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Description : The instrument is literally an open hat + some effects

Description : this is how it sounds like when I jump around on a police car. synthesis. does not loop.

Description : Microphone: SE 2200 A

Description : Im in the process of creating a lot of these Battle Wob for my next beat project called Mortal Wombat the new version 2!

Description : Just some regular hold white noise impact. Nothing special. Recommeneded for Dubstep.

Description : now this guys is what a nigga can call epic

Description : very hard, just like the fact that i have to live with the knowledge that Sven died. rip. probably not dead. but still rip

Description : yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Description : title speaks for itself

Description : Dance Halloween Music. Interlude Section.

Description : Horror loop for ghostmane, $uicideboy$

Description : I took sound of siren, pitched it up and cut.
I use it as drop in my beats, so i hope it will be usable for you guys :)

Show me how you used it :)

Don't forget to pitch it to the right tone!

Description : ?????

Description : FX Sequence .. matches with my 130 bpm-Piano-Loop .. Made in FL Studio 12 .. Please send me a link if you use it in a song

Description : Bell and Snare Transition to put before an 808 beat.

Description : noise oscilatooooor

Description : I'm sure you will make a hit. I will be glad if you show your work) Any creativity is cool.

Description : A mix of underwater sounds, bullets, footsteps and lightswitches.

Description : Re-Up-ed for @iankofficial

Description : Some of these aren't buttons but whatever

Description : (Actually a deodorant can)

Description : I got hold of a Zoom mic from college, and have had a lot of fun playing around with it! Since this is my first time using one, my recordings are nowhere near perfect, but I hope they're still usable :)

Description : broke pieces of ceramics and recorded it w a zoom h4n pro field mic. hp filter removed the noise from the wind... such samples are cool to use as fx or percussion and are good for layering.

Description : IED inspired 8 bit fx for harmonic assassins and chiptune martyrs

Description : weird sliding down effect, 110 bpm

Loops 1 - 25 of 2696
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