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Description : Basic fm dubstep synth line, chopped up and then ran through multiple chorus effects on separate individual tracks.

Description : Small show of what can be done with a simple loop and some wave editing and common effects. All done in Reason 7 without any RE's.

Description : Basic fm synth phrase. G# Minor scale.

Description : Not the same technique as the first BB loop. This is just a few wobbles I bounced and smashed, stretched, glitched and pitch up/down.

Description : I wanted it to sound balanced out. Not to much of either. If you would like for the separate loops, leave a comment and I will upload them as soon as I can. Cheers :D

Description : Chill little guitar loop. Honestly this would of sounded way better acoustic. Cheers :D

Description : Moody couple of chords with a single note motif under it. Made in Reason 6. Cheers :D

Description : Spacey ambient guitar with some neptuned arpeggio notes.

Description : Mangled and then mangled again. Made in Reason 6 with Kong(resampled) and just wave edits for the glitchy stuff. Cheers :D

Description : Pretty much like the NG 9 loop just palm muted parts and no harmonic. Cheers :D

Description : Guitarists, we know this riff. It's the OmG Y U no tell me Drop D is the EZ! I'm kidding lol. D E F are the chords. Made in Reason 6 Cheers :D

Description : Slow simple riff. Left channel is bridge pickup, right is neck. Both are passive. F G A# E chords. Cheers :D

Description : My C.O.C. influence coming through lol. Wanted it to sound Sabbath-y but still a little on the high end. Made in Reason 6.

Description : Title says it all. Not sure if its a glitch loop or a guitar loop. HybridgeFusion! Made with Reason 6 and just edited to taste. Cheers :D

Description : Lofi for the hifi! I usually always record at 96/24 I dropped to 44/16 on this. Why? I thought it would help the overall effect. Might not of worked. Recorded with Record 1.5. 1 guitar, zippo lighter(cancer with a tone?!) and a BP filter!

Description : Simple little riff. Chords are A G F, underlying note are E F G. Two bar loop @ 75bpm, Cheers

Description : Pretty basic groove(D, D#)riff. Made in Reason 6 with just a bit of Pulveriser distortion and eq'ed on the channel strip. Four bars @ 82bpm, Cheers :D

Description : Guitar processed in Reason 6 with a factory effect(LFO Filter Bites). Chords Am, Cmaj, G, Amin7. Gap in the front is intentional. I start on the 3 to keep it looping cleanly. Cheers :D

Description : This is kind of an interpolation on a common sequence. No actually playing on this, all programmed in Reason's piano roll. Chords are C# D# E F# G. Cheers :D

Description : Similar to a few other loops I have. The last anchor note is a C. It's out of the scale but doesn't kill the scale. So, beginning of bar 1 is D#, Bar 2 is D#, Bar 3 is C#, bar 4 is C. Helps for making a bassline. Cheers :D

Description : Chilled melancholic guitars. Last bar of the loop bleeds into the first to loop properly. I wouldn't start this loop at full volume from bar one. Ease/Fade into it to blend a bit better. Just my opinion, whatever works. Cheers :D

Description : Synth bass made in Reason 6 that I chopped up a bit and tempo shifted pieces around. I'm not sure of the key, best bet is Eminor. Cheers :D

Description : Simple two chord riff(D#/Eb E) with a bending E octave at the end. Made in Reason 6.

Description : Title is dumb sorry lol. But way better than E,C,A Loop. That be the chords just so you know. I cheated on this loop. 3 tracks altogether but the L and R channels are duplicates. I just offset the waveforms to give it a chorus like effect. Cheers :D

Description : Drums and a bass line. I couldn't do anything with this, but it was fun to listen back for awhile to. Bmaj scale is, B C# D# E F# G# A# B. Cheers :D

Loops 1 - 25 of 148
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