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Description : Sinisterly playing these chords

Description : What have i done to deserve this?

Description : Singing chops of my voice

Description : Made these with my synth preset and a phaser

Description : Pitched up vocals for the while

Description : It told me to feel love for my surroundings, as the water taught me to flow

Description : a little vocal thing i did a few minutes ago

Description : Reversed version of enigma howl

Description : Aww man this is a tricky one

Description : MARCH!! Had my friend record this

Description : We love the blooming winter

Description : When fear is real

P.s. Happy Vets Day, Give honor and glory to the fallen and the lost

Free Palestine

Description : Very sacrificial

Description : the Emotional intelligence of a traffic cone

Description : Imma vomit cause this carrot cake doesn't exist

Description : I cooka da pizza

Description : This is one of my old ones, Words being sang is "Lymph nodes"

Description : this is something neat I whipped up and put it in reverse, Used the guitar feature on FLEX

(Dont be afraid to show ur work)

Description : Feel the morning air

Description : hope you enjoy

Description : Where 2 points meet

Description : Halloween is over, Celebrate the lost

Description : chopped up my old synth

Description : ouuu piece of candy

Description : why does it smell like that

Loops 1 - 25 of 177