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Tags : 82 bpm | Pop | 4.13 MB | Male | Singing

Description : This is a refreshed full version with a slightly different mood from my earlier acapella called Stay. All dry after wet section.

This acapella is suffering from a lack of comments !

If you have used this acapella leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the track you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more acapellas.

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Description : Feel free to use this. contact us at for exclusive acapellas,collaborations and beats. our artists would love to hear from you.

Description : Another quick acapella, this one was meant to be a full song, so once I got the rest I will upload each verse by it's self along with the full song acapella, enjoy!

Want more? It's been a long time since I made acapellas for So for every 5 likes I get I will make a new acapella and upload it! Click this link:
And click the like button, thats all for more free acapellas!!!

Description : This is the vocal track to my original and self-produced song, Love (I Want More). Also, I checked it as "NO AUTO TUNE".... there is a VERY SMALL amount of auto tune in one line of the song, for dramatic-ish effect..

Description : Closest I could get is 82.7bpm, sorry. Buddahmann ft. Sonny Black & Kove, from the FREE mixtape, Tha MixXxTape: 20 Songs In 20 Days

FREE to use AS LONG AS "featuring Buddahmann" appears in all titles or credits pertaining to your mix. You can be extra nice and add a link to my website, link is on my Looperman link page.

I'd like to hear it also -- send link to me, thanx

Description : i hope u like it

Description : Let me hear what you guys make!!!

Description : watch the original on youtube: "How To Loot Brazil - Dirty Kicks, Dirty Claps" in all its low-fi DIY beauty :-)

so, if you plan to release this, please hit me up first. if your remix is super awesome and i approve of it, you may release it, even for commercial purposes under the condition that you name it "How To Loot Brazil - Dirty Kicks, Dirty Claps ('your name' remix).

have fun!

Description : This Accapella is a song done By Skeptik, Asphalt, Abzured, Vicious Mortox, and Shoxxz. I would love to hear many remixes of it in hip hop, metal, rock, or many other genre possibilities. Cut it add vocals do whatever is cleaver!

Description : 3 Note ooooh Wah 82.5bpm E

Description : This is the chorus to one acapella I uploaded called lies but still, it will fit as a loop for your uplifting chorus or intros etc.

Has a touch of melody to it too and works well with RnB, Drum N Bass of the speed and bpm I mentioned, and even reggae.

Description : Use as you like. I just ask you send me whatever you make and obviously give me some credit. Enjoy!

Description : THIS IS A COVER!
Checkout my Cover on SoundCloud.
and feel free to contact me there or on Instagram.

Description : I think will work great for rnb, drum n bass, reggae although my vocals have their own distinctive style.

Clear vocals on the bpm I mentioned and if you try these chords, it will fit..C/G/D.

Enjoy and link back if you use these vocals.

Description : Album: Salvations Army
1st Track: The Draft (Anchorman)

Description : I can hear an RNB rift to this or a reggae. Great to drop in for intro, or for middle, or before a chorus.

Just about a guy trying to get through to someone. You know the deal - you're there but you ain't there.

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