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Description : the title...

Description : yes... again

Description : just a growl again

Description : growl... just a growl

Description : i guess......

Description : PLEASE if you use this loop, send me a link to I can see that, I have a really hard work to make it...

Description : inspired. I guess


Description : for my song "Cheif" I made this f*cking heavy bassline

Description : hue...hue...hue...

Description : okay I'm a kid...

Description : here... hehehe

Description : now.. the chords

Description : yes...

Description : just for fun

Description : with SUB

Description : I1m thinking about make a some vol. of epic drums to dubstep, and take some songs (using the druns) to make a big mix to help the artists and share the social pages and the ytb channel etc... to participe on this, you just need contact me via E-mail! (is free)...

Description : I trying to make a super neuro song but... I'm really far... hahahahaha
ps: if this loop is dowloaded more of 150 times... I make more on this style, I promisse.


Description : just relax ³

Description : just relax ²

Description : just... relax

Description : PROBLEM NOW BRO??? NOW IS A F*CKING FLUTE!!! NOW SHUT UP AND ACCEPT MY FLUUUUUUUUUTE -_- ( if you use this give me a link :D Love U)

Description : my first try to make filthy

Description : You make me happy sharing your work...

Loops 1 - 25 of 69
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