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Description : Made this using Reaper, very fast tempo lmao

Description : bruhfvf

Description : dub echo

Description : dry fx

Description : Reminds me of GPF. made with FL Studio without 3rd party plug-ins.

Description : 522 BPM XD use it 522 BPM

Description : Taken from my DarkLoops project. This is supposed to be experimental/weird/avant-garde stuff. If you are trying to create happy/pop/melodic songs, then this is not for you. Otherwise, make yourself uncomfortable and enjoy!

Description : RAW loop

Description : Darkest and coldest beat....

Description : got a white toyata corolla with green wheels, you know the scouts.

Description : Chill piano loop made With ableton, pls comment or contact me if you use it, so I can support your work

Description : Chill piano chords

Description : a kick that i made

Description : Feel free to half-time this to 120. This is a fairly hard hitting and rapid breaks loop. Also let me know if you want similar loops in the future.

Description : best quality I could find in my pc

Description : Enjoy

Description : Machine gun

Description : .....

Description : a little beat to go at the end of skylawker's 'mooon' track perhaps. sampled sounds from within the track for it

Description : just experimenting with something for skylawker's beautiful track 'mooon'.

Description : 240 BPM! Metal beat with power dub drums. Intense.

Description : Yeah so, most people wont believe me but i didnt mess with the tempo. I did this on my own with a metronome. Some of yall know i can play piano extremely well so, but this was hard as hell. Took a while too. About 10 takes

Description : Can also be used in 120bpm! I couldn't think of a title for this one so I just put emotional drum loop cause its coming off a new track of mine that I would consider very emotional. Let me know if you found a use for this

Description : me talking into a mic with a vocoderish thing, tempo says 240 becase thats how fast it needs to be to take up a full bar. Enjoy =)

Description : several midi perc tracks recorded in logic

Loops 1 - 25 of 26