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Tags : | Trap | 4.21 MB

Description : Made this messing around with the Vocaloid 5 editor
Lyrics are random and hard to understand, but I like how it turned out

Tags : | Trap | 3.40 MB

Description : Another attempt at messing with the Vocaloid 5 Editor. I really like how this came out actually.

The Drum loop Came from here
Made and Mixed in Studio One
Vocals - GUMI VoiceBank in Vocaloid5

Collabs, or anything like that are welcome, just message me, yo

Tags : | Trap | 6.22 MB | Colab Request

Description : A generic fast paced trap beat, piano samples came from here
Made in Studio one with the VST versions of the Image-Line (FL Studio) plugins.

free to use for non-commercial use, If you wanna use it commercially, we can work somethin out

If you make a decent song with this, I'd like to hear it yo!

Description : This is an old beat way back from when I started producing. I just re-mixed/mastered it and added vocals(Japanese) from Vocaloid5 (VoiceBank Is Gumi)

For some odd reason, theres a pop at the beginning, it doesn't have it in the project though..

If you want to use any part of this, be it the beat or the vocals, do let me know.

Enjoy yo!

Description : A new track I guess, I actually like this one, yo

I think I'm starting getting the hang of mixing vocals n stuff (Learning from scratch..)

Anywho, If you want to use this beat, or vocals, do email me or something, Links are in my profile.

P.S. anyone here use vocaloid? I'd kinda like to work on hiphop/trap style stuff (since its rare apparently..)

Description : I've been uncreative lately.. I need Inspirations yo

Anywho.. This is a beat in the style of my favorite producer (if you can't tell by some of my loops), WillAFool. This is is free to use, its not mixed well either. I can send the stems if you want to remix them or something

enjoy yo, and if you wanna collab with me, do hit my email!

Description : I got some samples off TheDrumBroker a whle back and made a beat pack with all of them, this is one of them. Sounds cool to me at least.

If you wanna use, let me know.
Enjoy yo!

Tags : | Trap | 3.90 MB | Colab Request | Reason

Description : I'm Sure y'all know of My Savages by Future right? If not, you been sleeping under something and need to go give it some repeats yo..

Anywho, A while back while going through Reason 9 and refills i bought, I ended up finding sounds that WillAFool used it that song and made this, Hope y'all enjoy this. Be warned, this isn't mixed at all, so its loud-ish?

If anyone decides they wanna rap to this, do let me hear it!

Tags : | Trap | 5.09 MB | FL Studio

Description : A track made with one of rasputin's choir loops. This sounds really nice haha. Please excuse the mixing yo.

The lyrics are about a certain Vocaloid who's way to popular and overrated.

Hope yall enjoy I guess!

Want to collab with me on something, do email me Yo!

Description : In Light of a certain 21 Savage song that sampled Lord Infamous, i decided to make my own sample of one of his other songs.
This is hella incomplete.

Title Came from Spongebob, I thought it fit the song haha.
And RIP Scarecrow yo, go look up old 36mafia stuff if yall get the chance, like early 90's.

Description : I made a beat with a loop I made. I don't normally do it though, I keep my loops and beats separate things.

Anywho, this entire thing uses sounds from Omnisphere. Advance sorry if it sounds bad, I cant really mix well, haha

If you wanna use this, hmu with one of my contacts yo!

Tags : | Trap | 6.89 MB | Studio One

Description : A zaytoven inspired beat. sounds like his old beats with gucci mane. feel free to use this, just give credit

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