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Tags : | Chill Out | 2.51 MB
Description : Had guitars added by Discipline who is from the UK. Thanks for taking a listen to this contemporary commercial type music.
Description : Contact Aroma Mob for the version without tags: or on twitter: aroma_mob If you want to use the beat for a non-commercial purpose you can use it as long as you keep the Aroma Mob tags and you mention it is Produced By Aroma Mob. Also, put a link in the comment with the video where you used the beat or e-mail us.
Tags : | Rap | 4.43 MB | Colab Request
Description : Contact Aroma Mob for the version without tags: or on twitter: aroma_mob If you want to use the beat for a non-commercial purpose you can use it as long as you keep the Aroma Mob tags and you mention it is Produced By Aroma Mob. Also, put a link in the comment with the video where you used the beat or e-mail us.
Description : Just made this last night in a few hours, it came together quick and sounded right. Definitely felt a Pretty Lights type vibe here, I have always loved this genre but never been able to recreate it. As always, feedback is much appreciated! Feel free to use this for non-commercial use, but I may be setting up an exclusive license with a songwriter so I can't give it out for non-commercial use.
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.28 MB | Featured
Description : Calm acoustic guitar. In this track we use electric and acoustic guitar. If you want use this instrumental commercial, please, write me in e-mail:
Description : minimal trippy hip hop track. feel free to add lyrics. have fun with it. let me know if you're making something out of it. leave a link. ask permission for commercial use... you'd be crazy 'cause it needs way more work.
Tags : | Rap | 8.80 MB
Description : Hey everyone! Here again with #FreeBeatFridays #6! In a similar vein to last week, I return with an Asiatic vibe. Wax on, wax off, Daniel-san. Anyways, free for commercial/non commercial usage, just credit meh. Enjoy and come again next week! Check out my music while your at it tho!
Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.64 MB
Description : Some of my more recent work since a few VST purchases, all comments and feedback are appreciated! Feel free to use this for non-commercial purposes, and if you want to arrange something or collab send me a message. Much love and I am happy to be back on the beats since a short hiatus.
Tags : | Chill Out | 4.56 MB
Description : A really chill song, not for commercial use just sharing with the world :) big shout to Foulds music for the crazy vocals.
Tags : | Electronic | 704.66 KB
Description : Here is the second revision, well, 6th revision of this track to be used in a friend's marketing video for his product. I compressed the kick and the snare/clap and I do believe it's sounding much better. I also attempted to master this track the best I could, while retaining good dynamics. Please let me know if you think there's any way I can improve this track. :)
Tags : | Electronic | 844.97 KB
Description : This is a track I wrote for a friend's commercial for one of his products and I want to get some input about how I can improve the mixing, mastering, sounds and or melodies. The song structure is permanent but, other than that I NEED FEEDBACK!
Tags : | Rap | 7.82 MB
Description : Hey everyone, back with another #FreeBeatFridays installment! This one is kinda late, but here nevertheless! This is produced by me and available for commercial/non commercial use.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.33 MB
Description : Hey guys, I deeply apologize, but this was the instrumental from LAST week's #FreeBeatFridays installation. Between looperman being down for some odd reason and me being busy or absent minded, I uploaded it to everywhere else I lurk but here. Forgive meh D: That aside, this instrumental is free for commercial/non commercial use, so enjoy as usual! If you have a moment, please take a moment to listen to my music. I drop free beats on Fridays and record my own music at my friends studio every other Thursday or so.
Tags : | Blues | 3.78 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : My first recording.Wife on keyboard,Lisa on rhythm guitar, lead and other stuff myself...good tone on the stratocaster.should take you to the islands, just a bit commercial sounding but a nice tune to relax by....would like a comment... even a negative one is fine..... Doc
Description : Commercial house music
Tags : | RnB | 3.63 MB
Description : love song for V-day this is my second upload of the year with his acapellas this dude is dope All rights remain the property of Tha Suspect. for commercial use please contact or twitter performed by :thasuspect music & mixed by: kinglevi86
Tags : | RnB | 7.33 MB | Adult Content
Description : For Commercial Purposes ONLY, email "YOU SHOULD KNOW" {Written & Performed By David Peter a.k.a Tha Suspect} Music By:KingLevi86 Mixed By: KingLevi86
Tags : | Hip Hop | 11.27 MB
Description : Hey everyone! This is my second installment of my Free Beat Fridays series! The track is entitled Mirrors, and is free for commercial and non commercial use! Please give me credit when using, I would like to hear or see whatever you use it for!
Tags : | Chill Out | 8.37 MB
Description : Big shout to Mhyst for the acapella. Good stuff!NOt for commercial use, hope you enjoy.
Description : Hey, if you want to, you can use this instrumentals for vocal making, remixing or other stuff, but when you do please use credit like "ft. TEO" . If you want to make commercial or anything contact me private. P.S> my soundcloud -
Tags : | Chill Out | 5.24 MB
Description : Big shout to Ankit Sharda for the mantra. I hope you enjoy- not for commercial use.
Tags : | Rap | 3.80 MB | Colab Request
Description : Migos type beat, similar to the ones they use for their CULTURE album. If you want to use the beat for a non-commercial purpose add (Prod. By Aroma Mob & CBeatz) Shout out CBeatz for the loops.
Tags : | Chill Out | 11.16 MB
Description : After a year of discovering that my music was poorly mastered in retrospect to cheap commercial speakers Pyromite is finally back as Hertz Fidelity with a unique and beautiful song which always has me tearing up by the end. And now for the contributions, Big Thanks to: Minor2Go for the beautiful piano melody, joneschr002 for the deep and meaningful strings, samaskew20011 for the decadent drums and 40a for the dark and unusual sample; geometrics.
Description : So I was in the car with my mom right, a commercial came on the radio so i took advantage of the opportunity and threw on a beat went off the top. Then hopped on another beat right after the 1st beat ended. Thats how I came up with the name 241...Follow? Or is it just over ya head?
Description : This is my first upload track. I just try to provide the instrument with Hard Trance genre. and I mix my instrument with someone on this site. that is (ESoreni - Life is nothing like a box of chocolates) if not mind hopefully someone who possessed the copyright eSoreni allow my acapella remix. and I make it not for a commercial instrument, but simply to follow the passion of art. if there is a related object to what I do. then leave a message below or contact sya at Email: thank you
Tracks 1 - 25 of 326
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