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Monster Acapellas Vocals Sounds & Samples

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Tags : 100 bpm | Ethnic | 1.10 MB | Male | Singing

Description : Shamoozey goes penetrating deep into a 'La De Da' melody, conceived in the shower!
Its the story of a Gypsy lady being slowly courted. Yup, it worked!
As always, if you want to use Shamoozey acapellas please get in touch for details and permission.
It would be a shame if it became a monster hit you didnt have permission. Whoa! Man!
Also, please give his majesty recognition (ft. Shamoozey) on your musical extravaganzal title

Description : Variety

Description : A short little vocal snippet 'Brace for Impact' from the smoothey Shamoozey that could be useful
for that musical 'drop' or other highs, for gamers or monster attacks! Woo-hoooo. Various genres!
Please ft. Shamoozey and get in touch for commercial use of this little stinger.
If you use, be kind to your fellow artiste and give credit.

Description : i went in...trap it up! heres my version

Description : WATCH OUT This is loud - I was trying to get Dubstep Skrillex sort of Machine Monster Roaring sounds. Didn't quite hit that, but got something else sort of interesting. I'm uploading the acapella of my roaring that I did and vocoded against for this track that I just uploaded also called RRrrrrraaaarrrr -->

Description : Same pella but ghosted!

Description : Just some vocals I randomly decided to sing. This is the regular version.

Description : If you remix this you must make the title "Eva Amore - Monster (______ Remix) Your name goes where the underscores are.

These lyrics are copyrighted. Please don't steal them.

Description : NEW dance type of song up tempo techno rnb for non commercial use only for commercial use contact me

Acapellas 1 - 9 of 9
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