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Description : Technically it's a guitar riff in 3-2 rhumba clave... otherwise I would have put it under samba. Recorded in my bathroom I believe it's in some flavor of B. The bass notes walk down C, B, G F#... Then C,B, G, E the other two notes (B, Eb) don't change. En

Description : Used in my track Lift. Composed on an ipod touch in Argon Synth app. Make sure you've got some nice speakers or this one will sound REALLY quiet. I know I had a hard time with the mix because my headphones didn't have the range.

Description : Composed in Argon synth for ipod touch... Make sure you got kickin sub for full effect. Used in my track War (the state of the union).
In the Key of G

Description : clean up your mess continues... snare doesn't fall on 2 or 4 for this one.

Description : more in the "clean up your mess" series

Description : fill for "clean up your mess" hope you like it.

Description : Messing around with composing some DnB loops... Also check out the related fills to spice your track up

Description : Simple bluesy riff that should work for a variety of genres... Works best in G or D. Recorded on a zoom H2 in my bathroom

Description : Not necessarily meant to loop, but should help add some spice to ending phrases or sections... Should work best in the key's of D and G. Recorded on a zoom H2 in my bathroom.

Description : Not necessarily meant to loop... More of a "stab" to brighten a piece up. Should work best in G or D. Recorded on a zoom H2 in my bathroom.

Description : Cross harp on G... Should sound best in D or G. I think the chord part is a D... but I could be wrong. Recorded on a zoom H2 in my bathroom.

Description : I think it's some form of D minor... What ever it is it has a D in the bass, Fairly simple and has a sweet minor quality feel. Recorded on a H2 in my bathroom... I'm surprised at how nice the acoustics are in there.

Description : Simple to fit a wider variety of tunes, Played on a G harmonica, probably best for songs in the key of D or Dmin, G or Gmin and their relative minors respectively. Recorded on a zoom H2 in my little bathroom here in Lima, Peru.

Description : Rhythmic variation where the snare doesn't fall on 2. made on an Itouch.

Description : used in my track "Without Honor" made on an Itouch and it's at 80BPM

Description : Yup, another hip hop drum loop... Made in Itouch BeatMaker app

Description : Chord Progression is E, B, D, A... Finger picked major tonality, Recorded on my little H2 in my bathroom again. For the same song I'm working on, but still sharing the love.

Description : Chord progression is as follows A, F#m, E7, D7.
Finger picked acoustic guitar,
recorded in my bathroom on a little H2 recorder, I made it for a song I'm working on, but I figured, hey share the love. Would love to hear anything this is used in!

Loops 1 - 18 of 18
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