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Description : Make with FL studio and VST and Maschine 2.5

Description : Guys, someone said happy Halloween??
Can someone tell me what is happy about Halloween?
I hope you enjoy it if you do then please leave me a comment.

Tags : | Ambient | 10.45 MB | Studio One

Description : make with Presonus Studio One 4 Professional and Native contact (pro version)

Description : So with the Halloween theme, I Thought I'd make a (IDK what to call this) track! It has a mix of tribal, horror, orchestral and trap. Would be cool to see if anyone can add some lyrics on it.

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 3.36 MB | Featured | Reaper

Description : Happy Halloween! Good to participate this year in the annual Halloween thread!Just some freestyle playing (slightly sloppy since i'm not used to this guitar) trying out my newly born Boneshaker guitar a 4 string fretless 25 1/2 inch scale, the lowest string being a bass guitar string, played with a wood pick and bone slide, buffalo horn nut and bridge, my own handwound bone pick up. You can run but you can't hide, the apocalypse is coming! Zombies will rule the earth.

Description : A little something I put together for Halloween. It is mostly comprised of fx (chains, footsteps, creaking doors, screams) along with drones from Samplitude's Cinematic Soundscapes vst. Vox are a free spoken word poem tweaked a bit. Feel free to use it for any of your video projects, just send me a link and give credit where credit is due.

Description : So a guy buys a nice guitar at a pawn shop but returns it a few days later after waking from a sound sleep to hear it playing by itself. When he tells of his experience he is shocked to learn the owner had actually died while playing it. Is it fantasy or truth? Is the guitar in this track that very same guitar? Its all part of the mystery and fun of Halloween !

Description : Spooky/Halloween inspired beat.
A remake of one of my old beats.

Description : * * ARTIST CONTEST TO WIN $100 * *


I am having a contest to see who can take this track, and finish it off DOPE AS FUCK. I will be focusing on three elements.

1. Lyrical Content
2. Flow
3. Overall sound and voice.

Rules are simple. Record over any part in this track that does not already have vocals, and make it dope.


Tags : | Electronic | 7.95 MB | Acid Pro

Description : Happy Halloween!

Tags : | Ambient | 16.00 MB | FL Studio

Description : Make with Sylenth1 and Titan2 with FL studio

Description : I use for the piano:Clavia Nord Lead A1 Analog Modeling Synthesizer and Roland recording VS-100 and this with Fl studio 20.06

Description : Sound by BackgroundRiot
Do you want some kits for free check out my website and you will have access of quality content. U find the link at my Soundcloud page ( BackgroundRiot Official )

Tags : | Rap | 7.75 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A spooky-ish type beat (you could play it for halloween)

Tags : | Trap | 2.75 MB | Colab Request | Cubase

Description : Halloween trap beat

Tags : | Trap | 2.85 MB | Adult Content

Description : trap with beats from here lyrics are mine alone i played the beat at a party over Halloween what a night to battle

Tags : | Hip Hop | 8.47 MB

Description : HipPop Halloween Instrumental
HBsamples loop - music Box >>

Description : I don't upload full tracks on here very often but as it's been a while I thought I'd get contributing and also as it's Halloween I thought I'd upload something completely unrelated! Track original by K19 Feat. Bad Brad.

By the way, this version is a low bit rate MP3 and it shows! I was surprised just how much of this was clipped when it was converted to MP3 format. For the proper (read: WAV) version I'd recommend listening to the version on SoundCloud - the link is in my profile. Thanks.

Description : my annual halloween special tradition continues :) 3 year now the day is like anniversery lol trance/acid something

Description : A nice hard and dark dubstep beat I put together and finished today. Perfect for some Halloween vibes. Leave some feedback as to what you think

Tags : | Deep House | 11.04 MB

Description : One for Halloween.

Written for halloween by my good friend Admiral Bob, originally a sort of counytry song.
youtube video also find the links on youtube and or my soundcloud account (because I don't think I can place a link here)
Don't be scared.
Hope you enjoy.

Tags : | Jazz | 5.97 MB

Description : Intro Track of Morbid Obsession, Halloween inspired techno EP

Tags : | Trap | 4.35 MB


Description : I always enjoy making a track for Halloween. This year I wanted to do something different. I like to imagine this as the final scene in a ghost story where the protagonist has to say goodbye to the love he lost.

Description : When halloween gets amplified.

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