Tags : | Disco | 1.15 MB

Description : To give myself a break from my Vocaloid album Acerbus 2, I created something a bit different.
Hope you like

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  1. DrKlinger
    DrKlinger on Sat 29th Feb 2020 - 3 months ago

    Yo ho - here you got me groovin'. Well done. This is just like ants in my pants. So that is how our dutch neighbors are getting down .... ;o)
    Groetjes and keep groovin,

  2. adolphauguste
    adolphauguste on Wed 16th Nov 2016 - 3 years ago

    Good funk. Like it !

  3. danke
    danke on Tue 2nd Aug 2016 - 3 years ago

    what a vintage, retro, funky groovy in 1 minute...too short but understand the fun side...:-)

    great tracky, handshake, Danke

  4. Mayz
    Mayz on Mon 1st Aug 2016 - 3 years ago

    what i vibe!! takes me back to when my dad was in a band, some good times right there, thank you!

    Reply by Eighteen

    Haha happy to hear man :D tnx and have a nice day


  5. MrThaChicken
    MrThaChicken on Sun 31st Jul 2016 - 3 years ago


  6. JAG555
    JAG555 on Sun 31st Jul 2016 - 3 years ago

    dig the old-timey vibes. def would be a good start to a remix

    Reply by Eighteen

    Indeed it was :D thanks for the listen



  7. LankFrampard
    LankFrampard on Sat 30th Jul 2016 - 3 years ago

    cool song man not my style enjoyed it tho

    keep it up


    Reply by Eighteen

    Glad you stopped by and take a listen :D



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Can find this track on my bandcamp

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jazz guitar sample on the simple dance beat.

On the vocal, more good?

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