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Tags : | Dub | 4.43 MB

Description : Made on an Itouch in Beatmaker
First attempt at Dub, so all you Dub heads out there feel free to give some advice. Lots of loops from looperman! My thanks to Dubmaster321, MimouNaMamiA, Ensam and Dextdee! All vocal samples are royalty free licence goodness from's royalty free section. About the only thing originally mine is some drums. And yes, that is Barack Obama's State of the Union address.

*Edit After some good advice, cut out some vox sampling, added a reverse piano pulled from a track (with permission) of DanielGtrman. It's minor changes, but I hope it warrents a relisten.
*Second Edit- After more advice added a Bassline made using Argon synth (ipod VST)... I wish I could have just played it on bass, I'm terrible at keys and even worse at virtual ones.
FX'd Obama clips, and cut gunshot sound bites too, as I only have a maximum of 16 loops/instruments and needed room for bassline

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.08 MB

Description : Edit*
made in iTouch Beatmaker app.
Second time around and thanks to all the people who gave advice on the levels... Much appriciated, and I hope y'all check it out again to tell me if it sounds better...
I think my headphones don't have a wide enough range to pick up the bass so that still might be an issue.
I also TOTALLY forgot to credit all the loopers whos loops I used last time, sorry bout that and here's who get's the cred:
Planetjazzbass, Djerc7, Minor2go, and ruhr... Bout the only thing I did were drums and bass.

Last time
Thanx to all the supportive loopers that have been showing me The Way...

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.21 MB

Description : Made on iphone's Beatmaker... I started making this after taking some DnB drum loops I had made and slowed em down 50%.
This is my 4th computer made track, and I'm trying to focus on panning and mastering. So I'm particularly interested to hear feedback on those aspects. I compressed the drum tracks a little, but it still seems a little loud... any advice?
Also I question the tabla/congas section, I'm not sure it really fits into the groove. So if you think I should pull it, say so.

Loop credits: Dextdee-horn melody, Jinxedjunkie-fatty bassline, Djelfo-vox sample, Minor2go-vox sample, fusionroomrob-tablas and congas
Only thing I did was the drums.

Tags : | Dub | 3.40 MB

Description : So this is a remake of the first track I ever made electronically called Without Honor.
I gave it a relisten recently and was fairly unimpressed with myself so here's me trying to give it a total reworking.

I call it dub, but if you stick around long enough it won't stay that way.

As always the biggest thing this track needs is some serious mastering... Still working on an itouch, so it's a bit difficult, especially with only a pair of headphones to run it through. If you can offer SPECIFIC advice as to what levels need tweaking that would be fantastic.

Thanx as always

Tags : | Chill Out | 3.58 MB | Featured

Description : Made using Beatmaker for iPhone.
The title pays homage to a certain looper whose loop started this all, and got me out of a musical slump I was starting to come into.
As always mastering is my biggest request for feedback, but I also wonder if it's too sparse and needs a few more elements to keep it from being boring. Thoughts please

*Edit: remastered with more bassline and less of everything else to keep it from clipping
Also added some scratch loops

Loop credits: alividlife, Planetjazzbass, Dusthill, Djerc7, DanWilson, 9Rihter, Omar_S (although I cut up his drum loop and made the fills myself)
djpuzzle's scratch loops. But I'd rather have custom work done. Any Hip Hop DJ's out there wanna scratch on this one?

Tags : | Blues | 7.23 MB | Featured

Description : "A first ever live harmonica on a blues arrangement on to bring more awareness to the Blues Genre. The track was produced by Mr. Funktastic with Live harmonica playing By Thethanx."
-Mr. Funktastic

Credits for the track:
Mr. Funktastic- Everything that isn't harmonica

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.06 MB | Featured

Description : So I heard the instrumental version of Emphasis and pretty much had to get in on the action before someone else did.
After several months, a lot of takes, and Dungbeatl working and reworking this track to death. It finally sees the light.
All props to his amazing mix.
*edit Dungbeatl remixed the Vox taking em down a bit. Also fixed the ending where it just kinda cut off.
Thethanx- vocals

Tags : | Electronic | 2.88 MB

Description : This is a shortened beat version of the actual song, to here the original please check out my soundcloud:

I used Beatmaker on Iphone, which this is my first project, I'm also new to sequencers in general so looking for help especially in relation to the mixing... as well as how to end it.
DnB loop courtesy of TooneyTunes all other parts original... sans the samples of course.
Any other suggestions greats appriciated.

Description : Posted this in the hopes of finding someone who can help me redo this song with a similar organic style.
Wrote this a while back, and I've certainly matured a bit in my style. The beat was produced by friends and on the spot with some friends their guitar and 40's.
the drums are partially me, partially a loop
The harmonica is me as well.
lyrics are mine, and there's a few parts I might want to change.
Looking back on it with a few more years, I'm not terribly impressed with the mix and think the whole thing could be done better. Any takers?

Tags : | Rock | 3.84 MB

Description : My section to the collab, some harmonica... Not sure on the mix, so check out my tracks where I've posted the harmonica only section if someone want's to remaster it. I'm still sorta new to the process and considering my DAW for this is audacity, I'm not exactly working with prime software. Hope yall like it!

Tags : | Acoustic | 3.84 MB

Description : Harmonica only section of my contribution to "No I in Team" in case any one wants to add effects/remaster. As I said in the other track description, still learning how to master, and I'm using Audacity so my effects are a bit limited.

Tags : | Country | 3.96 MB

That being said, constructive criticism still appericiated, just know that the obvious stuff is probably already being dealt with.
Ok, so I basically sat down in front of my mic and was recording this just to hear what I sounded like... and managed to get through the whole thing with only a few small hiccups here or there. This is a live recording, so I can't really EQ the guitar and my vocals separately.
I also realize I'm not winning awards for my singing, but maybe when I rerecord it I'll be able to do a little better.
I mostly am posting this version because someone mentioned Country/hip hop and this is my take on it. Final version will have a harmonica solo, a cleaner recording, and hopefully I'll be singing a little more on key. However if any of y'all wanna help by singing the chorus that would make a huge difference. I can sing a lot better when I have someone else backin me up!

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