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Description : This track is a combination of things not the least of which is the influence Looperman has had on me and maybe in return I have had some small influence on Looperman..Fusion Hip Hop Funk and a little bit of Rock...take your pick it's all here...all instruments played by myself...drums programed using Stylus RMX Vocals created using Zero-G Vocal Forge

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    BEATZMODE on Fri 23rd May 2014 - 8 years ago

    this track is awesome,like how you've fused diffrent styles into one,.overall production is great you should try hip hop more often :)

  2. JoeFunktastic
    JoeFunktastic on Tue 9th Jul 2013 - 8 years ago

    Sometimes a Funky old guy like me needs some real funk. Dave it does not get anymore more real then this. Your Bass guitar is the biggest and baddest Bass on this site. The Bass guitar itself almost by nature says Funk. And the way you play yours honours all the past Funk greats.

    Love the Amp guitar distortion, nice Hendrix style touch! You know, I put together Funk songs but you create them. What I do depends on others. You on the other hand, all you have to do is just plug in your bass and Amp and start playing. You and FilaSoul are the best there is here in Funk. Awesome Funk song, I would have loved it better as an instrumental because your bass is amazing! Regards, Joe

  3. simmerdown
    simmerdown on Sun 15th Apr 2012 - 10 years ago

    love that bass tone, super groove throughout...nice work with the vocals...first dl for me in a while, bravo planet....dbl

  4. FreeRadical
    FreeRadical on Thu 5th Apr 2012 - 10 years ago

    This is infectious. I've always liked funk but can't seem to get my sh*t together when i try to make it. I liked the way you alternate between the male and female vox.
    It flows niceley in to the breakdown which switches the vibe before funking back in again and getting your feet tapping.
    That's why i hate it anyway. (joke)

  5. AllenV
    AllenV on Tue 9th Aug 2011 - 10 years ago

    Hey Dave,You know i'm a fan of funk and this delivers it up on a nice jazzy plate,just how I like it.It's that Jazz element that feels so right to me in this groovy funky track.Your bass playing was a continuous treat and the guitars had just the right amount of fx played very well.

    Great on every level!

  6. Baggettcindy
    Baggettcindy on Fri 5th Aug 2011 - 10 years ago

    Again....another nice track!!

  7. Salook
    Salook on Sat 30th Jul 2011 - 10 years ago

    I really like this PJB, not just the vocals used but the whole thing has a freestyle feel to it , great levels for such a hard track, downloading, thanks for sharing.

  8. DonnieVyros
    DonnieVyros on Fri 24th Jun 2011 - 11 years ago

    Been a while since I swung by yer page so I figured that I'd see what you've been up to with your productions/compositions.

    Play 2 now...

    Cool ethnic drums going on here (you could add World to the genre list mix too). And those vox sound so familiar (they remind me of Chuck D from Public Enemy). The only thing I'd think to suggest is to maybe ditch the female vox (as they don't seem as cool as the main male stuff). The funk is def strong with this one (waves hands, not in that in-front-of-the-nose way, but in that like-I-don't-care way, haha). Keep bangin on mate. Lates!

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Donnie,thanks man..interesting comment about the female vox and I agree with you,initially I thought it was female too!all the vocals were generated in Zero-G's Vocal Forge Vst..you can make whole songs etc,I was trying to get some sort of different vocal continuity happening from the samples within it,but the selection was limited and they come in various pitches,I'm still not sure as to the gender ! lol...cheers mate Dave :)

  9. TraXnCtrl
    TraXnCtrl on Wed 25th May 2011 - 11 years ago

    Hi Dave

    the funky guitar is the bomb and the bass gives it groove.....vocals are good and you can hear the effort put in to this

    well done

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thanks Damien...funky stuff always floats my boat..cheers Dave :)

  10. Kikajon
    Kikajon on Mon 23rd May 2011 - 11 years ago

    Yeeeeao, stunning track and nothing but excellent. The beat reminds me of one band I totally dug called the Stonefunkers. A def fav!

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thanks man...glad you enjoyed the groove!..cheers Dave :)

  11. ShortBusMusic
    ShortBusMusic on Wed 18th May 2011 - 11 years ago

    I figured it was time for the neighbors to get up this morning, so what better way than a great funk track from one of the best bass men in the business. Everything in this one is flawless.

    Damn, I love that bass line...

    You sure you didn't play with Earth, Wind and Fire???

    Hahaha, what a great auditory journey. Outstanding effort and straight to favorites. Hope all is well down under...ooooooohhh!


    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Bear..I used to play with Earth,Wind and Beer....I get asked that question all the time!lol..thanks buddy hope the neighbours aren't cursing my name!..cheers Dave :)

  12. eshar
    eshar on Thu 12th May 2011 - 11 years ago

    Funk with a worldly edge to it, that's how I would describe this track.
    Great rhythm as well as clean crisp vocals and first class production.

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    I must admit I was thinking about you the other day then turned on the television and was greeted by "Fiddle-dee-dee..War,war,war all this talk of war is boring..etc" (Scarlett talking to the Tarelton twins in the opening scene from GWTW)....and that made me do a double take....thanks for the listen

  13. 2secondimpression
    2secondimpression on Thu 5th May 2011 - 11 years ago

    melted my brain again, the bass work is amazing and the vocal sample is a nice touch to an awesome track.

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thanks man...I do appreciate the positive feedback very much!...cheers Dave

  14. MaxJC
    MaxJC on Wed 4th May 2011 - 11 years ago

    Def impressed by your musical fusion; its a clash of culture all together. Your creation could as well be featured in movies, documentaries and even video games :P. Glad i came through - Don't stop!!

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thanks for the listen mate..glad you enjoyed the fusion..cheers Dave

  15. Randall822
    Randall822 on Thu 21st Apr 2011 - 11 years ago

    Hi there Dave,

    Been awhile since I have heard anything from you. I saw you in the featured window and it reminded me. I worked a lot last year so I wasn't on here much, or making music...but now I am retired and can do what I love most...make music.

    So this tune is really cool. I like hearing the bass...sounds like a fretless. The vocals are right on and fit right in this song. I'd have to say you've out done yourself as this a great tune. Very good job Dave.

    Thanks for sharing it,

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Randy long time no see bro!...man that's great now we'll get to experience a lot more of your cool music!..musicians never really retire though it's way too addictive,we just get worn down to a nub! lol..thanks mate,this news has made my day it'll be great having you back in the fold!...cheers Dave :)

  16. JohnBoutilier
    JohnBoutilier on Tue 19th Apr 2011 - 11 years ago

    This is excellent. Glad to see funk didn't disappear with eshar's departure. Faved.

    So, is this just a transition piece towards your becoming looperman's number one hip hop artist? :-)

    Always a pleasure visiting your page, my friend


    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thanks bro..you must be prophetic or something I just posted my first legit Hip Hop effort...I don't think I'm gonna start wearing my hat backwards or say dis an dat..but it's good to wander on strange ground once in a while(for me anyway! lol)..cheers Dave

  17. Filaofsoul
    Filaofsoul on Mon 18th Apr 2011 - 11 years ago

    The funk kicked right on the first beat Bass and guitar outstanding!! First class production!! As with you I was away for a while the first song I posted when I returned also was named Here We Go LOL!! Take care Filaofsoul FAVED!!!

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thanks for the very cool words Fila,if I can get a fellow groovemiester to like my stuff I know I'm on the right track..cheers Dave

  18. Badhuman
    Badhuman on Mon 18th Apr 2011 - 11 years ago

    Dig the Jaco flav. Right in the pocket brother. Hip vocals even though the track could stand on it's own as an insturmental.

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey man thanks for the sympatico! bass players for ever! lol...cheers mate Dave

  19. Dirtzilla
    Dirtzilla on Sat 16th Apr 2011 - 11 years ago

    Your tracks are always so on point, I can't help but listen and smile. You make it seem so easy but I no better, you work hard at your craft. You are a artist and a very good one. Keep it up and I will always be listening.

    Great Track

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thanks MrDZ I appreciate the words man,your way too kind!...glad you enjoyed the groove mate..cheers Dave

  20. Vicen
    Vicen on Fri 15th Apr 2011 - 11 years ago

    Great music, in which what impresses me most is the meticulous production that makes us appreciate all the elements of the song, enjoying a unique experience. Amazing listener.

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey there Vincen...thank you,it makes it all worth while when people like yourself listen and enjoy it..cheers mate Dave

  21. StrikingDaggers
    StrikingDaggers on Fri 15th Apr 2011 - 11 years ago

    Great track Planetjazzbass. Love how you put everything together. It must have taken some serious time to get everything lined up. Sound Awesome. It's a Fav. Nice work.

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey man..thanks for the great review!...It took me awhile to find the drum sound that I had in my head,after that it was pretty steady going...cheers mate Dave

  22. Bilbozo
    Bilbozo on Fri 15th Apr 2011 - 11 years ago

    Sweet Track Dave ! You ae just slammin' on the bass groove...tight in the pocket. You really captured an enticing groove brother. I'd be movin' around the room but I am afraid I might Bust a Nut ! FunkaFusion Hip hop Intrusion ! Lots of great elements for a cool ride. My favorite element...that uinmistakeable bass tone and style you can only call your own. 10/10 - Bill

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Bill..be careful with the family jewels man!..you've got a lot more mileage to do with them yet! lol..thanks buddy,if I can get the guit supremo to tap his feet I must be doing something right!..cheers Dave

  23. n0mad23
    n0mad23 on Thu 14th Apr 2011 - 11 years ago

    This is so YOU. Drips with a signature sound, especially in that bass (no surprise) and the guitar. Actually, this is the second piece from you where I've heard traces of Mick Jones and The Clash in the guitar. Very, very cool as it's one of my favorites, that sound.

    This is the best thing I've heard anywhere in a while!

    Faved and downloaded. Thank you!

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Ahh Sean..your picking up on my long held secret desire to be a Keef(lol)Richards clone!...being a rhythm merchant I've always been into the chuggin side of guitar playing..oh how I would love a beatup 57Tele!..thanks mate for the great review..cheers Dave

  24. Firebird
    Firebird on Thu 14th Apr 2011 - 11 years ago

    The whole feel of this song is amazing. This song is the essence of funk. Fave.

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Fire..thanks man!..it all comes out when you hit the starter button sometimes..cheers mate and thanks for the cool review! Dave

  25. Spivkurl
    Spivkurl on Thu 14th Apr 2011 - 11 years ago

    This is so nice and laid back for a funk track! Great bass line, it really flows! Cool unique vocals! Really nice drums, they're so chill! Rockin guitars! Great work on this my friend!

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Spivy..thanks man!...funky fresh is always a fun genre to play,thanks buddy..cheers Dave

  26. 67Ecosse
    67Ecosse on Thu 14th Apr 2011 - 11 years ago

    this is totally bad -azz Dope. The mix is brilliant everything is really well mixed and levelled on this trank - gweetars, bass, percussion, vocals everything....can imagine this was a beelast to make.Each sound comes out in it's own but nothing over-powers anything else....

    who cares what you had or what you know this is out of control - it makes woolabra wonga sound like sheep dip.

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thanks man!..glad you liked the vibes,upbeat tempos are a bass player's fun time...cheers mate Dave

  27. theHumps
    theHumps on Thu 14th Apr 2011 - 11 years ago

    Ya Dave, this has a certain groove where the drums allow the bass(you)to work it's magic and create a great bed to lay quite an interesting guitar track on top of. I'm not hearing a hip hop vibe as much as a funk fusion feel but it sure makes you want to hear it a few times. Production sounds great, vocals stand out nicely, very cool track indeed. Always look forward to a new one from you!

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Wayne..cool mate...yeah it's mainly funk but the vocals were Hip Hop originally...lucky when I strolled into that neighborhood I had my bass with me! lol...cheers mate Dave

  28. Mosaic
    Mosaic on Thu 14th Apr 2011 - 11 years ago

    G'day Dave

    Man this is so good my friend, very funky and enjoyable, love the guitar and the vox drops you have used here, nice easy going funky beat, clarity and arrangement again up to your very high standard, massive piece, one of the top fav's of yours mate, big call as I love everything you do, but this has a real nice freshness about it, massive thank you for sharing this very good piece Dave...Peace n Respect...Estefano...

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Esti..thanks man,funk tracks are usually pretty lively and it was good to shake off the cobwebs...cheers mate Dave

  29. zappo
    zappo on Thu 14th Apr 2011 - 11 years ago

    Hallo Dave
    This is so cool.
    The bass is a rushing stream. drives me through deep forests.
    The funky guitars create the impression that as a man floats in the middle of that stream.
    Really an exciting trip through the vibrations in this arrangement.
    fav absolut ly

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Detlef...thanks mate!..coming from you(one of Looperman's,the world's,this universe's funkiest people)I take that as a compliment indeed..cheers Dave

  30. abnerbesares
    abnerbesares on Thu 14th Apr 2011 - 11 years ago

    Good work here PJB i'm glad to here good music like this one, Thank you ( love the BASS )''

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thanks man,Wilma(my bass)loves praise and admirers! lol..cheers Dave

  31. alividlife
    alividlife on Thu 14th Apr 2011 - 11 years ago

    Great track!
    Sick bass groove.

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Abe...thanks man,the sicker the better unless your in hospital!lol..cheers Dave

    SLAPJOHNSON on Thu 14th Apr 2011 - 11 years ago

    Hi Dave, This is some Super FUNK man!! Your production is first class, it's really clean with everything sounding great through my bose headphones. Loving the guitar and bass work as always, the vocals add that hook element and I'm a huge fan of your percussion usage... All round wonder sound and arrangement faved!

    Cheers, Slap...

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    See man..this is the result of all that Funk you've been playing emanating out into the stratosphere and rebounding off the ozone layer and subliminally influencing people around the globe one of which happens to be me!...cheers buddy,glad you liked the groove!...Dave

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