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Description : Two detuned saw-waves + sine wave along with an 808
sounds like the synth in Deadcrow - Lies

Description : Heavy 808s with slides and slight detune.

Description : Just some hip hop drums I made

Description : Bass Guitar with slight reverb.

Description : One with distortion. The other with echo.

Description : Show me what you got

Description : Send links pls

Description : try it out

Description : Loops here inspired me to make this type of guitar pattern
happy beatmaking!
comment your tracks plz

Description : Guitar Pattern with Plate Spread Reverb

Description : Guitar with wetboi reverb and distortion

Description : Eh show me the beats

Description : Heavy Portamento
Wetboi Reverb
Wanna collab? I'm down!

Description : Open to collaborations hit me up
Plucked Saz with 1/8 echo 50% wet

Description : Open to collabs hmu.
Lots of Rolls and kicks with 808 portamento.

Description : Lets get it UwU
Show meeeeeeeeee

Description : Standard Hip Hop drum loop
Show me stuff UwU

Description : Show me pls...
I wanna hear xp
Much Love.

Description : Another synth 808 loop I made.
Please show me what you guys make. I really want to hear what my stuff gets turned into.

Description : Europa Synthesizer has some pretty cool stuff.
First Upload with some slides.
Link me

Loops (20)