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Description : vintage guitar

Description : made with session vintage and rc 20

Description : harmochord in dorian harmony

Description : created from a piece of sample, processed by guitar rig 6

Description : lite trap guitar

Description : chery bassline

Description : loop from my track,
it can be found on this site

Description : dry bass guitar

Description : french jazz

Description : Nylon accord

Description : Made in omnisphere
used delay and echoboy

Description : Made in omnisphere using bass instrument.
Write a comment if you like it

Description : witcher type

Description : sad loop for your track

Description : Instrument: neo-soul keys > soft R&B
Effects: vkfx, VallhalaVintageVerb

Description : rnb loop on rhodes

Description : Used Omnisphere Clavinet tool. Processing: Reverb, Soundgoodizer, Crystallizer!

Description : Gloomy accordion made with the help of harmochord. I added reverb and retro sound effects as well as a blur in edison effect. I hope you enjoy this loop just like me.

Description : this petit piano

Description : mini ambient loop, I hope you will like it.

Description : curve melody

Description : piano vinyl

Description : effect transition

Description : Loop was created in the garage band, then I moved it to fl studio and completed

Description : hm
something like ambient but i'm not sure

Loops 1 - 25 of 29
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