Description : hello here is the mix and mastering that I did for an artist who despite the quality of my work she refuse to validate this project so I ask for your opinion on the quality of my mix and my mastering
I'm open to any suggestion.
here is her version

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  1. Pricelessboi
    Pricelessboi on Mon 30th Mar 2020 - 4 years ago

    There is value in non perfection. Bottom line, its fire. Nuff Said.

    BONEZONMARZ on Mon 17th Feb 2020 - 4 years ago

    this is good

  3. Murdabeat
    Murdabeat on Tue 7th Jan 2020 - 4 years ago

    Sounds great. If I may. Add a bit of reverb. on the voice and EQ2. The reversed bell loop sounds good. I would have added a melody on it to add some contrast in between. Other then that sounds great!

  4. Kargalar
    Kargalar on Mon 9th Dec 2019 - 4 years ago

    To me, the mids are a bit too much, but hey, it's on the level that its a matter of feeling, since you checked all the boxes of the "steps to sound good". It can happen, sometimes its impossible to please people. This is a solid track !

  5. Gorizont
    Gorizont on Wed 23rd Oct 2019 - 4 years ago


  6. lochovski
    lochovski on Mon 21st Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    Hi every producer ,tone master have there own sound that they want mix is good
    (Just to me ) vocals need some magic and bottom end needs dropping but thats
    Just me over all good job well done

  7. BCVProductions
    BCVProductions on Wed 16th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    Just needs some eq tweak bc the compression is hyping the high mids which will cause ear fatigue. Overall I think it's really good. It's the kind of eq problems I have when I spend too much time in one long session. Maybe the vocals could be just a tiny bit louder or sidechained in the mix for some extra clarity. I enjoy the distortion in the kicks and the pumping. Daf.

  8. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Tue 15th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    Look, it is good.

  9. yungxsolace
    yungxsolace on Tue 15th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    this mix and mastering sounds great

  10. thechockehold
    thechockehold on Mon 14th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    Love your work on fem voc, but there is some bass issues. But it is great overal.

  11. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Sun 13th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    It was an improvement.

  12. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Sun 13th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    The mix seems to me balanced and coherent.
    However, if you really what us to see the deferent that your mixing and mastering did to this track in my view you should upload the original for us to compare.
    Sounded good though.
    Well Done.

  13. Stereonomicon
    Stereonomicon on Thu 10th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    Dear friend, the mix seems to me balanced, the vocal parts sound well defined and the whole I like. Here and there are some distortions that tend to dirty the sound a little. For this reason you might think about working on the mix keeping the volumes lower. To make listening more enjoyable, you could also intervene on the equalization by slightly cutting out some strategic frequencies (100 hz, 440 hz, 1000 hz) and improving the impact and depth of the drumming, slightly enhancing 60 hz and 300 hz. I would also give a slight boost on the 2000 hz, 8000 hz and 15,000 hz. These are of course only my personal opinions. Best wishes

  14. Stretchfyb
    Stretchfyb on Thu 10th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    Fire overall! Sounds a little distorted at some points but besides that it's very close to perfect

  15. LunnchBoxx
    LunnchBoxx on Tue 8th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    I'm really digging this one for me it's well mix I'm really catch on that hook.

  16. elijahbcrouch
    elijahbcrouch on Tue 8th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    plus, once the mix and master is sounding a BIT better, I would release it. I mean its not like Kayari has a ton of followers, it fine. I mean I was talking to a producer who has produced for the likes of Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood, Michael Jackson and more, and he has released demos before that have gone on to become billboard hits. Just because its not perfect doesn't mean its not good. So IMO I would release it

  17. elijahbcrouch
    elijahbcrouch on Tue 8th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    really good, only thing I would change is create an eq curve to take out around 5k on the hi hat eq its kinda harsh, also maybe give a little more punch in the snare by boosting higher frequencies but not letting them go past 3k. and maybe give some drive on the bass (but keep it at the same volume level). the kick needs a punch around 300 but also it is clipping so that will take some working out. On to the master. It is decent, but you have some digital clipping which is probably caused by the kick and too much gain on certain instruments. That can also be fixed by adding either a brick wall limiter, or a soft compressor (by ear see what sounds good) also another compressor wouldn't be a bad idea. If it still clips a bit with the kick dont worry too much it is pretty natural and pop/hip hop. Overall she did OK.

  18. Frostdog
    Frostdog on Mon 7th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    It is awesome!!

  19. Grozzou
    Grozzou on Mon 7th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    Pretty awesome, still a bit saturated on the kick for me, but still a banger, wp mate

  20. felixamodeo
    felixamodeo on Sun 6th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    the 3k to 8k region sounds harsh, I believe its the hihat. The beat can be pushed back slightly because it is overpowering and clashing with the vocal. Other then that, I can maybe suggest more stereo width to the vocal in the high range to really make it sparkle through and give more clarity. Great work otherwise. Love the vocal fx and processing you did.

  21. Aldo1b
    Aldo1b on Sun 6th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    The vocal mastering on the girl is perfect in my opinion.

  22. LeinadMolahs
    LeinadMolahs on Sat 5th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    Not the best mix and mastering ever but it feels worst when you see the bitterness on the post and in the way you replied the artist.... bro.. nobody is obligated to like your work, That's normal, Just move on to find artists that appreciate your style.

    Reply by cartelscrum

    tnk u too

  23. KnightHeir
    KnightHeir on Fri 4th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    I hear some clipping and overprocessing in certain points.

    Reply by cartelscrum

    sorry its deliberate

  24. ClickbaitCabaret
    ClickbaitCabaret on Fri 4th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    Sounds like modern trap to me. Great job.

    Reply by cartelscrum

    tnk u bro

  25. iamarty
    iamarty on Fri 4th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    and a little more on the concept that i was talking about with a soft clipper, sidechain works wonders too :)

    often times, distortion from a kick can be handled quite well by just sidechaining the vsts/loops behind the main beat (i.e the kick, hihats, and snare) :)

    do that and you shouldnt have any distortion or in this case "clipping" on the master channel anymore :)

    hope this helps :)

    Reply by cartelscrum

    tnk you bro 100000000 times

  26. iamarty
    iamarty on Fri 4th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    i think im going to have to side with the other guy that said that you leaned hard on the master gain. but really in truly that doesnt matter when were talking about this genre. because to be completely honest, its at commercial loudness. which is all that matters :)

    when it comes to this genre, there really isnt a right way to mix and master and most of the time, throw a compressor and a soft clipper on the master and youre fine :)

    if youre worried about a mix and master, you shouldnt be. because its all about the feeling and vibe of the track

    if everything vibes well and the feeling is good, you're fine

    youd be really surprised to know how many professional tracks come like this as well. the clipping is coming from a kick, which is normal. if your kick is a hard hitting, distorted kick, you should EXPECT to have some clipping in the master. its natural because the distorted frequencies make other frequencies distorted as well. as i said, distortion is natural when dealing with a distorted kick

    the best advise someone could ever give you with this genre is this: when ever you have a distorted kick, put a soft clipper on the mixer track of that kick. that way, when it comes time for the final product, there will be less distortion with the master channel :)

    hope you have a wonderful day love :)

    as far as what you were

    Reply by cartelscrum

    oh bro I do not know how to thank you for your sincerity
    only you understand what i did in this track 1000 tnk bro
    i saved your name on my mind

  27. kimbleGrave00
    kimbleGrave00 on Fri 4th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    bro it sounds amazing

    Reply by cartelscrum

    ok tnk it is she down there arikrz

  28. arikrz
    arikrz on Fri 4th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    Hi guys Kayari here, just wanted to say that I greatly appreciate Cartel's work,he did a great job. Sadly we had some different views on certain aspects to the song, and Id rather not release a song I'm not a 100% happy with it. My version is unedited and obviously not ready. I'll be releasing the mixed and mastered version soon, so Stay tuned if you're interested. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen

    Reply by cartelscrum

    Hi ok i'm waiting your """" and i just hope you will not copy my technical mix ideas hope you feeling good "bae"

  29. tsochai
    tsochai on Fri 4th Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    fire track! cant talk much about technical aspects im not the most talented in that aspect
    much love

  30. vinnybee
    vinnybee on Thu 3rd Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    I think it sounds great man! I'd give it a 8 outta 10. Her vocals could be a bit louder, and a little more of that low end cut out. Other than that, DOPE!

  31. skwishfish
    skwishfish on Wed 2nd Oct 2019 - 4 years ago

    I wish this site would let me use emojis cause my whole comment would just be fire emojis. This is AWESOME!!
    The mix already seems so well done, along with the master. I couldnt imagine what more you guys would want to do with this!!
    If interested, Id love to potentially collab in the future!

    Reply by cartelscrum

    ok bro feel fre to contact me my address in on profile
    here is her version

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