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Loops 26 - 50 of 100

Description : This Fazioli grand piano counts down the seconds for you.

Description : This would work fairly well in a horror film.

Description : Fazioli grand piano played softly with some effects added.

Description : A pleasantly nostalgic, Boards of Canada-ish timbre.
Not too often do we have such beautiful weather in Seattle! :)

Description : Dabbled around a bit and came up with this.

Description : Trembling Rhodes with some subtle effects.

Description : A soft, distorted, percussive, arpeggiated chord progression. Whew--can you say "adjective"?! :)

Description : Quite an optimistic chord progression.
From "Playground Odyssey"... Check it out on SoundCloud.

Description : Whoa... This kind of sounds like the strings in the Halo 2 soundtrack.
From "Playground Odyssey".

Description : A bell loop for the holiday season!
From "Playground Odyssey".

Description : Ripped straight from "The Supremacist". Check it out on my Soundcloud page!

Description : Ripped straight from "The Supremacist". Check it out on my Soundcloud page!

Description : Full of distorted, crunchy goodnesss.

Description : Yeah, it's THIS chord progression again...
UPDATE: I figured out the chord progression:
Ab Maj - C Min - F Min - Db Maj

Description : Having so much fun with this I may as well share it!

Description : All strings included, no strings attached!

Description : Basses only...
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Description : Simple, hand-played, and slightly cinematic.

Description : Another unused loop straight from the archives

Description : Continuation of previous loop

Description : Like a submarine rising from the murky seafloor.

Description : Lower and slower

Description : Skream style.

Description : A super slow melody hand played, then ran through a vintage phaser. Kind of "Chris Clark"-ish.

Loops 26 - 50 of 100
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