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Tags : | EDM | 10.45 MB | Colab Request | Cubase

Description : My follow up track to Subway Suicide. Having reached bottom and trying to fix things, there is the inevitable lapse (listen for the dropped surgical instrument). Is there a lyric? Hmm, perhaps somebody else's story.

Tags : | EDM | 12.96 MB | Colab Request | Cubase

Description : Another drum sample inspired track. Originally intended it to be an ambient number, but developed into what it is today. Took me several years to name it and only then because I was on a downward spiral at the time. But if you listen and imagine the rattling of the underground, the title does become plausible. Do not, however, take it as an instrucion, not worth it.

Tags : | Trap | 3.11 MB | FL Studio

Description : My first "trap" song.

Description : I've made this track using some loops from you guys !!

Hope you'll enjoy it !!


loops used:







Description : free beat
send your work

Description : GREY 59

Tags : | Soul | 9.92 MB | Sonar

Description : From my old Sony acid planet collection, I had over a hundred tracks over there before it tanked

Description : Depression is real, and many people feel they are alone but there not! I found a instrumental the other day on youtube and just started singing to it.

Description : Stayed up all night and made this fucking shit...


Description : I wrote this when I was in a bad place in life. The constant thoughts of suicide were weighing heavily on my mind for years. It's been a tough battle but I believe that I'm in a much better place now which is why I feel like I can share this.
The point is no matter what your circumstances are, you are greater than the struggles that hinder you.
Trust me!
Much Love,
Written and performed by: T2
Produced by: Jurrivh
MnM by: Matt Platinum

Tags : | Trap | 4.68 MB | Colab Request

Description : for sale hmu 7724856758

Tags : | Trap | 2.66 MB

Description : dark trap

Description : Inspired by the suicide of Anthony Bourdain, and too many of my friends.
With the help of "LoFi Drums", sample by Otto22. Thank you!

Description : download and follow on soundcloud "prod. pablo$"

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.00 MB

Description : sad, not for depressions

Tags : | Acoustic | 5.94 MB

Description : Blue is about a man who decided to suicide in the sea.
words By Vladimir Nobakov

Description : under a spell...suicide,crash dummy...Deceiving.

Tags : | Trap | 5.64 MB | Colab Request

Description : S/O to Anthony Woodard

Tags : | RnB | 5.71 MB

Description : "Who am I? I don't really know.I'm that decent guy everbody avoids ? the domestic naughty one? !
I believe I'm a human born with certain incomprehensible qualities.
One of which is the uncertainty itself, doubtful, &always seekink what's in the dark but I also want to be in the light....with you (family, friends and love).
romatic sometimes , other parts of time im nothing but a cruel brutal meat.
One sure thing I dont know who I am......Dont blame me if i did wrong! I don't know which version of me you will encounter."

Credits to Jared leto's Joker's laugh, Suicide squad

Description : I actually made this in 2015 and some of my friends liked it. This week I tried to remaster it. The song is told in 3rd person by the way.
By the way, this is NOT islamistep (islamistep is a new music genre which I'm trying to start, that's basically dubstep with Islamic themes). This is just REGULAR dubstep.



Tags : | Cinematic | 8.52 MB

Description : Hello I'm back from my visit in hell. I had to learn some things about dark music :P "Résurrection" (Resurrection in English) is my latest work I poured my heart into. This track tells the story of a person called "Unknown" who attempts commit suicide by drinking a litter of Hydrofluoric acid (technically he should die before finishing drinking that) but his dog called "Reborn" call the police about the emergency. Meanwhile Unknown was transformed into a banana in Heaven (or Hell if you prefer) to live there forever without his dog. By chance, Doctor Cat gave Unknown the chance to be with his dog again. For some reason, at this moment, he felt happy to have a good dog like Reborn and wouldn't attempt suicide again. This story and the music is to prevent suicide because there are a huge amount of suicides in the world. Mainly its because the victims didn't find the help they needed in time. In addition, some research says this amount will grow due to the stressful conditions. I Hope you like this track and don't forget to help preventing suicide ! Sorry I had to lower the sounds quality due to the 10mb limit...

Description : this is the best music ever coming soon! :]

Description : Story telling

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