurl 10th Apr 2012 21:05 -  12 years ago
This one flows really well! Love the instrumentation! Reminds me a bit of classic rock, which is very cool! Love it! Would fave if I could!
Bigwil0007 20th Feb 2012 08:17 -  12 years ago
Thx for your comment on my track SmallPaul; i definitely like what i hear here man, massive beats and excellent melodies! Keep up the vibe!
Spudsy 6th Dec 2011 13:50 -  12 years ago
Awesome vibe here fella...

Loved it, only thing i could say is if your using ableton (which i think u are cant remember)
try changing the time stretch on the samples from beats to complex, this will give you a more even tone from the samples.
Loved it tho bro..

whooop whooop
smallpaul replied 6th Dec 2011 - 12 years ago
Thanks for listening mate, yes will have a look at the complex time stretch, Thats Ableton for you!! Just when you think you know a thing or two, a whole new chapter opens up!!
FreeRadical 6th Dec 2011 13:13 -  12 years ago
Downloaded and in the bag mate. Need i say more?
smallpaul replied 6th Dec 2011 - 12 years ago
Cheers mate glad you liked!! You should be on Ableton by now!!
CyberSon 19th Aug 2011 12:53 -  12 years ago
Definitely enjoyed this my friend. It's got a really happy vibe to it and played nicely against the beautiful sunshine!

Adding it to my faves for future enjoyment. Superb work my friend.
smallpaul replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Thanks mate, glad you liked!!
eshar 9th Aug 2011 17:52 -  12 years ago
Yeah I have no hesitation in adding this to my faves. Excellent track indeed. :)
RitsLong 15th Jul 2011 00:49 -  12 years ago
I meant: Excellent work, congrats!
smallpaul replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Thanks for reviews mate!!
RitsLong 15th Jul 2011 00:39 -  12 years ago
I'll take this next time I'm driving to the beach... Great work, congrats!

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