Help With Comments

How do I comment on loops, tracks or acapellas

Simply add your comments to the form at the bottom of the main page for that item. When you post a comment the original artists will be sent a message and may come back and post a reply.

One thing to remember though is that you have to at least have an avatar to post.

Why should I comment on loops, tracks or acapellas

Posting comments on loops, acapellas or member tracks is a great way to give them feedback or to let them know who you made use of their loops etc.

Many people who upload loops and acapellas love to hear how their sounds have been used. As far as tracks go everyone loves to get some feedback on their creations.

All we ask is that you be constructive in your comments. Saying you dont like something is ok but its more useful if you explain what could be done to make something better.

Another reason is that by posting comments on other members stuff youll find that they will do the same in return and so help you gain more exposure and make more connections. When you post comments on tracks youll then find your tracks are shown in the featured tracks list as a reward for taking the time to comment.

What makes a good comment

If you are letting someone know you used their loop or acapella post a link to where they can listen to your track and leave a little message to say thanks. If you are commenting on someones track and giving feedback try and be constructive rather then just saying something like "Love it" or "Its Rubbish". If you dont like something try and explain why and what you think could be done to make it better.

Dont post spam comments

Please dont post comments that would be considered spam. Any user found posting spam comments may find their account suspended. Its pretty obvious what we mean by spam but here are a few examples.

  • Posting exactly the same thing multiple times.
  • Posting nothing but a link
  • Asking for people to "Comment on your own track", "Check your website", "Like you page", "Follow you"

I received an offensive review / spam comment

If you feel a comment made on one of your uploads etc is offensive or spam or if you see what you think is spam posted elsewhere, contact us to report it.

I cant post comments

New, unvalidated accounts or accounts that dont have an avatar will not be able to post comments or upload tracks. If you are a new user and you wish to comment or upload make sure you fill your profile and then contact us to request access.

If you have been around for a while but find you can no longer post comments or upload new tracks your account may have been flagged for spam or abuse. There is not much you can do about this apart from get in touch and beg forgiveness.

Contacting other users

Comments about loops, tracks, acapellas etc are best posted in the comments section of the item in question. If you wish to contact a user directly though you can do that via the contact section of their profile page. When you use the contact section we send an email to that user along with your message. We dont give them your email address but do let them know your account url so that they can get back to you. Users have the option to block their contact form and if this is the case you would not be able to send them a message this way.

New, unvalidated accounts will not be able to contact other users. If you are a new user and you wish to use the contact forms make sure you fill your profile and then contact us to request access.

Please dont contact us asking for anyones email address or ask us to contact someone on your behalf as thats not something we would do.