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Description : What stories will tell

Description : another rendition

Description : Them chords bruh check em out

Description : zip and zap

Description : Chrome on my kicks

Description : Phantasma, they'll hex ya

Description : remix to the tuck it loop

Description : some chords that were playing in my head while playing undertale

Description : this here is a reupload with no reverb or echo of in my eyes

Description : H o r n s

Description : old something i was working on and never finished, yes this is 100 percent me. Ill send the original clip if possible

Description : used a keyboard and added maximus and reverb

Description : some chords i loved but couldn't get around to completing

Description : these were done with 1/4 dotted echoes (im addicted to it dont judge me)

Description : reversed violins, show your work plz

Description : Chords

Description : song I couldn't use, so I put the sample here

Description : old song I never got to finish, try it out

Description : in thr name, in the title, don't be shy show your work

Description : as the title proceeds

Description : I used the orchestra drums

Description : I started playing around with the piano

Description : Another one of my vocals I did a while back, enjoy

Description : Lil synth pluck

Description : I'm back for a while, try these synth chords I used. don't be shy

Loops 1 - 25 of 33