29th Jun 2014 09:57 -  9 years ago
Tags :
Description : Summer type dance track, for those precious 2 weeks off, if you can get them! Made around a selection of different loops and some keys from me.

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If you have time take a listen and give smallpaul some feedback.

midiman007 14th Apr 2015 15:09 -  9 years ago
Great track I would say more but others have already said it. So it would be repetitive. I like the bass. Is that a mog or anx?
ReonN 14th Apr 2015 14:20 -  9 years ago
Great track for listening during vacation XD
Lieky like :)
Diskonnect 14th Apr 2015 11:32 -  9 years ago
I remember the school days when you used to get 2 weeks off every so often, ah those were the days! Now I'd be lucky to get that off! Anyway, nice track has a pretty uplifting feel, love the synths and beats, good job!
EtherBlu 17th Mar 2015 11:10 -  9 years ago
Nice Dance track mate! And a nice track title too. I would like to make a special mention of tambourine which you've used very efficiently, It's seldom we hear it these days. Glad you used it & how.

All the best.

Leverett 28th Oct 2014 08:39 -  9 years ago
Great mood and intro. Intriguing key change, I'd effect it more to put more emphasis on it. Overall the arrangment seems to need a little work, I think that such a good tune deserves to be more catchy. As it is now, it tends to became a little repetitive. Still like it a lot :)
smallpaul replied 28th Oct 2014 - 9 years ago
Dance music repetitive?? Noooo!! Thanks mate but no, I am done with the track now and need to put it to bed. I did it quite a long time ago now and had it hanging around so I posted it so I could move on. Thanks for review anyway I will return the favour in due course.
EazyBeatz 15th Sep 2014 02:04 -  9 years ago
Very club retro , must have been very fun creating this . Good job here. composition itself seems like your on the right track .. :)
Mykael 28th Jul 2014 16:36 -  9 years ago
I am sooooo diggin' the this track. I'd like to ditto what FR said regarding the key changes...very smooth, very summer, with a light dusting of retro!

Love & Light,

smallpaul replied 14th Sep 2014 - 9 years ago
Hi mate thanks for reviewing, haven't been on for a while one thing and another, summer is totally what I was going for and the build up to those precious weeks off! Thanks again, glad to see you're still around. Love,Light & Sunshine!!
MagneticRecords 26th Jul 2014 15:47 -  9 years ago
This reminds me of the 90s. It´s really Great. Nice Beat, Nice Melody. Great Work. Keep it up.
RealProblemShuckers 22nd Jul 2014 15:09 -  9 years ago
Really nice intro, and good calm music too. From me you deserve a fave!!

Keep up the excellent work!

Badhuman 12th Jul 2014 16:46 -  9 years ago
Sounds Great. Big synth sound. Love it. I agree if you put some lead in there it might get a be crowded.
BEATZMODE 12th Jul 2014 09:33 -  9 years ago
really well composed and mixed,sounds radio ready,gives out a good feel vibe ,i like it
Ensam 11th Jul 2014 14:06 -  9 years ago
Smooth track, head bobbing instantly. A little crowded in the mix in places but nothing too much to worry about especially when it has that fantastic funky smooth groove.

Nice one

StaticNomad 9th Jul 2014 23:49 -  9 years ago
Yes, I was thinking of adding before that Underworld’s Two Months Off is a bit better than yours but thought I wouldn’t bother. Hey, it’s not easy being as good as surely one of the greatest dance acts of all time.

Those guys made quality home listening serious music albums as well as the obviously excellent pumping live dance shows. My favourite album is probably Beaucoup Fish, with killer tracks such as King of Snake, Jumbo and Push Upstairs.

If your mix is too crowded with the leads, just find ways of subduing the other elements eg use EQ to sculpt the pads when the leads are playing. And/or just turn them down.

I don’t use pads nearly as much as I thought I would years ago when planning to get a whole synth setup and emulate some of my favourite far out sounds. I find they take up a lot of room. I quite often just use delays on guitar parts as that often adds the far out vibe I’m looking for. And I can also make some pad-like sounds on guitar using a slow attack effect.

Also, if a mix is too crowded, turn the delays/reverb down and/or have fewer notes playing. Lots of ways to do it so good luck...
djtheobserver01 9th Jul 2014 11:28 -  9 years ago
YO !

everthing i want to say is already said by other members below me ...
great synths and the "windy "sound in the background makes it real breezy ...
good job !!

mk320 9th Jul 2014 10:04 -  9 years ago
PRINCELECTRO 8th Jul 2014 19:25 -  9 years ago
really feel like dancing , nice pads and great mixing
StaticNomad 8th Jul 2014 13:06 -  9 years ago
The title (and style a bit) reminds me of Underworld's excellent Two Months Off. Here's a live version:

Underworld - Two Months Off (KCRW 2011)

Maybe they were thinking of summer holidays or downtime from touring in a band and you're just thinking of time off a regular job.

Anyway, this really gets moving on 1:14 and that is a classic bassline. Fizzy cymbal stuff works well.

1:43 key change was a bit of a surprise but it works pretty well.

Definitely solid dancefloor stuff.

One thing I'd say is the track is lacking leads as, aside from drums, you're relying on basssline, pads, key changes and stops to provide interest. Slot a lead or two in (eg arpeggiated) and things might get more interesting and have more depth. Just an idea...
smallpaul replied 9th Jul 2014 - 9 years ago
Hi mate thanks for review, yes I had forgotten that Underworld track, but the 2 weeks off did ring some bells somewhere!!?? I think theirs is slightly better though! ha ha
I did experiment with some leads (and still have the mix) but it just sounded a bit too crowded. Maybe will remix and post if I come up with anything I think is any good. Thanks for input.
GramoChopin 30th Jun 2014 19:47 -  9 years ago
Yeaaa! i can dig it smallpaul! Grooving work with this, has some nice chillout elements to it. Great choosing of loops, and the mixdown is sounding rather clear. Seems like many are improving, glad to see you around man. Very good job, peace

smallpaul replied 9th Jul 2014 - 9 years ago
Hi mate thanks for review, glad you liked.
RenzWilde 30th Jun 2014 03:25 -  9 years ago
Man, this has to be my fav of the day so far. What a great vibe. Excellent sound too.

Major props. Great track. I faved.
smallpaul replied 9th Jul 2014 - 9 years ago
Thanks for stopping by mate, will do the same.
FreeRadical 29th Jun 2014 10:25 -  9 years ago
Well the intro is sounding hot and niceley in with the drums. This has a propper retro feeling to it and i'm liking that vibe. Like the way that it changes key and then reverts seemlessly back to the original riff. There's some excellent summer time vibes going on here and i'm glad i dropped in to listen to it.
smallpaul replied 9th Jul 2014 - 9 years ago
Hi mate thanks for listening, had this kicking around for a while thought i would post for some feedback.

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