3rd Nov 2010 23:00 - 13 years ago
Description : a draft version of a track that I threw together. Middle verse is empty for Jun Tzu ( to spit, hopefully he gets time.. Just looking to show what I'm working on and let ruff_trak know how its going puttin spit to his beat. The mix is horrible I know. I'm a rapper not a producer.

original beat
Smoke N Mirrors by ruff_trak

Comments (7)

If you have time take a listen and give TheHx some feedback.

new5ense 17th Jan 2011 00:59 - 13 years ago
i like it brah very soulful good job on dis its hot
HustlerbyNature 5th Nov 2010 13:02 - 13 years ago
yo u do got a sick flow homie.. keep doin ya thang!
TheHx replied Unknown
thank you Hustle. I do think I am elevating my craft lately. Had a listen to some of your music. I like it, bass is off the chain! I know Ima need some rider ish so I will review some and get at you a little later.
yeshintae 4th Nov 2010 22:15 - 13 years ago


which beat was it on his page?!
i need to drop a review to my fam'

i can MOS'DEF see a future
for ya mate

ahahah hopefully you'll remember
us when you get there!



Much Respect from LA
TheHx replied Unknown
It's called Smoke and Mirrors
theHumps 4th Nov 2010 09:19 - 13 years ago
The keys and guitar were pretty cool and really sold me, kinda 70's rhythm and blues. Great job with the vocals, thought the mix was tight, maybe center the keys more, my only suggestion. Well done!

ruff_trak 4th Nov 2010 00:01 - 13 years ago
oh yeh. bars n flows are top notch, i actually think the mix sounds pretty good but mos definately looking foward to hearing it complete with jun tzus bars as well. still tryna fck with arrival will drop you dat soon fam. stay up
TheHx replied Unknown
word. You actually got a great compliment from the producer thats gonna mix the final vox Ruff. And he never gives compliments. He is usually very critical and he said the beat was real hot. So great ups for us so far on this one dude.
FACADE 3rd Nov 2010 23:36 - 13 years ago
SWEET beat gets me really thinking blues!
Wish i had this talent unfortunately I'm lamely gifted in BGM,so feel me when i say I'm insanely jealous of the flow of the rhymes and the beat, your really doing it justice.
Can't wait for the finished piece.
TheHx replied Unknown
yea all ups to Ruff on the beat. He has sick perspective
StrikingDaggers 3rd Nov 2010 23:27 - 13 years ago
Dope track so far TheHx. Ruff_Trak makes some seriously sick beats. Again the flow and lyrics are top shelf. True Hip-Hop right here. Already a Fav. Great job so far man. I can't wait to hear the final mix.

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28th Apr 2020 04:07 - 4 years ago
Description : the first track of my new Ep L.R.D.M.F. i made it during this quarantine.