22nd Jul 2023 19:42 -  10 months ago
Description : Gorgeous music from RitajustRita and poems by Joseph Brodsky

Comments (5)

If you have time take a listen and give Shaman77 some feedback.

ClickbaitCabaret 29th Jul 2023 18:03 -  10 months ago
Interesting piece. The music works well with the vocal. Great job.
Shaman77 replied 29th Jul 2023 - 10 months ago
Thank you)
theHumps 25th Jul 2023 04:34 -  10 months ago
Interesting music, futuristic tribal. The music is a good match for the lyrics and how you presented them. Nice job Alex!

Shaman77 replied 25th Jul 2023 - 10 months ago
RitajustRita 24th Jul 2023 22:52 -  10 months ago
Nice work Shaman!!!
Im proud you choose my track...thanx.
And also great lyrics.
Shaman77 replied 25th Jul 2023 - 10 months ago
Dear Rita, you're making me blush, thank you for the music)
dimestop 23rd Jul 2023 19:22 -  10 months ago
nice work Alex, jumping on all the guys work is great to see, keep delivering
Shaman77 replied 23rd Jul 2023 - 10 months ago
Thank you, for me music has become just some kind of necessity, so only death will stop me, and even that is unlikely)
2Sisters 22nd Jul 2023 21:17 -  10 months ago
Hello, very profound honest text! Greetings Manuela
Shaman77 replied 23rd Jul 2023 - 10 months ago
Thank you Manuella

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CHOKISTARZ: 0224756-0051325 (LO Temp-Pop),
0224756-0053733 (DS Arp-1),
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PSYCHOTROPIC_CIRCLE: 0071878-0003227 (Gran Stutter Vocal 120),
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LIONEL442: 0284916-0046285 (Vocoder Chorus),
TLC7777: 0672835-0064591 (Trap loop),
BOSEMOSE: 0760223-0081446 (Robot love),
DJ_JEZZA: 0076999-0007547 (Tribal banger),
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ECKSJOE: 0148594-0020057 (8bit Loops - Drums),
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Description : This is one of my earliest productions that I did at the start of my recording career. I did not have a keyboard at the time I made this song, so I improvised and used my sister's iPad and a 5 dollar GarageBand application instead, and plugged the headset jack into into my PT6 rig and did my best to turn each individual track (which were mono and there were about 25 tracks or so) into a stereo image. Then recorded vocals over it. My computer was so old and slow that I had to mix my music and then BOUNCE it to a new session - four times. My computer (which had 512 MB RAM and an 80 GB hard drive) couldn't handle more than 8 tracks at a time or it'd stop working because the processor couldn't handle it. Took me FOREVER to do. But I got it done. Had a lot of fun doing it too, even if it isn't my "best" work. I'm still happy with it, considering I didn't have many tools to choose from at the time.
24th Jul 2019 23:22 -  4 years ago
Description : "no internet connection" Album on all platforms.

5th May 2016 22:06 -  8 years ago
Description : Junior Paes - Saying Goodbye (Just Alone)
11th Jun 2016 08:55 -  7 years ago
Description : Got some spare time finally...just started on some random ideas basically (lets say kygo meets alan walker). A blend of dubstep,edm,downbeat,tropical etc.
It's still a work in progress, so i would appreciate your honest inputs. Thanks to all those whose loops I have used in here, sorry I don't have time to search them out.
Edit-added some more filthy sounds from my previous tracks and gave it some ending. Advice will be helpful.
23rd May 2024 21:08 -  2 days ago
Description : A 6min journey from electronic to rock and psychedelic moments:)
If you enjoy it, you can find the same title on YT and watch the video I made
4th Nov 2019 07:01 -  4 years ago
Description : Love the unique style and dark vibe of the acapella so I gave it a go and ended up with a Mid tempo/Bass house track. Got the acapella off here If you're wondering. I don't make a lot of bass house so any pointers or opinions in general are always appreciated.
24th Feb 2024 22:41 -  3 months ago
Description : How does it feel to do a more than 2000 miles Roadtrip? Well, it is fantastic. The biggest freedom I have. I need the "Autobahn", different countrys, different moods, rain & sun, something to eat, a ferry and off it goes in a 30 yrs old Merc. I wanted to bring the feelings into a song. And here we are. The initial “Groove” does come from a cheap Casio Keyboard I bought at a flea market. Listen to a simple 60s. sample beat. Thanks to our community for some loops and let’s start the engine.
27th Apr 2011 02:29 -  13 years ago
Description : a request and work in progress. It is a remake of a remix I did awhile back for a jessie and the toy boys
10th May 2015 07:09 -  9 years ago
Description : This track is inspired by Martin Garrix's Tremor.

It's so much different then the original.

This is a demo, the full song will be out shortly.
24th Oct 2015 19:02 -  8 years ago
Description : A typical Valvedriver synth track.
Enjoy. Take care. V.
31st May 2018 00:37 -  5 years ago
Description : a track I recorded on Maschine called Twentytwo - was playing with keyboard sounds and ended up with this video-game sounding track.