24th Jul 2016 02:33 -  7 years ago
Description : This is simply a smooth, hip hop RnB song speaking about things that cross my mind during these times. It's all about dedication, hard work, and sacrifice if you really want to achieve something in life. Feel free to give your feedback whether it is positive or negative. Like, comment, download as you please.

Comments (14)

If you have time take a listen and give BillionaireExclusive some feedback.

videohead73 5th Dec 2016 20:15 -  7 years ago
Smooth track, I like this.
beerling1970 22nd Aug 2016 23:08 -  7 years ago
Listened to this twice and would just like to say that I am still wanting more lol
Nicely done mate

BillionaireExclusive replied 23rd Aug 2016 - 7 years ago
Thanks, and don't worry I'll be uploading new tracks this week.
larrybarrow31 22nd Aug 2016 04:21 -  7 years ago
Finally got a chance to hear this track of yours after some internet issues, but I must say you have a super clean flow and the music compliments your voice, nicely done billions!
BillionaireExclusive replied 22nd Aug 2016 - 7 years ago
Thank you for the appreciation I'm glad you got to check it out. Stay tuned I'll be posting new tracks this week.
DanGoldstein 21st Aug 2016 21:26 -  7 years ago
you have a nice feel for the rapping. a nice flow. i like your vocal mixing too. nice work. keep it up buddy.
BillionaireExclusive replied 21st Aug 2016 - 7 years ago
Thank you very much I appreciate it.
mudhoen 27th Jul 2016 22:05 -  7 years ago
Nice track. Your vocals sound like a mix between bone thugs and outkast and that is a big compliment. I understand the most of what you are saying so clear enough for me. The beat is good and fits the vocals nicely!
BillionaireExclusive replied 21st Aug 2016 - 7 years ago
Thanks for the appreciation.
silverman 25th Jul 2016 13:42 -  7 years ago
Bill I'm sorry about that and forgetting to say the rest of it sounds quite pro to me but but but how would I know I'm thinking. My ears need a clean out! I'm off to the clinic this afternoon and I will come back and listen to your lyrics no doubt .... I'll be back!
Darknives 25th Jul 2016 11:48 -  7 years ago
Nice one man, very melodic. I'm not a big fan of autotune but fits well with your style.
The track got a little of 80s feel.
BillionaireExclusive replied 25th Jul 2016 - 7 years ago
Thanks man Appreciate it
wordybum 25th Jul 2016 11:38 -  7 years ago
i think you have a great understanding of the beat, your cadence is almost dictating the listener to tap their foot or get that head nodding, but i do agree with Beatmaker4real... your delivery could be KILLER on this if you took a little more time on it.

the beat is great as well. very minimalist so the vocals can breathe.

all in all a great job.
BillionaireExclusive replied 25th Jul 2016 - 7 years ago
Thanks for the feedback. When I get the time I'll make sure I post a new version of this track with more aggressive verses.
Mosaic 25th Jul 2016 04:46 -  7 years ago
Hey Billion

True this has a very nice laid back feeling about it, vocal suits the track well, very enjoyable listen, one of the first RnB tracks heard with a rap vocal, but overall very good work on this one mate...Peace mosaic...Fav...
BillionaireExclusive replied 25th Jul 2016 - 7 years ago
Thanks I appreciate your comment.
silverman 25th Jul 2016 01:09 -  7 years ago
This is going to sound harsh.
I can't understand any of what you're saying.
Hasn't mattered much in the world of popular music this last fifty years weather or not you could understand the words but if the idea is a message then then it's important people can hear the words.
What I'm wondering is are my ears waxed up because no one else seems to be having that problem>
BillionaireExclusive replied 25th Jul 2016 - 7 years ago
Yeah it must be you if no one made a statement about understanding what I'm saying.
Meridian 24th Jul 2016 19:15 -  7 years ago
A very good track! I like the way the arrangement (with the perky horn sound) brings out the right mood setting of your message - being on the edge where the light defeats the darkness, as it hammers out a soothing rhythmic assurance that all is going to be well (we have the power). The song definitely inspires - keep up the great artistry in your work!
BillionaireExclusive replied 24th Jul 2016 - 7 years ago
Thank you for the thoughtful response. Unity, and peace #SpreadTheLove That's all we need
TuneDef 24th Jul 2016 18:03 -  7 years ago
Smooth, soothing, with just enough bounce....nicely done!
BillionaireExclusive replied 24th Jul 2016 - 7 years ago
Thanks Man!
onlyhits 24th Jul 2016 13:11 -  7 years ago
Great track! Dope beat. Nice Lyrics. My only comment would be to make the beat a little bit louder. I feel like the vocals overpower the sick beat.
BillionaireExclusive replied 24th Jul 2016 - 7 years ago
Thanks, and I'll be sure to do that during the mixing session.
BeatMaker4real 24th Jul 2016 02:48 -  7 years ago
Man this is dope..really nice beat..
I would work on the delivery a bit more, but this is good work bro.
BillionaireExclusive replied 24th Jul 2016 - 7 years ago
Thanks I appreciate it. Delivery would've been stronger, but I was in a laid back mood that day unfortunately lol. But thanks

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