5th Apr 2023 17:29 - 1 year ago
Description : Trance track - Headland (to the Sea) - a seascape inspired trance track with a beautiful Celtic style vocal breakdown. One of my favourite self produced tracks so far

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If you have time take a listen and give Jkingz some feedback.

Eucalips 23rd May 2024 19:49 - 2 months ago
Can I remix this into a psytrance track? Like the Vocals especially
Jkingz replied 23rd May 2024 - 2 months ago
Yes sure, go for it
BaoBou 2nd Oct 2023 22:37 - 9 months ago
Gave it another listen and you know what... either I was overly critical in April or maybe you made some minor changes but I love it, and I don't really recognise the little niggles I had back then. The vocal is still incredible, but I actually really like your slow intro now and the build-up feels great.
I hope you'll tell me you made some minor changes, but I know I'm full of shit and I fully expect I listened to exactly the same track except now I give it a 10/10 :D
Jkingz replied 2nd Oct 2023 - 9 months ago
Hey Bao, hate to say it, but its the same track :) maybe its just grown on you lol. Thankyou for taking the time to leave TWO comments though, much appreciated and im glad you like it
Mosaic 2nd Oct 2023 02:58 - 9 months ago
Hey man. Great to see someone else who does trance, my fav genre to do, I make this more so then any other genre,nice builds and synths, excellent trance beat, prob only thing which in my opinion would set track up better is lowering I'm guessing a pad or sub bass that comes in at start n through track, doing this would lift everything else to the fore ground, hope that makes sense, I've got 3 or 4 trance tracks on my profile if you want to see my style. Fav'd mate. Thank you for sharing much Respect n Peace mosaic
Jkingz replied 2nd Oct 2023 - 9 months ago
Hey thanks Mosaic, thanks alot for the comment :)
EricMilligan 25th Jul 2023 03:54 - 1 year ago
OK, so I'm biased. Trance is my favourite EDM genre, so you had a big head start with me on this track. BUT, it's great. For starters an excellent mix. It has a rich, creamy sound. The low frequency content is really well managed. And an excellent arrangement as well. I agree with BauBou. Never was bored. Use of FX was really well done, including the intro which really set the tone/mood for the entire track. This is much better than any trance track I have attempted. And, although I have not listened to all your tracks posted here on LM, I think it definitely is my favourite so far. Sirens was pretty darn good as well, mind you. :) The progression in your compositions from 2011 when you first started posting stuff here to this, your most recent track, is really impressive.

Regards from Ottawa,
Jkingz replied 25th Jul 2023 - 1 year ago
Hi Eric, thank you for your review, I'm really pleased you’re enjoying my music :)
Modnex 23rd Jul 2023 23:36 - 1 year ago
I don't listen to much music in this genre, but I can appreciate a good track when I hear one. The flute sounds in the beginning, reminded me of those ethnic films my old man used to watch back in the day. The transition from that to the upbeat club scene was smooth and enjoyable. Is this a full trance or is it a fusion of a multitude of genres? Because this kind of music I could listen to it for days. The chorus parts are chilling and gave me full chill bumps! Absolutely adding this to my favs. Brilliant, just brilliant!
Jkingz replied 25th Jul 2023 - 1 year ago
Hey Modnex, thanks so much for taking the time to comment
Zootman 23rd Jul 2023 02:55 - 1 year ago
Transcendental vibes. The ethereal vocal reminds me of Dead Can Dance. I see you're from Cornwall, well this reminds me of sitting on Fistral beach, mid summer back in '91, with a pipe full of good hash watching one of those long slow golden sunsets....good times.
Jkingz replied 25th Jul 2023 - 1 year ago
Hey Zootman, we would’ve been sat on Fistral the same time my friend, stunning beach. It changed alot now, commercialised, shops and cafe etc down there. Thanks for the review, peace man
chris4toptunes 5th Jun 2023 10:07 - 1 year ago
Very nice vibes with the vocals adding some real emotion! Great stuff!
Jkingz replied 25th Jul 2023 - 1 year ago
Thanks alot for the review :)
MadZo 22nd Apr 2023 11:35 - 1 year ago
My kind of style of trance this, has Chicane written all over it. Its good, the sun has shined thru out the track.
Jkingz replied 25th Jul 2023 - 1 year ago
Hey man, i see what you mean, kinda chicane’esque vocal :) thanks for the review
dimestop 5th Apr 2023 22:33 - 1 year ago
great track James love that beat, its a footstomper the dance floor would be packed the vocal is angelic and theres enough going on in the background to keep the listener engaged. really good show
Jkingz replied 25th Jul 2023 - 1 year ago
Thanks Dimestop, appreciate you man :)
2Sisters 5th Apr 2023 22:00 - 1 year ago
Hello and good evening. A very nice track. Well done, mixed and mastered. do you live by the sea With this music you can really dream of flying over a snow-white beach, watching servers fly over the waves. Then with the beautiful voice you can feel how you are standing in the shallow water and the gentle waves wash over your bare feet. Music that makes me dream is the most beautiful music for me! If you live by the sea, do you live in the Bretgne? Beautiful, despite its length very entertaining and interesting piece of music. All respect Manuela
Jkingz replied 25th Jul 2023 - 1 year ago
I do live by the sea, its ones of my greatest inspirations ! Thanks for the review :)
BaoBou 5th Apr 2023 18:20 - 1 year ago
Love it, but I can also think of a couple improvement points you could consider.
The part from around 1:00 has a great vibe, and I think you can lead into that beat a little earlier. Then when you get there, you can bring a bit more variety. The vocals from 3:49(ish) are amazing and give it an ethereal vibe.
Good stuff, I was never bored!
Jkingz replied 25th Jul 2023 - 1 year ago
Thanks man, appreciate you :)

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