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  • From : Seattle, United States
  • Joined : Wed 6th Aug 2008, 12 years ago

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Description : LFO filtered
EDIT 4/15/2012: Fixed timing issues.
Please give me credit where necessary! :)

Description : Rhodes with some subtle wah-wah
EDIT 4/15/2012: Fixed timing issues.
Please give me credit where necessary! :)

Description : Punchy kick & snare

Description : Great phasing

Description : A thoughtful & versatile cinematic arpeggiation.

Description : A lovely arpeggiated loop!

Description : A little melodic pluck I found in Kong. I made a chord progression out of it!
EDIT 2-16-12: This loop has been corrected.

Description : A strange, filtered organ-sounding synth.

Description : The beat to a new track I'm working on.
Note: This is actually two different loops stitched together with a fill.

Description : First loop made with Reason using an included Kong patch.

Description : Just a clock. No, really... It's just a clock.

Description : Just struck me that it kinda sounds like the score Daft Punk composed for Tron... Anyway, it's all yours! :)

Description : The nicer side of the track. It's 10 bars long.

Description : Careful- there's two more bars slapped on the end.

Description : I love 8-bit percussion. lol

Description : Sounds good when used with another loop.

Description : A strange little fill, but plays very well the other loops.

Description : I seem to have a lot of string loops out. :P

Description : This is the bass to 'Back to Bit World'. It's not necessarily the best loop I've made...
Thought I'd share the love! ;)

Description : This is the arp to my new track, Back to Bit World.
Thought I'd share the love! ;)

Description : A simple kick drum with a delay effect.

Description : Layers and layers of strings.

Description : A little bit distorted, but that's how we like it.

Description : Some nice, soft, pure hits. Puts you in the mood. Sorta.

Description : Pluck away... :)

Loops 51 - 75 of 100
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