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Description : Custom Serum Patch. Kind of sounds like a chopped trumpet sample.
Description : Perc groove made with SC Compression.
Description : Custom EDM top groove. Made with Ableton's stock drum samples.
Description : Custom perc loop. 2 hats, snare, clap and a low perc sample.
Description : Volume LFO with reverb and distortion
Description : Not a single instrument loop.
Description : 2 notes played G# then F. Not sure which key it's in.
Description : New Synth line. Custom preset made in Sylenth1. Just having fun designing sounds.
Description : Sidechained synth.Same melody as "Horns." Edited the audio just a little.
Description : A horn sampled in Serum.
Description : Synth bass line made with sylenth1 custom patch.
Description : Custom Sylenth1 line. No pitch bend.
Description : Custom Synth Line made with Sylenth1
Description : Made with Absynth and processed with heavy tape saturation and filter.
Description : Did not want to give this one away. Haven't done anything with it. So, here you go. Don't remember which synth I used for this sound.
Description : Made with Absynth preset.
Description : Sounds good with Drum n Bass drums.
Description : Same project as Nuero Bass 02
Description : Custom Preset made with Serum. and a lot of automation.
Description : Custom preset made in Serum with 2 oscillators.
Description : Simple 2 chord progression. Made with preset from 'Morphine'.
Description : Same Hi Hat loop with less harshness.
Description : My custom Serum preset. Custom loop.
Description : Extended "Funk Drum Break" added some variation and a fill. Chop it, pitch it, slow it down, speed it up. Going to make a DnB break with this.
Description : Custom basic drum groove. Made with addictive drums 2. A little parallel compression.
Loops 1 - 25 of 39
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