18th Jan 2020 06:49 - 4 years ago
Description : Just some late night night raw slide playing with a drum track. Played on The Lone Rider 3 string fretless electric with an authentic wine bottle neck slide and a hand made wood pick. I spend hours at a time just lost in the beautiful hypnotizing melodies of these primitive instruments.

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If you have time take a listen and give Burtsbluesboxes some feedback.

theHumps 29th Jan 2020 19:37 - 4 years ago
I feel the sweat dripping down my face as I sit in the bayou, swatting mosquitos and gnawing on a nutra-rat leg. he!

Keep having fun man and we'll keep listening to your soulful backwoods sounds.

Burtsbluesboxes replied 30th Jan 2020 - 4 years ago
Definitely not sweating here! I do live in the woods next to some swamp land, that's close enough to a bayou right? No mosquitoes this time of year, thankfully. As long as I don't hear banjos all is good ;) MMmmm nutra rat leg, my favorite! Do these tunes give you flashbacks to your bayou days? Oh I'm having so much fun it should be illegal!!LOL! I'm collecting license plates from all 50 states to make a license plate guitar for each state, got about half of them with more on the way. I'll even record a tune on each. Such simple expressive instruments it's pretty hard not to get a soulful sound out of them, regardless of what some may say. I'm trying to get some recordings in while it's cold, and before I have to start working outside making stock for the upcoming festival this summer. My shop is tiny!
Always a pleasure Wayne :D Watch out those mosquito swarms don't carry you off, listen for banjos too, RUN if you hear them!!
Verdiqo 29th Jan 2020 08:19 - 4 years ago

Although i do find the song a bit empty. Meaning there isn't much in it or to it when it comes to volume, ingredients, elements and a soul or heart only a drum and guitar. None the less i do dig the guitar play in it. And that is indeed the only noticeable thing to me. So yeah the guitar play sure was good and pleasant to listen to. But i missed a lot in it. It's probably because i'am used to using many different elements when i am making music perhaps. But like i said i still dig the guitar play. So i feel a bit indifferent to be honest. None the less keep on creating & listening. Have a good one, Verdi
Burtsbluesboxes replied 29th Jan 2020 - 4 years ago
We all have a different take on music. I've made songs with layer upon layer of instruments and sounds with alot of dynamics. Sometimes less is more. This was literally just some improvisational jamming after a tough week, with a drum groove for keeping time. One of the beautiful things about these primitive instruments is sometimes that's all you need is the guitar telling it's tale all on its own. I like to point to this tune as an example. Thank you for the honest feedback :D I don't do this to become famous or show off, just playing music is something I enjoy very much. I also love bringing attention to the homemade instrument revolution/renaissance showing people you don't need expensive instruments to let out the music inside of you. Imperfection is ok.
Jkingz 28th Jan 2020 14:27 - 4 years ago
is that a Cigar box guitar ? very cool, always wanted one of those. psychedelic track man, wavey. Kind of makes me think of a dusty road out in the desert. I like the inspiration this brings, keep up the good work
Burtsbluesboxes replied 28th Jan 2020 - 4 years ago
It's not made with an actual cigar box but it is the same design. I used pine and a wallet tin for the body with a scavenged single coil pick up, 3 strings tuned GDG and played iwith a cut off wine bottle neck. Cigar box guitars are fairly easy and cheap to make, as they're traditionally made with found objects. Cigar boxes were readily available, but now they're made with license plates, homemade boxes, tins, gas cans, olive oil tins, bed pans, laptops, old game consoles... Imagination is the limit. I love how they can tell a story all on their transporting one to another time or place. Thanks JKingz.
Danke 18th Jan 2020 11:02 - 4 years ago
hey Burt

this is unique chill, specially knowing the background story of your guitars...awesome theme, could listen to it to and fro...

thanx for the upload, hope all is good

handshake, Danke
Burtsbluesboxes replied 18th Jan 2020 - 4 years ago
After a long week, we don't always get what we want, I was just relaxing late at night unwinding with my favorite guitar. I could play for hours on end just chill melodies. Always a pleasure Danke
Handshake :D
CelestiaAngel777 18th Jan 2020 09:26 - 4 years ago
WOW! love that amazing! guitar playing, this is without a doubt a FANTASTIC!! piece of chill out music for the mind & soul. This is what real talent sounds like. A very hypnotic! piece of musical art, i loved every inch of this...Nice! :)
Burtsbluesboxes replied 18th Jan 2020 - 4 years ago
It was right here on Looperman I learned about cigar box guitars and the homemade instrument movement, instant addict! I hardly ever touch my production guitars anymore in favor of my own homemade ones. Made so many great friends into the same, crafting instruments and accessories like picks, slides, pick ups, and other parts for creating music. The sound of these primitive simple expressive instruments can be very hyptnotic and I love how alone they can tell a tale. Thanks for the great feedback. I joined this revolution against overproduced/refined music a few years ago. The guitar itself is made of scavenged wood, an old wallet tin for a resonator, a scavenged single coil pickup with a bolt for a nut and bridge. My pick is a wood hand carved one from Mojoboneworks and the slide is a blue cut off wine bottle neck, handmade adds to the mojo ;)

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