Help With Logging In

Im having problems logging in

If you're having problems logging into then make sure to try each of these solutions

  1. Ensure your type the user name and password instead of using cut and paste
  2. Make sure your using the correct email address
  3. You requested a new password and youre using the old one
  4. Clear your browser cookies and cache
  5. Make sure you have cookies enabled and not blocked
  6. Make sure you have session cookies enabled for third party sites
  7. Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser. Upgrade if not.
  8. Try a different browser

A few people have reported problems logging into the new site so try everything in this list before contacting us. If you do need to contact us make you read the "How To Report A Problem" section of the help area first otherwise there is very little chance I can help you.

If you're using Internet Explorer you might have some luck with the following settings

For IE to work

  1. Click on Tools then select Internet options.
  2. Click the Privacy tab button then click on the Advanced button
  3. Make sure the CheckBox - Override automatic cookie handling is CHECKED!
  4. Make sure the CheckBox - Always allow session cookies is CHECKED!
  5. Set the First-party and Third-party cookie settings to what you need.

If Your Using Internet Explorer 8

Update it to version 9 or install or use a different browser. Most people having a problem seem to be using version 8.

Update Your Browser

Again most problems are solved by updating your browser to its latest version.

Ensure session cookies are enabled

If you find you login but are redirected and then appear to be logged out it may be due to you not having session cookies enabled in your browser or some type of internet security settings acting a little bit too keen. Heres a link to another sites info on how to fix this. If all else fails and you have tried all the above then get in touch and send me as much information as possible. Remember though if you are having problems receiving mail from us dont mail me using the same address you are having problems with as i wont be able to reply due to your ISP blocking mail from

Still Stuck ? Get in Touch

if you are still having issues then get in touch. We'll need to know some information on your browser set up though which you can find at Send us the link bellow where it says SHARE YOUR SYSTEM INFO WITH TECH SUPPORT.

I forgot my password

If you cant remember your password or lost it somehow then the only way to get a new password is to use the Forgot Password form.

All passwords are encrpted so nobody, not a mod or even looperman himself has access to passwords so contacting anyone will only see them send you back here.

Im having problems resetting my password

If you find your having trouble resetting your password then its usually down to one of the following situations.

Problem : Your email provider is blocking email from

Solution : Add to the white list for your mail provider or contact your provider. We send email from but its best to white list the whole domain.

Problem : You are using the wrong email address and so when we try to find your account its not there.

Solution : Double check any mail sent from us to get the correct email address you used to sign up with or have a look at the original email we sent you when you registered (if you still have it)

Problem : Your mailbox is full

Solution : Make some space. Its a common thing to see mail bounced back to us because your using a free account but never checked to see if the mail box has any space left to receive new messages.

If all else fails you can get in touch and we can try and help. If you do that though be sure to send as much information as possible and be sure to have tried the solutions above first.

I have not received my login details or activation email

If you have problems where you fail to receive your activation email, login details or forgot password information then the chance are that either its in your junk mail or your ISP is blocking mail coming from

To fix this simply check your junk mail or contact your ISP and ask them why they are blocking mail.

If you still have problems try a different email address.

If the problem is with the address you previously registered with and your account is active then feel free to get in touch directly and let me know as much information as possible and ill do what i can to help you out. Make sure you have tried all the advice here first though.