30th Sep 2020 11:17 -  3 years ago
Description : hey guys, made many tracks since my last upload here! This is one of them. I used 2nick8 acapella for this one!

link of the the vocals in the lyrics section

it's a melt between punk and metal

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If you have time take a listen and give BLEEP some feedback.

Spivkurl 14th Jan 2022 22:15 -  2 years ago
So great to here some of your more recent works! This is some dark punk stuff, and thusly I like it much! Mix is really well done for this style of music. Don't know where you came up with the guitars, but they sound very cool! Fun stuff my friend! Adding to favorites!
DijamMusic 2nd Oct 2020 09:38 -  3 years ago
Really great Guitar.
Well done.
ClickbaitCabaret 1st Oct 2020 14:23 -  3 years ago
This is an excellent post modern heavy rock track. Really clean & professional sounding. Great job Bleep!!!
terryjmhitsong 1st Oct 2020 13:56 -  3 years ago
wow where have you been this is great....we local punk band too called the asexuals....b4 that they were called johnny jew and the holocost.....this woulda been a hit in the hey day for sure
theHumps 1st Oct 2020 10:20 -  3 years ago
Cool, raw! Reminds me of early Boston punk, La Peste, the Neighborhoods, the Blackjacks...

Nodog 1st Oct 2020 07:07 -  3 years ago
Bleep o ma man this is super made a great start to my day the energy here is in the clouds. DELOOOOOOOOOOSIONAL hee hee just a great full on PUMPIN sound so very well done my friend best i heard in ages from ANYWHERE Bravo Robbie.
BLEEP replied 1st Oct 2020 - 3 years ago
Hey Rob,

what a pleasure to read you! glad to see you enjoyed this track!

2nick8 30th Sep 2020 18:53 -  3 years ago
My man..slamming arrqngement with my vocal..
Send me the instrumental i'll sing it and expand the vocals.. if u like to that is..

dsnick73 gmail

BLEEP replied 1st Oct 2020 - 3 years ago
Hello Nick,

Glad to read you enjoyed what i made with your accapella!

Of course, i will send you the instrumental, it's a good idea to add a second verse and others vocals!

If you have a soundcloud i can post the instrumental version in private only for your download! i will try to send it on your email adress :)

Tell me when your vocals are ok, i have added filters on your vocals and i can used them for the new version :)
Danke 30th Sep 2020 16:08 -  3 years ago
great story...

no like???? here is the first one...

raw, pure, energetic as it has to be...vocs are fantastic...

bass guitar rules the track, sounds pro...



hats off, Danke
BLEEP replied 1st Oct 2020 - 3 years ago
Hello danke,

thanks so much for the support, always a pleasure to read yours feedbacks!!!
ripzore9191 30th Sep 2020 14:29 -  3 years ago
Sounds cool. I also have a track called delusional hehe. Keep it up.
BLEEP replied 1st Oct 2020 - 3 years ago
hello ripzore, thanks for the feedback, i will have a look on your track :)
HeathAlexander 30th Sep 2020 13:25 -  3 years ago
The bass sounds great. The music really fits the vocals. Cool track.
BLEEP replied 1st Oct 2020 - 3 years ago
thanks a lot!

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