Reporting Problems With The Site

Should you be having a problem that is not already covered here in the help section or elsewhere on the site then the best course of action is to get in touch so I can look into it.

  1. Firstly read the help section of the site as Ill be updating that as we go along and may have covered the issue already.
  2. Dont ask questions on facebook as I dont check it all that often and so wont answer any problems there.
  3. Read the Welcome Back blog post. I mentioned quite a few things in there and a number of things have been covered in the comments.
  4. Read the About Us page. Again, you might find an answer there or see why certain things are not quite as they used top be.

If all else fails and you think you found a bug or did not find the answer to your question then the only way to get things fixed is to mail me. The best way to get in touch is via my contact page but if you cant login then mail me on admin at looperman dot com.

If you do have to contact me then you need to send me as much information as possible otherwise its impossible to help you out. Simply saying blah blah does not work will result in me not being able to help you.

Heres what you should do before contacing me

  1. Make sure you update your browser to the latest version. Many early versions of Internet Explorer for example are more trouble then they are worth and the cause of most problems.
  2. Try to replicate the problem your having by using a different browser such as Google Chrome
  3. Clear your browsers cache and cookies. This often fixes login issues
  4. Make sure you have popups enabled
  5. Make sure your antivirus or security settings are not causing an issue by temporarily disabling them and testing things again.

Heres what I need to know

  1. Your profile url, so I know exactly who you are
  2. The url where you are having a problem
  3. If you click a link and get a blank page I need to know the url of the blank page
  4. The browser your are using as well as its version number. Eg Internet Explorer V6 Windows XP
  5. Explain what you tried to do, what you thought should happen and what actually happened
  6. If possible send me a screenshot too

Visit and send me the link bellow where it says SHARE YOUR SYSTEM INFO WITH TECH SUPPORT.

Reporting Problems With Other Users

Should you find you are having problems with another user on looperman please follow the following guide to try and get things resolved.

  1. Firstly try and work this out between yourselves or in the case of an argument take a step back and let the dust settle. Arguments happen all the time and its not my place to get involved.
  2. Please dont start a forum thread to "call out" another user as this will do nothing to help and in most cases make things worse. The forums are not a place to dal with things like this.
  3. If you have received a spam message via your contact form forward the email to me so that I can remove the iser from the system.
  4. Its worth noting that I can only intervene in situations that happen here on or via our contact forms.

If all else fails and you feel the situation is serious enough to need me to get involved get in touch is via my contact page. If for some reason you cant login then mail me on admin at looperman dot com.