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Description : Custom made kick made in Avenger and post-processing.

Description : Made with Operator.

Description : An old custom loop.

Description : Part Of WTF Collection (String Thing,String Thing With Noise, WTF Bass FM Octaves 2,3,4)

Description : Part Of WTF Collection

Description : Part Of WTF Collection

Description : String Thing With Perc Noise on Top

Description : Simple Sound Made In Serum VST

Description : Different instrument

Description : Played a chord progression and melody on keyboard. Put the midi file on a kontakt instrument. Sounds really unique. C# MAJ

Description : Just messing around on piano. Been practicing the C# minor and Major Scale. The scale is C# major just starts on G#. Used Kontakt 5's 'Grandeur' piano. Also added compression. Might be too much.

Description : Mode is C Phrygian. Same notes as Fmin scale, just starts on C. Sounds great side-chained.

Description : Loud Boi

Description : More sound design in Avenger

Description : Finally bought Avenger. Custom Sound and Chord progression.

Description : Original sample half timed. My file was names A minor But it is in Cmin. Whoops!

Description : A little Jazzy. Wrote it with notation software. Played in Ableton.

Description : Played on keyboard. Sound from a Nexus preset.

Description : Custom melody made with Nexus. Some scales that share the same keys as D Phrygian should work.

Description : Custom chord progression. Made with Serum and Nexus.

Description : Chord progression made with Custom 'Serum' Preset.

Description : Custom preset. Don't know the specific genre. So, it's EDM

Description : Custom preset.

Description : Custom preset. For use in complex sequences.

Description : Made from a custom preset. For use in a complex synth line. Could also be used in A min key.

Loops 1 - 25 of 69
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