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6th Nov 2023 21:49 -  7 months ago
Description : Am a rapper/singer and if you need me to jump on your tracks hit me up as a writer, rapper, singer or producer or if you need vocals
7th Jul 2023 16:13 -  11 months ago
Description : I named the track that cause you can name it whatever you want .

Am a rapper/singer, songwriter ,producer and I mix and master too get in touch if you need help with any of the above services. The links are on my looperman profile

Produced by :Shinkie Maz

The rack is already half mixed and if yo can make it sound better that would be great
Put ft Shinkie Maz if you use it and only for non commercial use only commercial licence required
5th Apr 2023 23:31 -  1 year ago
Description : This is for rap fans and is not really finished,
If you wanna work get in touch ,I do paid features and if you like what you hear hit me up on Instagram,the link is on my looperman profile.if you like the vocals get in touch too ,they can be yours
6th Mar 2023 00:19 -  1 year ago
Description : Put ft Shinkie Maz if you use it

Made this track and wrote the chorus but was'nt able to write verses to complete the song , if you rap,sing or play any instrument here is your chance to show your skill this an open verse challenge do what ever on this

I produce and write songs for those that need them, I write verses , hooks , choruses for those in need a small donation will be appreciated, this song is also for sale, get in touch for stems,my Instagram handle is on my looperman profile
27th Jan 2023 09:49 -  1 year ago
Description : This one I made to advertise what I can do , I write songs for those who need them dm me on Instagram if you want something done , I do beats too, hope you enjoy get in touch with me the next one could be yours
16th Jan 2023 23:51 -  1 year ago
Description : This to show and share with all you what I can offer , I sell finshed songs hip hop, RnB reggae you name it , if I can't do it I will just tell you , I do customs beats too,vocals , get in touch the next one could be yours,insta link on my profile all, the instrumental and the vocals are for sale just choose which one do you want
15th Jan 2023 23:07 -  1 year ago
Description : I write songs for those who need some, I write catchy hooks, I do custom beats , vocals all you need, the instrumental is for sale if you want it my insta link is on my profile
Tracks (7)