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EtherBlu 21st Mar 2017 04:04 - 7 years ago

on A Moment by DijamMusic
Loved the tone & the Piano arrangement! Is it Alicia Keys Vst by any chance? Do let me know. Arps & Synth fade in smooth without breaking my mood! A very beautiful track it is... Soothing!

DijamMusic replied 21st Mar 2017 - 7 years ago
Hello EB,
Thank you for your great feedback I really appreciated.
I am glad you liked it.
No, it is Omnisphere.
Thanks again.
EtherBlu 20th Mar 2017 16:10 - 7 years ago

on Time to say Good bye to you by MagneticRecords
Agree with Midisparks! Like the lead and the tone used for it after the drop & the processing of the vocals goes well with the feel of the track. Overall a good track!
EtherBlu 18th Mar 2017 13:52 - 7 years ago

on Come And Find Me After Death by DijamMusic
Hey Jamid,


Firstly you have a very attractive title, makes me click and play the track instantly.

And yes, Life after death, can't comment on that. But yes, your track has lot of life in it. It does gives out the feeling that i have landed and someplace that is so beautiful and I am just gazing the view peacefully. Very good thought to compose a track on. Brilliant! it's something new!

Keep up the good work!

Ether Blu
DijamMusic replied 18th Mar 2017 - 7 years ago
Hello Ether Blu
मेरे दोस्त को नमस्कार
Thank you very much for your feedback my friend.
I'm really glad you liked it.
Thanks again.
EtherBlu 4th Feb 2017 03:19 - 7 years ago

on Angels Dream of You by HappyIdiots

Composition is really very beautiful though it needs to improve sonically. It's the right tone/sound with a right tune gives you goosebumps. I like the reverb which is there throughout the track.

Hope someday you play this live while that girl sitting right besides you! God Bless You, Cheers! :)

EtherBlu 26th Apr 2016 05:20 - 8 years ago

on Fight by SikNoiz
Goes perfectly with the Title :)

Nice Work!

SikNoiz replied 26th Apr 2016 - 8 years ago
Thank you!
EtherBlu 30th Mar 2015 15:01 - 9 years ago

on Tripcore - Royal Hardcore by Tripcore
Nice! Very trippy tune...

Tripcore replied 30th Mar 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks, and nice choice of words.
EtherBlu 30th Mar 2015 07:50 - 9 years ago

on Untitled Chill Tropical Track-NEEDS VOCALS by 15ludwicke
Brilliant Production!

The vocals will definitely complete this track. Try contacting RomyHarmony on Looperman. She is too good. I guess her vox will go great with this tune.

You played very well with the Flute tone. Very innovative. But as very rightly said by StaticNomad, some more elements are needed or may be variations in rhythm or something forward... becomes flat after some time. Maybe I am wrong, maybe after vocals are added it won't feel the need for more instrumentation, but it is what I feel right now. And i hope it doesn't end the way it ends right now :p All the best for the singer hunt and if i get any references, i will forward it to you.

Great Stuff!

EtherBlu 29th Mar 2015 12:10 - 9 years ago

on Faint by steve010101
It begins with the wonderful soothing orchestration and as soon as the vocals are introduced, The song becomes magical.! I loved that Bagpipe/Sax element in the middle used as a filler. Overall a beautiful DnB track. Mix & Master is Decent. :)

Great Stuff Steve!

P.S: I would request you to upload 1 more version of this song without DnB beats.. just the vocals & that soothing orchestration in the bg.. if possible! I think it will turn out to be a great vocal chillout track :)

steve010101 replied 1st Apr 2015 - 9 years ago
I'll try to get another version up soon. Thanks for the comment and glad you liked it!

Kind regards,

EtherBlu 28th Mar 2015 19:42 - 9 years ago

on Ode To Andrea by AmirGabriel
That was too sweet!! :)

Very beautiful Lyrics, really! And very well produced by GoldenOokami!

I just wish it was mixed a little and I think a tiny bit of processing in the vocals here n there can make it even more sweet.

A very nice gift Amir, Wish your mom a belated from my side.

AmirGabriel replied 29th Mar 2015 - 9 years ago
Yeah I hear what youre saying, I'm hoping to go over this once improve my mixing skills and get better equiptment
EtherBlu 27th Mar 2015 03:29 - 9 years ago

on 9 Gray by MisterCH
Forgot to mention about the vocals btw, I loved the harmonies and according to me they just go fine with the mood of the song.

I just wanna hear this track with a better mix soon :)


MisterCH replied 27th Mar 2015 - 9 years ago
Hey, EB
Thanks for listening and for giving me suggestions to improve the song. I really appreciate your input.
I will work on the song a bit more, probably, and then I can post an updated version here.
EtherBlu 27th Mar 2015 03:26 - 9 years ago

on 9 Gray by MisterCH
Hey There!

It's a very good track. Thoroughly enjoyed. Guitar, Drums, Bass, All Good. Better Mix will take this track to another level.

P.S: Piano is a little loud @ 2:24.


EtherBlu 21st Mar 2015 11:28 - 9 years ago

on BRICKAROO by Abilify
I like this Shit! :)

Abilify replied 27th Apr 2015 - 9 years ago
me 2 c:

EtherBlu 19th Mar 2015 14:38 - 9 years ago

on DOPE HOOD BEAT by JahlilonDbeat
Great job Jah! You got some awesome Dope Kicks man.

Just one pointer. The track becomes little monotonous, try adding some variation.

EtherBlu 19th Mar 2015 05:05 - 9 years ago

on Rugmice R Real by glados666
A Decent attempt.

The tone of the bass could've been better, I liked the break at 45secs in rhythm, (Voice processing & pitch correction could've been better). I think it needs a little attention towards Mixing too.

But really a Good Job! :)
EtherBlu 18th Mar 2015 18:57 - 9 years ago

on Xyilent - Dreaming by XyIlent
Hello Xyllent,

Very good attempt on chillout.. I loved the piano's chord progression and all the "Chillout" elements behind. A liked the Off-beat Fill before the Kick is introduced. That was awesome. I think you could use some better Reverse FX(Uplifters) though and a subtle Downlifter (with delay & reverb) as well, when your track reaches the part where all the elements are coming in, may be at 02:03.

Also, From beginning till 00:25secs, it gives me the feeling of it being a Mellow Hip-Hop Track... but as it ascends, it transforms to a decent chill-out track.

Hope this helps & look forward to hear the complete track soon :)

XyIlent replied 18th Mar 2015 - 9 years ago
hey EB, yeah i agree it could use better FX, its finding the right ones to use thats the problem, because i mostly have EDM, builds and uplifters haha so thats the reason for the lack of fx

"feeling of it being a Mellow Hip-Hop Track"

yeah it does kinda hahah :D

"Hope this helps & look forward to hear the complete track soon :)"

Certainly does, but knowing me it will never be done but ill be adding to it over the week :)

Thanks for listining and taking the time to give feedback EB
cheers :)
EtherBlu 18th Mar 2015 07:34 - 9 years ago

on Come As You Are - Acoustic Cover by BradoSanz
Goosebumps all over as soon as it starts. Your brother has a magical voice and you have magical fingers, ears & voice. It's real, classic, true, pure Music. Awesome work my friend. I want to come up with something really special to collab with you... I know you are busy right now, but yeah, i'll buzz you soon about that.


BradoSanz replied 18th Mar 2015 - 9 years ago
I'm curious to see what you'll have in store :P During the summer after I return from Nashville I will try and do two collabs :P Yours is definitely one of them, if you're willing!
EtherBlu 17th Mar 2015 11:10 - 9 years ago

on 2 weeks off by smallpaul
Nice Dance track mate! And a nice track title too. I would like to make a special mention of tambourine which you've used very efficiently, It's seldom we hear it these days. Glad you used it & how.

All the best.

EtherBlu 17th Mar 2015 09:29 - 9 years ago

on everything is right with my world by promenade2239
Soothing, Ambient & Jazzy. Loved the feel this track has. Organ is sounding good here..

Percussions are really beautiful and go perfectly with the track.

Just Too Good Alex!

EtherBlu 17th Mar 2015 08:03 - 9 years ago

on Atlantic drifts by Danke
I loved the tone of the Organ, The synth fillers were apt & you have done a great job with Sax.. Also felt there was some romanticism in this track. Beautiful work Danke, As always.

Danke replied 17th Mar 2015 - 9 years ago
Thank you EB!

I like you found the word romanticism...:-)

Greetings and handshake, Danke
EtherBlu 7th Feb 2015 06:56 - 9 years ago

on Midnight by GoldenOokami
A Great Chill-Hop!!

Loved the intro with a cool lead, and equally Loved the beat programming, simple yet powerful. Good Choice of all the elements here, just the bass arp didnt work for me much, nice fall @02:04..

Overall a great listen.

GoldenOokami replied 23rd Mar 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks EB for your comment. This track was a rather interesting one. I've never thought about having a Chill-out and hip hop go together like this. I'm glad it turned out alright, and that bass arp was experimentive for me. I thought it had come out very different, but perhaps it's overshot a bit, huh? Thanks again!

EtherBlu 4th Feb 2015 04:06 - 9 years ago

on The MuSic Is MoVinG by digitalmusicmaniac
Nice amalgamation of genres brother. And yes, arrangement i feel could have been better. Overall a decent listen.

digitalmusicmaniac replied 4th Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
Hey thanks EB...yeah I feel some of the arrangement could of been a little more better but I got tired of messing with it. Thanks for the listen and compliment. ^____^
EtherBlu 1st Feb 2015 06:05 - 9 years ago

on Wont Stop Loving You by BradoSanz
You begin your songs so beautifully brother. Everything from guitars, Vocals & brilliant Drum programming, is awesome. Liked everything about this song... even the mix! I want to see you on TV receiving an award someday and I know you will. You have got a lot of potential. Keep uploading everything you make, I am sure it will be melodious & lovely as every track of yours, and i am sure, i am never gonna stop loving your music! :)

BradoSanz replied 1st Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks, EB. That touched my heart man haha. I will definitely keep doing what I'm doing :P And hey, I'm just an average guy who likes to make music :) Though an award would be nice :P Thanks for the kind words EB, you're a generous man!
EtherBlu 29th Jan 2015 18:50 - 9 years ago

on Riest feat Marianna - So in love by Riest
A Perfect chill-out track. Lovely beats (fill-ins sometime gave me a hip hop feel) but i liked it. Nice vocals. And very well arranged & Programmed.. Easy on ears and smoothly enters your heart.

Looking forward to hear more chill-out music from you. Pleasure to connect with you.

EtherBlu 28th Jan 2015 04:20 - 9 years ago

on Never Let You Go by BradoSanz
I have to tell you this Man... You have got great Vocals!!! I want you to sing for one of my tracks!! I'll email you the scratch soon. You have a great music sense, I love the way you tweak your guitars and in this song... guitars sounds really sweet!! Strings were programmed well. Mix is great! Your mixes have always been great! :)

Looking forward to collab soon.

BradoSanz replied 28th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
Definitely EB! Just send your scratch track to me. I look forward to it!
EtherBlu 20th Jan 2015 05:35 - 9 years ago

on Ghosts Of Glencloy by Orlando51
This is so spiritual! This is the kind of music i love and follow... So beautiful.. All the Sounds... Choice of Elements.. Arrangement.. Intro-Outro is all spot on. This track is among my most favorite Top 10 Ambient tracks now. Look forward to this collaboration and i like the name, Tumbleando!

Intro was the best part!

- EB
Orlando51 replied 30th Jul 2015 - 8 years ago
It's really a joy to read this lovely comment...thank you so much for that and my sincere apologies for the late reply !

With much appreciation______Orlando
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