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Tags : | Chill Out | 3.66 MB

Description : uhm, been finding it difficult to make stuff lately and im moving further and further away from EDM (what i started producing in) with every song, this is sort of my first go at chillout.

I will say that this isnt done, by any means.
there's still alot to add but adding it early to get your feedback if you would be kind enough to give me some :D Thanks for listening.

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  1. digitaljon
    digitaljon on Thu 5th May 2016 - 5 years ago


    I have to admit i liked it from the start but i skipped ahead (my ADD) and was not disappointed at 2:00 ... so I went back and listened again to the entire toon.

    The surprise at around 2:05 gave me the thought that you can add a teaser early on that hints at what's coming.

    Otherwise, brilliant!

    Reply by XyIlent

    lol yeah i do that too whith other peoples tracks just to see if its something id like so its all good :)

    "gave me the thought that you can add a teaser early on that hints at what's coming"
    yup its called foreshadowing, its used alot in movie soundtracks i believe.

    thanks for listening :D

  2. Eighteen
    Eighteen on Thu 24th Sep 2015 - 5 years ago

    nice realy spacey song, my new favorite song :D

    Very nice job!


    Reply by XyIlent

    new fav? haha. well thanks eighteen :)

  3. soundhound
    soundhound on Sat 6th Jun 2015 - 5 years ago

    This is Outstanding love that drop solid keyboard work...
    Needs some help just to put a lock on it, guitar, bass line
    I'm hearing this as a song almost ready for the road...

    Got an Idea if you don't mind, I'll drop you a line...


    Reply by XyIlent

    Really? cool!, well if you do half the job you did on 'chapter 19' then it will be awesome! haha

    If you need anything just ask :)
    cant wait to hear what you come up with.


  4. BeatMaker4real
    BeatMaker4real on Thu 23rd Apr 2015 - 6 years ago

    This is great..I love the feel that it has.The arrangement
    and melody is super tight.

    Reply by XyIlent

    thanks man glad you enjoy :)

  5. Jeffierenee
    Jeffierenee on Fri 20th Mar 2015 - 6 years ago

    Extremely chilling and the words just flow from my mind when I listen to this. I love exactly how it is. I always feel the originality of the song... just as its made has that captured essence that can't be mistaken for nothing other than art so I have no suggestions except keep making this wonderful music you are making. Very inspiring. Cheers!

    Reply by XyIlent

    "nothing other than art" dont think my songs have ever been called art before haha, truly though. thanks :)

    "keep making this wonderful music"
    i plan too :D dont know if it will be wonderful but ill certainly make something haha

    Thanks for the comment.
    Super glad you enjoyed :D

  6. BradoSanz
    BradoSanz on Thu 19th Mar 2015 - 6 years ago

    That's much better with the drums! Perfect! Good job! LOVE that lead synth man. So...epic! :D

    Reply by XyIlent

    Thanks for saying the drums are epic, Epic. Its so epic that you would say that :D haha i dunno..

    But yeah i think so too, keeps the track busier :D

    Thanks for having a listen again :D

  7. jayme88
    jayme88 on Thu 19th Mar 2015 - 6 years ago

    wow keep it up. we needs more great stuff.

    Reply by XyIlent

    i plan too :D
    Thanks for listening

  8. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Thu 19th Mar 2015 - 6 years ago

    Hi again.

    No, you certainly don't want this to feel too fast. That's why I just suggested raising the tempo by about 5 BPM. Or you could even automate it so that the whole track subtly speeds up and/or slows down. No tempo drag in the second half so I'd suggest just trying out my suggestions on the first half.

    Or, keep the same tempo but do some other things with the drums to give the illusion of it being a bit faster. So, one thing that can work nicely is to make the hats faster/busier, perhaps keeping the rest of the drums just as they are.

    Tempo and feel of the track are interesting things and I have tracks at the same tempo that feel like they're very different tempos. For instance, two tracks made on the same timeline sound perhaps 10-15 BPM apart but are the same tempo. One track (Random Acts Of Human Kindness) uses a lazy shuffle blues groove, making it seem much slower than the tighter hip hop type of groove used in the other track (The Shit).

    Yes, I saw Danke and Epic's comments and didn't think there was anything lacking in the second half so I guess you've done a good job adding a bit more activity (only a guess because I haven't heard the earlier version).

    You can definitely do lots more good chillout music.

    You don't want to leave it at only one classy chillout track...

    Reply by XyIlent

    HEY static :D

    The making the hats a bit busier in the 1st half sounds like the best option, i always have trouble with automating the bpm, for me it complicates the track.

    Yeah i remember 'Random Acts Of Human Kindness' awesome track :) not to familiar with 'The Shit' haha will have to give that one a listen.. awesome title by the way ;) haha

    Yeah i changed alot and added alot after danke's comment, mostly in the second half just doing what you've been saying actually, and adding more percussion and making it feel more busy :), i just need to find that middle ground for the first half that makes it not as busy as the second half but not as slow as it is.

    "You can definitely do lots more good chillout music.
    You don't want to leave it at only one classy chillout track..."

    i dont plan too haha, ill do definitely more chillout/mellow stuff.
    already got the beginnings of another chillout track :D

  9. tekreck
    tekreck on Wed 18th Mar 2015 - 6 years ago

    Reply by XyIlent

    you have hid that track, means only you can see it

  10. EtherBlu
    EtherBlu on Wed 18th Mar 2015 - 6 years ago

    Hello Xyllent,

    Very good attempt on chillout.. I loved the piano's chord progression and all the "Chillout" elements behind. A liked the Off-beat Fill before the Kick is introduced. That was awesome. I think you could use some better Reverse FX(Uplifters) though and a subtle Downlifter (with delay & reverb) as well, when your track reaches the part where all the elements are coming in, may be at 02:03.

    Also, From beginning till 00:25secs, it gives me the feeling of it being a Mellow Hip-Hop Track... but as it ascends, it transforms to a decent chill-out track.

    Hope this helps & look forward to hear the complete track soon :)


    Reply by XyIlent

    hey EB, yeah i agree it could use better FX, its finding the right ones to use thats the problem, because i mostly have EDM, builds and uplifters haha so thats the reason for the lack of fx

    "feeling of it being a Mellow Hip-Hop Track"

    yeah it does kinda hahah :D

    "Hope this helps & look forward to hear the complete track soon :)"

    Certainly does, but knowing me it will never be done but ill be adding to it over the week :)

    Thanks for listining and taking the time to give feedback EB
    cheers :)

  11. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Wed 18th Mar 2015 - 6 years ago

    Hi. Not sure I've reviewed one of your tracks before.

    This is good though my first feeling is that it's a bit slow. The beat seems to drag a bit. As it's all synth stuff, I'm guessing you could just up the BPM, say by about 5 BPM or so. Try it out.

    Actually 2:04 it doesn't seem to drag as much though it does in the first half. Just a minor criticism.
    Otherwise, it's a good collection of synth sounds with an uplifting, positive vibe but not cheesy.

    Around 2:18 or so the high wailing lead is excellent. Pulling the emotions this way and that, things building nice. Bit of a soaring guitar lead feel in there.

    Piano sound has a warm tone.

    Good, clean mix and that second half rolls along really well, not getting boring. And then it comes to a nice conclusion, with some odd, reverbed squawking sound added as well (also in the first half, now I listen again).

    Basically, it's good chillout music (elegant, as Crucethus said) but not the boring type that doesn't go anywhere or that is too polite and gentle.

    A touch of class here so big congrats to you...

    Reply by XyIlent

    Hey Static :D, yeah not sure ive seen you on one of my tracks before, well im glad you stopped by this time :D

    "it's a bit slow"

    - Hmm. a raise in bpm could work but, i dont want it to feel too fast though.
    When im working on it later ill work with the idea and see what happens :)

    "the high wailing lead is excellent"

    - honestly thats my favourite part haha, i was messing around with a bit of glide and once i had that down-glide at the end of the bar i was like "damn! yup thats going on the song!" haha

    "Good, clean mix and that second half rolls along really well / with some odd, reverbed squawking"

    - yeah after danke and Epic's comments i added some stuff to fill out that second half and.. yeah the weird squawking was one of those additions. It gives the track a bit of character i think haha or it makes it sound like ive got a Eagle trapped in my song.. either way im all for it haha

    "Basically, it's good chillout music"

    Really!? aww cool, like ive said ive never done this genre before so for people to be enjoying my first go at it is really cool.

    "polite and gentle"

    hmm... sounds like me hahaha XD

    "A touch of class here so big congrats to you..."

    Thanks Static, means alot you enjoyed.

  12. splendidTRUSTe
    splendidTRUSTe on Wed 18th Mar 2015 - 6 years ago

    This is very nice I love it! you should try and get some label signing! Wanna collab? Check out some of my tracks here and on my soundcloud! my soundcloud is

    Reply by XyIlent

    some label singing? lol why have a label when you can be independent? haha
    ive got alot going on the now, there's not much chance of me fitting in a collab anywhere but maybe in the near future :)

    Thanks for the listen splendid :)
    followed you on soundcloud :)

  13. crucethus
    crucethus on Wed 18th Mar 2015 - 6 years ago

    Ok, here goes my review.

    I loved this track. It's elegant. sweet, saucy . tasteful and just absolutely executed perfectly.

    I'll be honest. I started to listen with no expectations and form the first 4 bars I literally stood up in my studio seat and stood that way for all the 4 mins of this tune.

    If I were a kid again and I heard this tune, I would get into music for what I just heard.

    I don't give props like this lightly.

    Some of my "Main" influences were Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Prince, The Human League, Roxy Music , Sly & Robbie. This Song Has the Ethos of "Jam" & Lewis and the minimalism of Prince from the sign of the times era.

    That synth you use which is a chorused square wave thang that is modulated perfectly is brilliant. You should be very proud of what you did here. Then the Piano is so Sublime. Then the percussion is placed with precision.
    Congratulations you touched a very jaded musician this evening with a brilliant song.

    Reply by XyIlent

    well this comments a nice start to my day :)
    possibly one of the nicest comments ive ever had haha

    You mention that i 'touched a very jaded musician' and i guess that the goal, right? to get some sort of reaction out of people with any song you make and for you to be standing up and enjoying my song it truly means alot to me.

    "If I were a kid again and I heard this tune, I would get into music for what I just heard. "

    - Are you saying you would get into chill out if you heard this as a kid? haha
    Well... its never too late :)

    "That synth you use..."

    - Yeah i wanted a main synth that was airy and sort of flowing if you know what i mean, and after some major tweaks i think this done the trick :D

    "Then the Piano is so Sublime"

    - yeah? man im glad, honestly i have looperman to thank for that. I didnt even know what chords were till i started making loops for here haha

    "the percussion is placed with precision."

    - yeah percussion is something i really neglect in a lot of my songs haha but not this one :)

    Thanks for this comment Cru,
    it means alot that you enjoyed and took the time to share your thoughts about it.

    Xyilent :D

  14. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed on Tue 17th Mar 2015 - 6 years ago

    Hi X...any time I do anything that is a bit mellow I just post it as Chillout...never even heard of it till I found I dont know much either...But...I know what I like...and you`ve got something really good going here....I`m hinestly not sure I would add or change anything..the minimal approach really lets the individual instrument parts do there thing...and you have them all nicely EQd and placed....Go with what feels right..and if that means you cross genres or drift between them just go with the flow....there are no coincidences...your creativity will just keep growing along with your diversity.....well done...Ed

    Reply by XyIlent

    "never even heard of it till I found Looperman"

    - Hey Ed, im EXACTLY the same i didnt know about chillout till i heard a danke track on here haha.

    "you`ve got something really good going here"

    - Thanks man :), i set out to make something ive never done before and i think i done that haha

    "the minimal approach really lets the individual instrument parts "

    - YEAH, exactly! :)

    "Go with what feels right" / "go with the flow"

    - I always do, only way to do it haha

    "your creativity will just keep growing along with your diversity"

    - I hope thats true, only way to find out is to keep going I guess :)

    There's some really good advice in there man,
    thanks for taking the time.
    Glad you enjoyed.

  15. SHWAK
    SHWAK on Tue 17th Mar 2015 - 6 years ago


    Reply by XyIlent

    thanks :)

  16. BradoSanz
    BradoSanz on Tue 17th Mar 2015 - 6 years ago

    Wow, I love that synth lead at :30. So dreamy, makes me think about life haha. I think a tad bit more reverb on the piano will help it fit into the mix more easily. And I agree with danke, maybe something a little more busy to help speed up the part at 2:00. But I definitely love the idea. Very relaxing.


    Reply by XyIlent

    hhmm.. yeah some morew reverb on the piano is a good idea, strange ive not done that since ive reverbed the s**t out of everything else hahaha.
    yeah working on dankes idea the now :D
    Glad you stopped by :)
    Thanks for the feedback man

  17. danke
    danke on Tue 17th Mar 2015 - 6 years ago

    Beautiful composition...

    Loved many elements from the piano to the tasty synths...I got one tip...from 2.03 you could use a snare with some acoustic guitars to 'speed up' this number a bit...just a bit...

    Much respect, hope all is well, Danke

    Reply by XyIlent

    thanks for the feedback :D

    Yeah, snares come in at 2.00 but they were super quiet and i didn't realise haha.
    The acoustic guitar would be cool but i dont have the equipment t do that, ill try with a vst and see how it sounds.

    Your right about speeding it up towards the end, thats the feeling im going for hopefully i can get it to come across in the final version.

    Thanks for taking the time Danke :D


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