21st Feb 2019 16:49 - 5 years ago
Description : This is a slow tempo R&B style track... Good for pop, R&B, tropical and future bass styles..

Credits: ft. Sergi Yaro

You are free to use this acapella in your track as long as its a free usage(soundcloud, youtube)

This acapella is also available for purchase for exclusive buyout or royalties split + recording fee. So if you plan to pitch the track to labels or selling it somewhere, plz contact me first through my email in my bio...

Thanks, cheers

Comments (66)

If you have used this acapella leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the song you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more acapellas.

nubbee 1st Aug 2023 18:17 - 11 months ago
Awesome vocals once again! Hope you guys like it:
glugl 7th Jan 2023 00:12 - 1 year ago
Here is My Remix Hope Everyone Likes it
re1020927688 24th Oct 2022 13:09 - 1 year ago
Amazing Vocals!!! I love this! I am not a professional producer but I try to make a beat. Hope you enjoy it!
aguillerakongo 19th Jul 2022 20:14 - 2 years ago

I'm a music producer, I'm 19 years old and this is my first experience with future bass. hugs from Brazil
secondnature1 17th May 2022 04:46 - 2 years ago
deutschfluesterer 26th Apr 2022 16:57 - 2 years ago

a very special Song with a lot of Emotions!
Maybe you enjoy it:

lCFSl 10th Mar 2022 10:02 - 2 years ago
I'm not a professional, but I did something like that, bro.
Jayaguru10 4th Oct 2021 21:11 - 2 years ago
I enjoyed working on these. I would love to get more of these
Tweny4Seven 19th Nov 2020 20:33 - 3 years ago
AsterBlue 2nd Oct 2020 19:05 - 3 years ago
Nice Vocals ^^ here's what I was able to come up with, hope you guys enjoy it :)
PhoenixProd 7th Sep 2020 16:43 - 3 years ago
Here's my version, hope you like it :)
mihail132 29th Jun 2020 03:10 - 4 years ago
gobis 28th May 2020 06:48 - 4 years ago
Thank! Your vocal is amazing. Here is my remix:
jontampa 5th May 2020 01:30 - 4 years ago
redBucket54 4th May 2020 12:59 - 4 years ago
woah dude these vocals are awesome...i made a slow futurebass track out of it please check it was first time making music with the vocals but dude it was so fun to work with your voice.
Youngman201446 26th Apr 2020 14:09 - 4 years ago
Thank you for your acapella, there is my link. Hope you enjoy and thanks again!!! :) :D
Svartz 16th Apr 2020 02:55 - 4 years ago
MerKE 9th Mar 2020 08:49 - 4 years ago
Blurs 13th Feb 2020 02:18 - 4 years ago
Honestly such great vocals! Check it out,
XBX 1st Feb 2020 16:27 - 4 years ago
GUICHARD 24th Jan 2020 23:30 - 4 years ago
Your voice is great and the song is awesome. Thanks for sharing
My version :
DukkhaMusic 1st Jan 2020 23:03 - 4 years ago
Thanks man for this amazing Acapella
You can find my version with this link:
CBASMAN 2nd Dec 2019 03:19 - 4 years ago
btw, if you like it, i have other project finished that we can work thogether
CBASMAN 2nd Dec 2019 03:16 - 4 years ago
hey men, i made a song with your acapella, and i want your opinion.
EigoBrain 1st Dec 2019 22:18 - 4 years ago
EigoBrain 30th Nov 2019 14:24 - 4 years ago
i like this, very good voice.
listen my remix :
Purpl3B4stard 19th Nov 2019 22:14 - 4 years ago
hogrider 8th Nov 2019 07:38 - 4 years ago
Chord progression plss
Brassard 5th Oct 2019 16:07 - 4 years ago

Thank you so much for making such an amazing accapella free use.
NykoEDM 4th Sep 2019 22:20 - 4 years ago
I featured you in an album!! You totally deserve it!!
JellaxMedia 3rd Sep 2019 10:02 - 4 years ago
Beautiful vocals. Made a tropical house kinda song with it:

Let me know what you think man!
Hosomusic 16th Aug 2019 09:21 - 4 years ago
NykoEDM 10th Aug 2019 20:37 - 4 years ago
Thanks for these amazing vocals!! Here's the track! I really appreciate your help with this project, and it really does mean a lot to me.
NykoEDM 8th Aug 2019 15:22 - 4 years ago
This is fantastic!! Is alright with you if I use these vocals for an Alternative song? It will only be posted onto SoundCloud and I will send you the link to the song when it's released, so don't worry.
Danny877 7th Aug 2019 22:48 - 4 years ago
hi, man! Here is my version of a song inspired by your incredible voice -
You doing really good!
ChaikaSenpai 29th Jul 2019 18:23 - 4 years ago

It's on private and more of a pitch correction test, since my instrumental is in D Minor. Works in some areas, a few need more precision working. Let me know what you think when you heard it. Great vocal, I enjoy it over and over
Thijseik 21st May 2019 09:54 - 5 years ago
Amazing vocals! Let me know what you think of my version.
paveliw 15th May 2019 13:45 - 5 years ago

Singer: Sergi Yaro
Wave/Beat: IW Production
adpx17 24th Apr 2019 16:20 - 5 years ago
Hi mate!
used your awesome vocal on my project, kindly let me know what you think! :)
Antharse 6th Apr 2019 20:16 - 5 years ago
That is my version:
On yt too:

If you like it, could you share it? I would be very grateful :)
SedonaXi 3rd Apr 2019 20:20 - 5 years ago
candyrush 20th Mar 2019 16:16 - 5 years ago
Hey SYmusic!

I need your mail for marketing purposes!
please write it over here for me!
buzzwhite7 18th Mar 2019 23:17 - 5 years ago
buzzwhite7 15th Mar 2019 22:37 - 5 years ago
Again great vocal! this is an updated version of the previous post.
KVMTZ 15th Mar 2019 16:03 - 5 years ago
This is one of my favorite acapellas on this site, good work.
Here's my version of it, with a beautiful piano behind the vocals
Also on Youtube:
samirabya 14th Mar 2019 20:41 - 5 years ago
samirabya 14th Mar 2019 10:20 - 5 years ago
Here's my synthwave -type of test. I'm not quite sure wether i'm gonna ever finish the track or not, but hope you like it as it is for now. :)
buzzwhite7 10th Mar 2019 13:21 - 5 years ago
Here is my version of I'm Sorry. Please check it out and comment - Good or Bad.

Many Thanks!

Also, thanks to the people who provide the great vocals on this site!
Vladooossss 4th Mar 2019 10:11 - 5 years ago
Nice song, check out my remix with you on SoundCloud
Boku21 3rd Mar 2019 05:26 - 5 years ago
thanks friends...nice voice...

there song for ur..i hope like the music i create, with ur song.thanks...
GurenMkVIII 26th Feb 2019 05:55 - 5 years ago
Beautiful vocals, thank you!
sergiyaro replied 26th Feb 2019 - 5 years ago
xxxSadBoyxxx 25th Feb 2019 23:29 - 5 years ago
Made a Remix Hope you like it :)
LeVOfficial 25th Feb 2019 00:37 - 5 years ago
LeVOfficial 24th Feb 2019 17:46 - 5 years ago
Hey there Sergi, I've just made a song using these, i'll post the link right afterwards to the Youtube Video
sergiyaro replied 25th Feb 2019 - 5 years ago
thank you
PlesSSS 23rd Feb 2019 21:45 - 5 years ago
Dude these vocals are amazing. Hopefully in the future I get permission to monetize this song. Keep doing what you're doing!

Hope you like it :)
sergiyaro replied 25th Feb 2019 - 5 years ago
thank you
DariusRameshni 23rd Feb 2019 19:51 - 5 years ago
Bro, love these vocals, this track is incredible, you won't be disappointed.

Hit up my email if you wish to send more vocal samples. I'd love to produce more songs for you my guy. Email is in my profile description.
sergiyaro replied 25th Feb 2019 - 5 years ago
thank you, it sounds good
venomic 23rd Feb 2019 16:12 - 5 years ago
MPOProduction 23rd Feb 2019 01:01 - 5 years ago
very nice like this one ! as soon as I get time ...will download and will try something with it ..
With similar structure like this one (
what you think ?
sergiyaro replied 25th Feb 2019 - 5 years ago
thanks.. thay would be great
n1kn4k 22nd Feb 2019 14:59 - 5 years ago
I love this! Thanks for uploading!
sergiyaro replied 22nd Feb 2019 - 5 years ago
Thats great.. Youre welcome
HeidiM 22nd Feb 2019 05:58 - 5 years ago
Awesome vocals & lyrics. Congratulations.
sergiyaro replied 22nd Feb 2019 - 5 years ago
Thanks a lot))
HeidiM 22nd Feb 2019 05:05 - 5 years ago
Awesome vocals & lyrics. Congratulations.

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14th Feb 2024 10:27 - 5 months ago
Description : free commercial and non commercial use, no need 2 ask me. no need 2 credit me, but im always happy to hear what you make!

happy valentines day to the sad music creators
if you need the dry stems feel free to find me on other platforms in my profile
19th Nov 2019 01:47 - 4 years ago
Description : I made this for a collab but it fell through.
So instead of letting it fade away I thought I'd chuck it on here and let some talented individuals have a go. Would be cool to hear RnB or Future Bass! As always add me in title!

If you are planning on making money with this, let me in on it aye!
25th Nov 2019 12:37 - 4 years ago
Description : Singing vibe. If you like it i'll do more.
Want custom written verses to your productions?
Message/email me for a quote

Email me - natjamesworld(at)
Holla me on insta - @natjamesworld
20th Feb 2021 16:46 - 3 years ago
Description : I hope you like this one! If you want to use this acapella for commersial projects, we will split the royalties 50/50.
Remember to put "feat. Mikamik" or something similar in the title, and feel free to comment your version below. I would loove to hear it! (or send it to me on insta: mikamikmusic)

Much love!
2nd Jun 2024 18:17 - 1 month ago
Description : Got my very first mic, and felt like testing it out.
The tone of this is very much intended to be more nasal, also a tad autotuned. Excited to hear what you all do with it.

I would appreciate credit so (ft Tea Kiera)
1st Mar 2021 21:38 - 3 years ago
Description : Feel free to use in whatever projects you might have.

please CONSIDER the TEMPO and KEY of the acapella when creating your music,
note, this is important! KEY: F# minor, BPM: 75

I will be happy if you mention me. I will be glad to hear your works.

If you'd like to use it for commercial use please contact me!

my inst - @imodarka
my twitter - @imodarka
my soundcloud - @imodarka
20th Nov 2021 05:49 - 2 years ago
Description : Credit: How U Want Me To Do feat. AHYAN
Reference beat: Distance by Ezmuzic on Youtube.
140 BPM Gm.

The last chorus was made if you want to put on the start cause I made a mess recording live with effects, recorded a part with autotune.

Glad to hear your version, post here or send me.
16th Aug 2020 04:01 - 3 years ago
Description : free rap/sing acapella
1st Jun 2022 09:15 - 2 years ago
Description : 100% dry vocal. For the love of God, add some reverb or something! :)

If you want the rest of my ideas for this track (background vox, scratch track, etc.) let me know.

Free for commercial and non-commercial use, just please include my name, Silver Bella, in your release.
16th Apr 2022 09:33 - 2 years ago
Description : The hook I wrote to a song called toxic!
4th Nov 2012 11:02 - 11 years ago
Tags : 120 bpm
541.53 KB
Usage : janis71 did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : yeah oh ho ;)
17th Dec 2017 13:33 - 6 years ago
Tags : 100 bpm
1.51 MB
Adult Content
Key : A#
Usage : OG7even did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : Just a little something i played around with, who could add a nice beat to this?
12th Feb 2024 17:09 - 5 months ago
Description : This song was originally written for a contest and now I'm leaving it for everyone to use.
The condition is to credit me as the main artist when uploading it to platforms.
Ashesndreams - cuando despierte Ft. (your artist name)

Spanish jersey club RnB Bad Bunny reggaeton Latin trap pop
21st Mar 2022 19:09 - 2 years ago
Description : Full studio acapella of my last single "shutdown". vocal layers

FYI: This is an Acapella, which means that I hold copyright of it. If you want to use this Acapella for profit purposes, reach out to me via Instagram or E-Mail. Any unlicensed uses will be copystriked.
17th Jun 2017 23:05 - 7 years ago
Tags : 90 bpm
41.96 KB
Male & Female
Usage : indoji did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : Lil' Ooo thing