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Description : heavy face-melting

Description : death bass

Description : today, a child sent me a message saying that my loops are cancerous, this kid uses the name "realboi", because well little boy, I don't do loops for weak and loser people like you, my loops are for those who like to feel your ears scream, so don't tell me to stop posting, show better content that mine,, and I never put anything here again, be quiet in your corner, and take another "Cancer" there for you.

Description : DO YOU WANT TO FUCK WITH ME????

Description : good luck

Description : good night brothers!

Description : have a nice week bro.



Description : testing...

Description : random random random

Description : HEHEHEHEHEHE

Description : melodic.

Description : last wonk bass

Description : more wonk

Description : wonk 2

Description : wonk?

Description : .....

Description : .....

Description : Fcking heavy neuro dubstep bass
if you want more loops like this, send me a message or comment on this one.

Description : GET BACK

Description : try this

Description : have a nice day bro.

Description : calm vibes

Description : testing...

Loops 1 - 25 of 244
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