Help With Your Account And Profile

How do I update my profile

You can update items such as email, country, date of birth etc via the basic profile settings page and all other profile information telling us about you via the advanced profile settings page .

How do I upload an avatar

In order to use various area of you need to at least upload an avatar.

Only jpg images are allowed and well crop and resize the image once uploaded to create a square. For best results you should edit you avatar before upload so it looks good as a square.

How do I change my account password

You can change your password via the settings section of the My Profile area. When changing your password try and choose something that is secure and never share your account password with anyone else.

How do I change my email

You can update your email address via your profile settings page. Be sure to type your email address in correctly and always use a valid and active email address as this is whats used to log in.

If you have problems with an email address just contact me via my profile page and Ill try and help you out.

How do I change my user name

You can update your user name via the settings area. Click Here to edit your user name

How do I disable my contact form

If you dont want people to be able to contact you you may disable the contact form. You can always enable it again later if you wish.

How do I disable my comment notiofication emails

If you dont want to receive email notifications when people leave comments on your uploads you may disable comment email notifications.

How do I delete my account ?

Please dont create multiple accounts. If you wish to delete your account just to make a new one there is no need. You can edit all aspects of your account instead.

If on the other hand you no longer with to have an account you can remove it easily. Click here to delete account

Please be sure to back up / download anything you dont want to lose as your data will be lost.

My account got suspended, what do i do now

If your account has been suspended you may be contacted to let you know why. There is no guarantee that this will be the case though.

If your account has been seen to be used to spam the site, post abusive content, promote illegal activity or has been seen to upload copyright material it may be suspended without warning.

If you feel your account has been wrongly suspended get in touch and let us know why.