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Description : A little Jazzy. Wrote it with notation software. Played in Ableton.
Description : Played on keyboard. Sound from a Nexus preset.
Description : Custom melody made with Nexus. Some scales that share the same keys as D Phrygian should work.
Description : Custom chord progression. Made with Serum and Nexus.
Description : Chord progression made with Custom 'Serum' Preset.
Description : Custom preset. Don't know the specific genre. So, it's EDM
Description : Custom preset.
Description : Custom preset. For use in complex sequences.
Description : Made from a custom preset. For use in a complex synth line. Could also be used in A min key.
Description : From "Chill AF" Full loop
Description : From "Chill AF" full loop
Description : From "Chill AF" Full Loop
Description : Perc from "Chill AF" Full loop
Description : Custom preset. All sounds made in one instance of Vengeance's "Avenger" synth.
Description : Made with "Avenger" synth.Can also be played with G minor Scale.
Description : Custom Serum Patch. Kind of sounds like a chopped trumpet sample.
Description : Perc groove made with SC Compression.
Description : Custom EDM top groove. Made with Ableton's stock drum samples.
Description : Custom perc loop. 2 hats, snare, clap and a low perc sample.
Description : Volume LFO with reverb and distortion
Description : Not a single instrument loop.
Description : 2 notes played G# then F. Not sure which key it's in.
Description : New Synth line. Custom preset made in Sylenth1. Just having fun designing sounds.
Description : Sidechained synth.Same melody as "Horns." Edited the audio just a little.
Description : A horn sampled in Serum.
Loops 1 - 25 of 53
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