Help With Registering

It says my email address is already used

If you cant register because your email is already in our system then you should use the forgot password function to retrieve your login details.

If your account was suspended then your email would have been put into the blocked list.

I no longer have access to my email address

If you have an account but no longer have access to your registered email address then you wont be able to get the login details reminder email. Dont worry though, instead of trying to start over with a new account get in touch and let me know all the details you know of your old account along with a new email account and I may be able to update your details.

My chosen user name is already in use

If someone else has already chosen the user name you want to use there is not much we can do about it I'm afraid. We do though occassionaly delete accounts that are inactive so the name might become available in future.

I have not received my login details or activation email

If you have problems where you fail to receive your activation email, login details or forgot password information then the chance are that either its in your junk mail or your ISP is blocking mail coming from To fix this simply check your junk mail or contact your ISP and ask them why they are blocking mail.

It could also be the case that you have set up some sort of email white list such as . dont forget to whitelist all email from

If you still have problems try a different email address.

If the problem is with the address you previously registered with and your account is active then feel free to get in touch directly and let me know as much information as possible and ill do what i can to help you out. Make sure you have tried all the advice here first though.