24th May 2020 13:22 -  4 years ago
Description : vocals are on Putridsnow account :)

instrument part: Bleep
Genre: Post-Punk

Comments (8)

If you have time take a listen and give BLEEP some feedback.

efe123kkc 8th Mar 2022 18:03 -  2 years ago
great song man :)
Itsjuan23 29th Oct 2021 20:01 -  2 years ago
TheFemiFactor 29th May 2020 05:01 -  3 years ago
Good tune, the vocals were pretty good too.
BLEEP replied 30th May 2020 - 3 years ago
thanks a lot!
Nodog 25th May 2020 07:07 -  4 years ago
Hey Bleep this is super the intro reminded me of the Ennio Morricone guitar work which i always loved in fact all the guitar work in this track is excellent. Topping that off are the vocals which are the best quality.I was thinking when listening recently to your music on soundcloud that you are now hitting a higher level in all your music this is another great track. Best regards Robbie.
BLEEP replied 25th May 2020 - 4 years ago
Wow thanks for the compliment Rob! when I started posting compositions it was rather electro oriented. I kind of dropped the machines lately by going into genres that lend themselves more to that.
I believe that we all grow by meeting each other, the musical exchanges are very rich and we influence each other, we bring ourselves enormously!
So I return the compliment to you because this statement we can do for each of us! I am frankly delighted with your so positive return Rob!!!

crucethus 25th May 2020 00:44 -  4 years ago
Great tune, a Post-Punk-Post Rock, almost Nu-New Wave in its sound. I agree with Clickbaitcabaret about the drums as they have the new wave toms of those early eighties bands. That Spaghetti western Guitar also fits the mold as well. Good Work, nIce to see you back
BLEEP replied 25th May 2020 - 4 years ago
Hello Cru,

It's true, this track is a melt of a lot of genre. We all have so many influences... this is necessarily found in our compositions!
Lately, i was more on ska influence and i composed several tracks in this way. Two of them are issued of a great collab with a wonderfull sax player. I didn't post these tracks here, only on my soundcloud (if you want to have a look, titles are: "souls have no colors " and "time will tell").

thanks a lot for your feedback, it's really appreciated!

ClickbaitCabaret 25th May 2020 00:40 -  4 years ago
Love the whistling synth & percussion. The drumming is reminiscent of 80's era bands like Bow Wow Wow & Adam & the Ants, who took that style from Gary Glitter. The vocalist on this has a great voice too. Excellent work!
BLEEP replied 25th May 2020 - 4 years ago
Thanks a lot Clickbait :)
Danke 24th May 2020 20:01 -  4 years ago
Who is he? You found him here in Looperman?
Your music is too dark and kinda movie soundtrack...very much like the guitar tone...and the breaks...
job well done, incredible creativity and musicality means your songs...
hats off with feetshake, Danke
BLEEP replied 25th May 2020 - 4 years ago
Hello Danke, thanks so much four your comment and support :)

for the guy singing of course, you're right, he's on soundcloud! It's account name is "putridsnow22"

Here is the link of his looperman place:

Really glad to read you enjoyed this track :)

Indieground 24th May 2020 14:22 -  4 years ago
Pas mal du tout cette compo. J'aime beaucoup la complémentarité des instruments et de la voix. Je trouve qu'il y a de supers moments qui fonctionnent parfaitement.
Par contre l'apparition de l'effet sur la voix à 1'25 est peut être un peu trop surprenante (c sur la piste originale ?) L'idée n'est pas mauvaise ceci dit mais peut être qu'un dosage d'effet moindre pourrait faire en sorte qu'elle se fonde mieux dans le mix (??) (ou alors une reverb plus profonde ?) (ou alors un EQ moins aiguë ?)
Après pour mon gout personnel je trouve que la batterie est un peu trop "fine" il me manque un peu de lourdeur. Mais encore une fois ce n'est que mon avis perso !
BLEEP replied 25th May 2020 - 4 years ago
Hello l'ami,

J'ai dégoté ce vocal sur looperman en cherchant de ci de là, ca faisait un moment que je ne sortais que des instrus et j'avais envie de me faire un morceau avec voix :) ravi de lire que le résultat semble plutot matcher, jamais évident de faire ce genre d'exercice :)
A 1mn25, oui la voix est au naturel, je n'ai quasi rien fait sur cette piste hormis rajouter une petite reverb. Après je suis complètement d'accord avec ton analyse, il faut absolument que je retoque le volume à cet endroit.

Pour la batterie, je vois ce que tu veux dire, après je voulais pas qu'elle se détache de trop :)

Merci pour les critiques constructives, je prends :)


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