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Tags : | House | 9.37 MB | Featured

Description : Three track house mash up for your listening pleasure and if you don't like it then sorry for wasting ten minutes of your life.

Tags : | Deep House | 8.64 MB | Featured

Description : This is an official remix a friend of I did for the L.A. Boxers and their label, Loft Party Records....hope you enjoy!

Tags : | Trance | 5.49 MB

Description : It is time to max up your volume and make this party a real one with Infinium.This tune is made to be looped infinite timefor some epic hours in a party. this is why there are no proper intro or outro in this one.Also this tune is progressive maybe for some "rave". Anyway please enjoy the last track I made for this years (2014).Sorry i would describe more this track but I have a party right now !! :D

Description : A lullaby to a boy. Guitar party - Sergey Hartwick

Description : This track ft New sense (crash the party) and Braindedmusic (fast food).

Description : if you want the vocals it will cost you

Tags : | Dance | 8.19 MB

Description : party (has gaps at 1:50 - 2:18 blame fl studio)
fixed audio clip that is ment 2 be playing (from 00:21.42 to 01:23.14 (00:21 - 01:23)) (exported 2 wav started new project put song in project, put audio where it was supposed 2 go in song saved song exported 2 mp3 ect)

Tags : | Dance | 5.76 MB

Description : party (help me improve it)

Description : This track is slowed down a bit, to try a different feel, good bad or ugly. Hit me back with Ideas. Still playing with this one.

Tags : | Electro | 4.94 MB

Description : Hi! Here's an other track, check it out and tell me if something seems wrong please! Thank you!

Description : party life

Tags : | Trap | 6.07 MB

Description : Hey, Guys I made this beat a while back with my friend. 2 weeks ago I remixed for his birthday party yesterday (Which was my birthday as well). I was the DJ and added in this song to the mix I did for the party, The crewed LOVED IT!! hope you guys too. My friend was a big fan of Dark Vader and the star track thing so I added him in it too, also the new dark hardstyle trap beats hope you guys like it. It was the best time of my life. Just wanted to share it. Comment, Fav, Download!!!!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.58 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Music is my gold i want to be a producer and get paid of my music that i invinted this track is a party old school hip hop club it sounds dope and amazing injoy!!!!

Tags : | Rave | 8.59 MB | Colab Request

Description : My first rave track."djzee" Hope yall enjoy it....

Tags : | Dance | 8.82 MB

Description : It´s my first edm song and i would like to hear some constructive critic to it :)

Tags : | Techno | 5.86 MB

Description : Ok boys and Girls this is a club track i made designed so you can move and grove under the strobe lights in a club or in your home at a party or in some foam no matter how you doing Dirty Clubbin will make you move

Tags : | Dance | 6.91 MB

Description : Luizor lyrics downloaded from Original music by DJDomGuy.

Description : Ba100 Dj.4Kat - Ganja Party

Description : I'm from Denmark/Copenhagen, and I traveled all the way to Sweden/Helsingborg just to experience the ultimate Swedish nightlife.

I have been to the hottest VIP clubs in Copenhagen and Milano. Nothing come even close to the Swedish nightlife.

I went to a bar called "Benzin Bar" and they put the bardisk on fire(with Benzin) and danced on the tables. The bartender toke some of his cloths off and sprayed champaign around and the music-mix was insane!

If you want the ultimate party experience, then Sweden is it!

I just got emailed the music director of a big Swedish radiostation. The music director agrees with me that Benzin bar was amazing! He puts this track on the music rotation!

I freaking love Sweden!

Tags : | Cinematic | 2.12 MB

Description : Made a remix of Knife partys song Sleaze. Only the intro. It really caught my attention. Hope you like it. Please comment and give feedback.

Description : My mix of RaRCharm acapella Get Up Full without hook

Tags : | Rap | 4.01 MB | Colab Request

Description : its a holiday isnt it, lets party then

Description : This is a production I made using Kamoflage and Matty vocals for "Party Rock". Here is the original acapella: Leave some feedback about the production!

Tags : | House | 7.29 MB

Description : Everybody loves Summer eh..??

Name-Chasing Summer-Time


Created on Ableton Live.

Summertime,Beach Waves,Sea Gulls,Rich Bass,Epic Percussion,Beach Party,Catchy and Powerful tune......

Still HUNTING for soft female vocals.If anybody can help it would be really great...!!

I think the melody's pretty catchy and powerful.
Hope y'all will love it....!!


Tags : | House | 4.24 MB

Description : Esta es mi nueva cancón "Party"
Sígueme en SoundCloud:

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