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Description : yet another trance arp made in sylenth

Description : sylenth again for another trance style arp

Description : this is a trance arp made in Sylenth

Description : this is a bottom heavy wobble usig a ramp lfo

Description : some mad bass sound

Description : A kind of brass sound

Description : nice roll to this loop

Description : just an oldschool type loop

Description : one of them bass sounds that has a vocal kind of feel to it

If anyone uses any of my loops please let me hear what you have done.

Description : this is a crazy space fx made using loads of lfo fx

Description : This is a acid kind of synth drop

Description : here is a drum and bass beat

Description : here are a few drum and bass / Dubstep cords they are simple cords with a bit of a lfo fx to give them a bit of a wobble

Description : This is a Dubstep style bass wobble

Description : This is a dubstep style bass build

Description : This Is like the sound of a heart monitor that beats then flat lines another great fx for spooky tracks.

Description : this is a synth heart beat i have made it's a nice loop fx to ad to any kind of track (Great for a spooky feel)

Description : This is a dubstep style beat with a nice feel

Description : this is an in your face acid loop created on the MS 404 Mono Synth

Description : This is a dubstep kind of beat but would also fit a hip hop track

Description : This is a Bass loop created using a MS 404. it has a bit of a bub feel to it but would work fine with drum and bass also

Description : this is a rolling acid loop created using a free bass 383 synth witch is a tb-303 emulator

Description : Me Playing my Didgeridoo this loop would go nice in a trance track

Description : Me Playing the didgeridoo will be nice in a dnb tune

Description : Like Your Beats Fat ? If so Take a listen to this If You Download or use this can you please Leave a Comment.

Loops 1 - 25 of 29