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Description : Made with Omnisphere
Link what you make!
HMU for loop/sample packs, collabs, ect.!

Description : Here, have another loop.

Made with Session Strings 2 and Symphony Series Strings Ensemble in Kontakt, and Gladiator

Description : Last one. Flute Loop.
Have at it!

For custom loops, and collaborations, msg me on here

Description : Something else.

Made with Nexus, as much as i complained about it.

For custom loops, and collabs, mgs me, yo

Description : Made in Omni.

If you need custom loops, or collab, message me, yo

Description : Self Explanatory once you listen to it.

Got bored with making trap and thought I'd give old school RnB drums a try. Sounds like some popular song from back then. Pretty cool, I guess.

If you want individual stems for this, or a dry version, let me know

Description : Some oldschool drums, Pretty simple stuff. Add extras where you see fit!

Enjoy, Msg me for loops and stuff

Description : Another loop I came up with. Some more scary type stuff. Hope its usable!

Made in Omnisphere. Msg Me for loops or collabs n stuff yo!

Description : Just remembered Halloween is coming up, so here's some scary type stuff! Might do some more of this stuff if y'all want it. Lemme here what you make with this one yo!

Made with Onmisphere, If you know any good VSTs out there, do tell, getting kinda bored with omni lately

Description : Been a while? Maybe.
Like forreal, the temperature here went from almost 80 here Thursday to 35 this morning, I hate when it does that!

Anywho, enjoy the lop, and I'm back I guess!
Made in Omnisphere, Message me for loops and and to collab with me!

Description : Another Orchestra Loop, this ones darker than the last one. Would people even be interested in these? I guess most people don't use loops like these anymore..

Enjoy yo!

Made In Kontakt. HMU for loops n things

Description : Title means "Hope Orchestra".

Decided to make some loops like the other string loops I did a while back. A few of the has gotten over 1K Downloads, and I'm grateful for it, makes me feel like I'm actually doing something good with my time

Hope y'all Like this!

HMU for Loops n stuff!

Description : Guitar Loop. Tried to make a beat with this, but it didn't sound right to me, so I'll let y'all do stuff with it. Enjoy yo

Made in Kontakt and Gladiator, Use if you like Link what you make! HMU for custom loops and stuff!

Description : Not much to say, Enjoy yo

Made in Kontakt

Description : Another one made with Omnisphere. This one is slower that the last.

...I always wondered this, but why can't you see the tempo for .wavs with properties in Windows explorer like you can with other audio formats?

Anywho Use if you like, Link what you make yo!

Description : Looking outside my window, n its cloudy and still...
so dark guitar loops it is for today!

Made with Omnisphere. Use if you like, Link what you make yo!

Description : Props to the people who knows where the title is from!

Piano loops made in Kontakt.

Description : Since Looperman keeps deleting my loops because of 'Waaaah dis loop iz layerd', I decided to do something simple. Would this get deleted since it's a layered Piano???? SMH yo

Made In Kontakt

Description : same loop just without the lead

enjoy, yo!

Description : Eh, for some reason this thing wouldn't export in wav, it just crashed my Studio One until I reset my laptop. Was going to finish this, but f it, I'll let y'all have at it

Made in Omnisphere. Use if you like, Link what you make yo!. HMU for loops n stuff

Description : Some Sumple Drums. easy to use. Key is D
Come to think of it, it reminds me of the beat to met gala by gucci mane, oh well

Use if you like, Link what you make yo!

Description : Self explanatory title. Use either one for seperate beats, or combine both into one beat, whatever floats your ships.

Mae with Omnisphere. Use if you like, Link what you make! HMU for loops n stuff!

Description : Just some random bells

Made with Omnisphere. Use if you like, Link what you make yo! HMU for custom loops and stuff!

Description : Another dose of late-night loop making. Was gonna make a beat out of this, but couldn't for the life of me find the right drums for it. Maybe y'all could do something with it?

Made In Omnisphere. Use if you like, link what you make yo! HMU for customs n stuff!

Description : I don't know what to say about this one.

Inspiration for this came from the recent terrible events over the weekend. Hope yall enjoy this, and stay safe, yo.

Made with Omnisphere and Kontakt

Loops 1 - 25 of 109
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