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Description : "radiant strings" preset in logic. super 80s vibey feel. in honor of partying all night long tonight haha. i think its Dm. post down below if you make anything!

Description : actually wild vibe
Have fun!

Description : This sample is fully made from my voice. Made with a lot of reverb, delay, and formant shifting. The sample was inspired by Bryson tiller and Tory Lanez take on resampling 80s music. DM on IG if you wanna get in contact with me. Check out my bio if you are interested in more stuff made by me (click on the profile picture). As always hope you enjoy

Description : An 80's sounding synth loop, inspired by The Weeknd, and the 80s pop. Good for pop or trap.
Please leave a link in the comments if you use it or hear it in a track!! Thank you. Click my picture icon for more of my loops.
The Weeknd, Journey, SynthWave,

Description : kanye west 80s kid cudi 1980s kids see ghosts 808 synthpop r&b weeknd heartless after hours blinding lights

Description : a short funky loop

Description : Made with Serum
If you're down for collabs hmu on my socials (profile)

Description : Haha. Sort of sounds like when something goes wrong in an 80s after school drama, but they've just figured out an important clue.

Description : 80s Synthwave Analog - Bass(OTHER LOOPS ON MY PAGE)
JUNO 106 Emulated

Description : 80s Synthwave Analog - SYNTH BRASS(OTHER LOOPS ON MY PAGE)
Jupiter 6 Emulated

Description : 80s Synthwave Analog - LEAD(OTHER LOOPS ON MY PAGE)

Description : 80s Synthwave Analog - Drums (OTHER LOOPS ON MY PAGE)

Description : 80s 90s ICE CREAM Retro Synth
link me yo work!
Its in Cmajor.

Description : 80s 90s Soul Rhodes Piano
Link me yo work!
its in Dmajor

Description : Fast, strictly sequenced 16th-note groove played on synth in the 1980's dance style.
Harmonies: Gm------Bb---F--

Description : Let this 80's-style dance beat spin you 'round.

Description : A driving 16th-note feel drumbeat played in a big, expressive space, similar to the one heard on the 1987 recording "Running Up That Hill" by Kate Bush.

Description : Groovy 80s drum with fill - 8 bars

Description : 80s 90s Soul Mallets
Link me yo work!
Its in Gmajor.

Description : 80s 90s RetroSoul Guitar Chords
Link me yo work!
Its in C Minor.

Description : enjoy and leave a comment

Description : A baritone guitar plays an 80's style New Wave riff.
Implied Harmonies: E----A

Description : super wavy and vibey

Description : For more loops, midi, projects, beats or exclusive products also send me message on the mail (contact)!

Description : -vibes-vibes-vibes-
feel free to hmu on ig
stay blessed
[Emin harmonic]

Loops 1 - 25 of 203
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