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Description : Some Kid Cudi type shit.
Progression: Fm7, C#maj7, Cm7

Description : THIS LOOP IS IN F# PHRYGIAN!!!!!!!
Hope you make good use of it!

Description : 3xOsc with a vocoder and a few other effects.
Show me what you make with it!

Description : Show me what you make of it :)
Made using Keyscape

Description : Just a slightly modified Keyscape Patch called Cinema Tender Felt Piano.
Show me what you make of it!

Description : took a boring sound and added like 15 plugins onto it and now we get this, have fun!

Description : Made using the Bellish 11 preset in Ogun. Go crazy

Made using Nexus, use 2nd half for a better loop!

Description : Made using Xpand!2

Description : My first loop on here of me recording my guitar. Hope you find good use in it!

Description : Some dreamy sounding keys. Show me what you make with it!

Description : FL Keys with RC-20 and HalfTime.

Description : Made using Omnisphere 2 with RC-20.

Description : Some compressed boom bap drums in HalfTime. Not bad for a breakdown section or just for a vintage vibe.

Description : Made using xPand!2 with RC-20

Use the 2nd half to make it loop better.

Description : Omnisphere 2 with some bit crushing and distortion.

Description : Emo trap guitar loop made using Omnisphere 2

Description : Made using xPand2! and some effects.

Description : 2 omnisphere patches that are both heavily processed. Show me what you make with it!

Description : Omnisphere 2, RC-20, Hardcore, EQ, patch adjustments, Krusher, etc.

Link me your beats that you used this loop for! I love listening to them.

Description : Made using omnisphere and hella effects lmao

Description : Made using 2 Omnisphere patches with hella effects including grossbeat, RC-20, and EQ.


Made this EDM type loop with a keyscape patch topped with RC-20 and some EQ.

Description : Making more melodies just for you beautiful people here at Looperman. Show me what you can come up with! Key is E Minor made using Omnisphere 2 and Xpand2 with some RC-20 for flavor.

Description : Loop is in A Melodic Minor made with Xpand2

Made this melody while trying to make a counter melody for another beat, didn't fit well but I still liked it. Show me what you can make of it!

Loops 1 - 25 of 32
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