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Description : not sampled, VST used: arturia v collection 7 (PIANO V)

Description : top drums / percussion i was gonna use for a beat

Description : 808 i sound designed for a piano beat i was gonna make

Description : piano for a song i was gonna make

Description : lofi e-piano

Description : link what u make

Description : some random piano chords i came up with and forgot the key.

Description : chu / travis scott / jaden smith type loop.

Description : 808's key: A# minor

A - G# A - G#

Description : sakura + fl slicer = ez beat

Description : sakura is the best VST im just sayin

Description : chu type loop made in sakura and a lot of effects/eq/slicer

Description : chu type loop ig lmao

i fw it sorta

link what u make

Description : fast 144 BPM beat

key: F# Minor

Description : im not good at synthwave but here

Description : weird grungy halftimed piano

Description : im guessing a rap beat will be made with this loop , but honestly idek what to do with it . gl !

Description : honestly dont even know

Description : could be used for lofi just like all the cool kids do nowadays

Description : trappy kind of lead loop i made while just dicking around in FL

Description : weird type of suicideboys loop idk it was going to be scraped but i uploaded it here.

Description : jazzy chords for lofi, or RnB.

Description : tempo : 120 bpm
key : d# minor i believe, i didnt save my project file.

Description : jazzy guitar chords i made and forgot about.

bpm: 115

Description : random beat/drum loop i was gonna scrap

Loops 1 - 25 of 43