25th Nov 2017 18:36 -  6 years ago
Tags :
Description : i used steelyvibe "subliminal girl" acapella. a dance song with a smooth cool vibe.

Comments (16)

If you have time take a listen and give adamms some feedback.

Stereonomicon 5th Sep 2019 23:09 -  4 years ago
Just what I like to hear, really a balanced song with an engaging rhythm.
Good job

CitizenMofo 19th Feb 2018 15:27 -  6 years ago
Love it. Great dance tune with some sly social commentary - super good.
monsterage 18th Feb 2018 19:48 -  6 years ago
Love the vocals!! amazing tune man.
RobinMBeatz 18th Feb 2018 18:42 -  6 years ago
So funky. Its great!
EricMilligan 21st Dec 2017 04:50 -  6 years ago
Really cool vibe for sure! Hypnotic. Bass part was really good. Reminded me a bit of Yello at first. I was captivated all the way through!

Indieground 20th Dec 2017 21:22 -  6 years ago
First i like the title of your track
second i'm not very "dance" here...
I mean what i've heard so far is very commercial stuff
But your track is fine
Really pretty cool track
Keep'em coming mate
Nodog 7th Dec 2017 09:44 -  6 years ago
nice minimalistic linear track kept uncluttered and clean throughout, i liked it a lot it has style regards Robbie
BeatMaker4real 5th Dec 2017 01:51 -  6 years ago
This has a really nice hypnotizing vibe to it.Nice work.
DijamMusic 5th Dec 2017 00:34 -  6 years ago
Wonderful intro.
Great Beat.
Well done.
mranzato 30th Nov 2017 04:03 -  6 years ago
Def giving off a good vibe on this one
FrozenStick 29th Nov 2017 18:31 -  6 years ago
I could listen to this all day and I will keep on working :)
MrThaChicken 28th Nov 2017 05:24 -  6 years ago
nice :))
silverman 27th Nov 2017 21:54 -  6 years ago
Enjoyable driving piece.
Driving as in nighttime car run along the coast.
Very well put together.
There's a minimalist approach here that gives it great depth.
BLEEP 27th Nov 2017 20:46 -  6 years ago
As i told you, i have more time now to let a complete comment!
First , i like the linearity of your drums; it gives the track a tech house spirit.
When i read you worked with steelyvibe, i was curious to listen the result! Effectively, i appreciate a lot the acapellas from this artist. I already worked with some too.
You make a brilliant compisition and the vocals get married marvelously with the instrument part!

Wellplay for the break at 02:00, that boost the resumption of the rhythmic! very good job, a real pleasure to listen to this one

adamms replied 30th Nov 2017 - 6 years ago
thanks for such a nice review i appreciate it, made video up for the song also you might enjoy.
BLEEP 26th Nov 2017 13:21 -  6 years ago
hu hu! what an excellent track! i will listen to it again this evening after work and i will post you a complet comment about my positive feeling :)

Perko93 26th Nov 2017 11:35 -  6 years ago
Digging that futuristic alien night club vibe, or atleast that's where this song gets me, acapella is also a great addition to the groove. Nice job!

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Enjoy! ;)
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Description : Instrumental by Alex Kvist
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Description : A song about a damaged soul. Sadly, based on a true story. Gorgeous loops here are by Hardstyle Rythm, Aboe, and Princess Hollywood. All basslines by that fiendish genius Rasputin. Take a bow, gentlemen
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Description : Hello everyone here's a song from my album anymore that really is near and dear to my heart I hope you guys and enjoy it and never let anyone bring you down or tell you that you are good enough!
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Description : Parody song for video about cat dealing catnip to make ends meet.

*Loops used are listed in Lyrics Tap*
28th Mar 2019 18:28 -  5 years ago
Description : =====================
Looperman loops used:
Shortbusmusic - Brass Crescendo in Em-D
Shortbusmusic - Staccato Strings in Em-D
builtmymusic - bmm melody 3
dj-puzzle - glitch vocal noise
mchn - nu style industrial drums
lheew - talking basses loop 1
liddellc - pinage
thanks everyone - enjoy
3rd Jul 2015 01:40 -  8 years ago
Description : Starts off "Hey DJ Drop the Beat" Electro House Party song with the MC telling the people to sing the Hook "O O O".
The ultimate club banger!

120bpm (check)
2nd Oct 2023 21:54 -  7 months ago
Description : Track professionally remastered... thanks for all your help!
This will be out as part of an EP on streaming media soon... would you help me out and follow me there? Lots of love!
29th Dec 2017 10:48 -  6 years ago
Tags :
Description : Dune 2 and one loop from jasperh9 trance pluck plenty of energy from this one the last of the 2017
12th Nov 2017 15:38 -  6 years ago
Tags :
Description : Here it is the --- Midisparks feature Stephanie Kay Hussar - Stars collide - Fresh Dance Remix by Joe Cramer. Everything is remastered and the drums are now complete. In my opinion, it's a really good song. Stephanie sang very well, Midisparks composed excellent music, which I expanded, edited and mixed a bit. --- Dans original mix can be found here on looperman -
9th Jul 2016 03:42 -  7 years ago
Tags :
Description : more Beyonce? samples with a deadmau5 synth hook courtesy MysteriousManiac
29th Feb 2020 05:34 -  4 years ago
Description : Hi there ket me know what you think if u like. Don't really know which genre it is (so I placed it here)- and it was basically a play around, Should be still considered as draft.

I used some of the great accapellas by janis71 / Don't be scared - full pella presented on this page.