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5th Jan 2015 09:47 -  9 years ago
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Description : Hello People, hows it goin? Well here I am with my new cover and yes, you read it right... its 'THING CALLED LOVE' by one of my favourite EDM artists Above & Beyond. Its a fusion of Lounge, Ambient & Indian Ethnic elements and some experimental sounds too. I just hope you like my rendition.

And yes, There is a thing called Share that we all forget, So if you genuinely like my cover, Please share!
Cheers! :D
28th Jan 2015 04:14 -  9 years ago
Description : Alright Ppl!!! Firstly, thank you so much for all the love you showered on my first track! Really Appreciate it :) I was working on something and thought before i put that up, i'll put some of my old work. Here is My Rendition of Exorcist Movie Theme which i made in 2008, and on Fl Studio Demo Version. I couldnt save the project file for mixing that time because it was a demo version. Unmixed!

17th Mar 2015 07:34 -  9 years ago
Description : I created this track for the love I have for puppies. I love them. Everybody does. This day I went to this park nearby my colony and saw couple of them and thought of making something musically. So this is what i came up with. This time I haven't played much with FX or Technical aspects. Just pure simple & soft melodies. As it is unmixed & unfinished track, request you to boost the volume a little. Hope you all like it! Cheers! :)
18th Mar 2017 13:41 -  7 years ago
Description : My trip to Bali inspired me to compose this soundtrack!

Hope you all like it!

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