Tags : | Dub | 9.16 MB

Description : Dub track i just finished. Worked hard on this sound and i don't know about the result. I hope you'll enjoy it! smooth sound, minimalistic dub.
Friendly - Bleep

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  1. kkittredge
    kkittredge on Fri 31st Jul 2020 - 2 years ago

    love the vocals, this track has a nice euro metro vibe to it

  2. betl
    betl on Sat 17th Mar 2018 - 4 years ago

    sounds good

    Reply by BLEEP

    tnahks for your comment betl :)

  3. Ducoh
    Ducoh on Fri 9th Feb 2018 - 4 years ago

    like it.

    Reply by BLEEP

    thank you for your comment :)

  4. ChrisFayers
    ChrisFayers on Sun 11th Dec 2016 - 5 years ago

    https://control.internet-radio.com:2199/start/sonnypieradio and the associated website is at sonnypieradio.com Officially going to launch it on 25 December, family don't know yet!

    Reply by BLEEP

    i added it in my favs, thanks :)
    really nice project

  5. ChrisFayers
    ChrisFayers on Wed 7th Dec 2016 - 5 years ago


    Reply by BLEEP

    my pleasure :)

    can you give me please the link of your streaming radio, i would like to add it in my favs :)

  6. ChrisFayers
    ChrisFayers on Wed 7th Dec 2016 - 5 years ago

    Thanks. Can you clear me to download, it is not allowed at present.

    Reply by BLEEP

    that's ok to download ;)

  7. ChrisFayers
    ChrisFayers on Mon 5th Dec 2016 - 5 years ago

    I am putting together a radio stream in memory of my late son who died from cystic fibrosis and would very much like to use this track. He was into dub, house, reggae and many things electronic. The stream, sonnypieradio.com will be ad free, and will not pay royalties, however I am happy to give you a credit and links. Hoping for your permission. Thank you. Chris

    Reply by BLEEP

    Hello Chris,

    First, I send you my sincere condolences about your son.

    Of course i will be happy to help you in your project and i allow you to use my tracks on your stream radio. what do you need exactly?


  8. Darknives
    Darknives on Sat 19th Nov 2016 - 5 years ago

    This track is cool man. I need to hear again with headphones to talk about production. Too much noise here

    Reply by BLEEP

    hello darknives, thank you for listening and i understand you need calm for a better hearing!
    hope you will report me your complete feeling :)


  9. mindhiest
    mindhiest on Wed 16th Nov 2016 - 5 years ago

    awesome. you got a fav from me. great sound, smooth. the trumpet is perfect. love this.

    Reply by BLEEP

    thank you very much Mindhiest! it's amazing the difference between the looperman community and the soundcloud community...

    it's really great to be in this place with real artists who take time to listen and put comments :)

    thanks a lot

  10. mudhoen
    mudhoen on Tue 15th Nov 2016 - 5 years ago

    Nice dub music with some reggae influences. It has some manu chao flavour on it as well. Love to hear this music on LM. As mentioned before teh trumpets are spot on and give some real depth to the track. Nice job!

    Reply by BLEEP

    thank you for your positive comment! nice reference with manu chao. I like this guy and i already liked him when he was the leader of the band mano negra :)


  11. TrippyHippyCrew
    TrippyHippyCrew on Sun 13th Nov 2016 - 5 years ago

    you fast af man! like the accent and delivery! could definitely use some future bass sounds though to liven it up at times

    Reply by BLEEP

    i noticed your advice i will see to work on it soon ^^
    thanks for listening


  12. AnalogDisc
    AnalogDisc on Sun 13th Nov 2016 - 5 years ago

    nice and fresh. these tracks are rare these days! nice one keep moving! :)

    Reply by BLEEP

    hello AnalogDisc,
    thanks for this positive comment!
    enjoy :)


  13. FBeatz46
    FBeatz46 on Sun 13th Nov 2016 - 5 years ago

    What makes this for me is 100% the Trumpets!!!I love these trumpets imma do a beat now with trumpets!!! Nice vibe!

    Reply by BLEEP

    thank you for having taken time to share your feeling about my track :)


  14. crucethus
    crucethus on Tue 8th Nov 2016 - 5 years ago

    Nice Dub, I'm a huge Sly & Robbie fan, So it's cool to hear mellow dub like this avec les mots Francais.

    Reply by BLEEP

    Thanks Cru! this week end, i went to hear a friend reggae / dub band. So after the concert, i gave us all my dub tracks. They listened to them and they told how they were surprised by the mixing: Only the kick should be more present.

    i think i'm going to ask help near a friend who's job is sound engineer :)

    Thanks again!

  15. EricMilligan
    EricMilligan on Sat 5th Nov 2016 - 5 years ago

    Great track, Bleep! Loved the trumpet. Maxed out the headroom, but it sounded great on my headphones. No distortion.

    I particularly liked the vocal part en francais, but that should not be a surprise. French is a very musical language. Some years ago, when i was in Paris on business, I looked for french language rap CDs, but was told that they didn't exist because French language was not a good language for rap. Never did understand that.

    Anyway, very nice work.

    Reply by BLEEP

    Hello Eric,

    Thanks a lot for your positive comment. About french vocal parts, i'm surprised that french music sellers didn't find anything about french rap... that exists. However, i'm not sure french language is adapted to rap style... i prefer english language because of the roots of this genre :)


  16. swindla007
    swindla007 on Tue 1st Nov 2016 - 5 years ago

    I'm really digging this track man, its funky, its chill, and its very very groovy. Great job my friend. Keep up the.great work.
    Peace Dj Swindla aka mike

    Reply by BLEEP

    Hey Mike! thanks a lot for your positive comment! Im' glad to read you enjoyed what you listened :)

    I modified some details like percussions: now it enters at the end of the track, it's better i think.

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