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Tags : | Pop | 3.95 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : LYRICS - you pick up the pieces / moving along now / you don't know him anymore / he broke your heart a thousand times / his words cut you like a knife / take a deep breath now / look what you're doing / you don't even recognize / that he was not the one you needed / not the one you needed / bleeding out now with all your emotions / all your sorrows on the floor / you can't take it anymore ///// look at you on the floor / peace is hard to find in war / the memories are like a sore / so you try your best to slam the door / but I wanna' be in your life / wanna' heal all your strife / I am more than you have ever wanted / just give me a chance / just give me a chance / give me a chance.
Loops used: Xyilent - ( and KaloKidd ( I think I fixed the EQing issues and pulled back some sibilance as well as increased the overall volume. Opinions welcome :) Everything done by yours truly except for the two loops :3

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  1. Spivkurl
    Spivkurl on Fri 20th Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    Well, this was interesting for a pop style song. Obviously, this is far from my listening preferences. I much prefer pop music from before autotune existed, and when most instruments were actually played. Regardless of that, the songwriting did show through on this piece, and I think that is one of your strong points. This has good energy, and definitely puts some radio stuff (from my limited point of view) to shame. You said you have had mixed response to your bass on this song... I am listening with my sub turned pretty much all the way up, and I could barely hear a bass line. I could hear the kicks, but they sounded like they had there attack transients compressed. Seems like the kick and the bass both occupy the same narrow range, and I would guess that is why people are having trouble differentiating. I personally would make sure the kick has it's attack mostly intact (try saying the three times fast!) and possibly transpose the bass up an octave for most sections, and then some gentle sidechain on the bass controlled by the kick. This should bring them both out in an audible and less subby car friendly way. I realize you can't seem to access the project any more though, and I understand that problem fully... happens to the best of us. Part of why computers piss me off. Had fun listening though, thank you for sharing!

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Wow, thanks for the detailed response Spiv :) I believe that was the mistake I made. I don't have much control over the kicks as they were pre-made that way (con of using loops) but the bassline was my doing. I will try and fix it when I get my new rig :D Cheers,


  2. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Wed 14th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    I am back, giving you and your track another chance.

    I admit to previously only listening on shit, bassless laptop speakers. Forgive me but I sometimes do it just to see if what I'm listening to appeals at all. I can generally tell even on shit speakers. I then switch to listening on headphones for a better sound (if the track is worth continuing with).

    Anyway: 0:10 there's some vocal mouth opening you could edit out just before "you".

    0:47 you could do with a louder bassline. Perhaps turn piano or maybe drums down.

    The track seems a bit lacking in bass or maybe I'm not quite hearing the sub in my headphones.

    2:33 mouth closing in last line sounds good. Like a door slamming shut. Nice ending. Delay tail tends to work well. You know I'm a fan of that.

    Despite making the lengthy music that I make, I feel this is a really suitable length. It's not far out, jam-based music but a proper, focused song that doesn't screw around and is very direct. Basically, it's well crafted pop music.

    This could easily be a radio hit.

    "you are a very objective reviewer"

    Thanks as I do try hard. However, I very rarely comment on something I think is shit/not my thing/boring as it's not worth the potential hassle of pissing someone off. I've been deeply insulted a few times on here for not giving a glowing review.

    Take care.

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Wow, thanks for those tips. I didn't even notice that little chopped breath at :10 - nice catch :3 Lack of time does that to ya I suppose :P And strangely enough, when I tried this in my car the other day, it was wayyyy too bassy to listen to enjoyably as the bass was overriding the instruments.

    I had the song EQd for a car stereo system, in other words. I wonder if that is a mistake, now that I think about it. I've gotten mixed reviews on the bassline and at this point I'm not sure what exactly I should do to it lol.

    Regardless, I will never be anything but grateful for anything you may have to say in the way of critique or praise - I appreciate any input you may have to give :)Thanks again for stopping in, SN!


  3. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed on Wed 14th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    You nailed the Pop vibe E.R...its better than most of what my radio many, I have come to dislike autotune when its noticeable...but there are obviously ways of using it that just work...and you did it here..I agree with the Kick comments, although thats a bit of a personal taste thing rather than anything that detracts from the mix...You would be in the top echelon of the charts if I was rating it...great job...Ed

    Reply by BradoSanz

    My apologies, my dearest Tumbleweed! I just saw this comment. I do appreciate your kind words. And yes, it seems the biggest problem here is my kick tightness. But alas, when your computer is horrible, then everything else suffers :c Maybe I'll be able to upgrade soon! That'd be quite nice lol

  4. topvega
    topvega on Wed 14th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    I absolutely hate AutoTune vocals with a passion....that being said...they fit this track so well that they become part of the overall Sonic Impression and blend sweetly. Top notch mix and tight sound. Nice job and thanks for sharing.


    Reply by BradoSanz

    I used to feel the same way about autotune topvega haha. I suppose when it comes to hard autotune I still feel that way. I was just like "who cares? Imma give it a go anyways" and I must say I did not think it would actually fit as well as it does. I think every plugin has its place. This was one of those places :P Thanks for stopping in, always appreciated!


  5. promenade2239
    promenade2239 on Tue 13th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    excellent track Epic.
    In this arrangement I would introduce snare drum on 'bleeding out now...'. Using hi hats only on 'take a deep breath' might create more gentle transition probably as well (if is there a way to separate them of course), also you could drop that piano somewhere along the structure and change the color. When the second verse comes in it actually sounds to me like a bridge section (which is usually introduced later). It's probably because the drumming suddenly stops and there is that nice swell cymbal sound. Normally between chorus and 2nd verse there are no such dynamic changes if I remember radio songs, I might be wrong though. I think your vision is perfect anyway.
    If you tighten the kick as suggested below the song may sound even more mainstream and epic, not sure what will happen with bassline then - just wondering because the balance of elements is already amazing.
    Brilliant work on this one! Keep it up.

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thank you very much for your detailed analysis of my track, promenade :) You actually make a ton of great points. I'd like to boost the kick but I can't do so without overpowering the instruments - I say this because I can't access the old sessions because my computer is unreliable. :/ I really do appreciate your comment though, it means a lot :) Hopefully I'll be able to fix the problem soon :)

  6. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Tue 13th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    Word up, ER.

    I gave you a chance and I was impressed.

    It really is a good little, melodic electro pop song. And I don't even mind the autotune sound - it actually fits here. And I say that as someone who generally strongly dislikes it when used as a cheesy effect (ie T-Pain style).

    Good to hear you moving away from the acoustic guitar stuff. Not that there's anything wrong with it but you're clearly more than capable of doing much more. So you are.

    I might give some further detail another time, if I feel like it.

    Oh, and pretty damn good lyrics for a pop song as well.


    Reply by BradoSanz

    LOL "gave you a chance and I was impressed." That gave me good chuckle haha. I appreciate you stopping in, as always SN :P Your words are appreciated because you are a very objective reviewer.

    I'm trying to experiment with more modern sounds, and the autotune was part of that; I wanted to try something new and I liked the way my voice fit to the music with it :P

    For some reason - under the inspiration I suppose - I came up with these lyrics within about 10 minutes once I found a melody, which didn't take long either. It all just kinda came together haha. I look forward to any future comments you may want to add to this track :)


  7. ZeeHipHop
    ZeeHipHop on Tue 13th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    The kick is a little low. But otherwise perfect

  8. Orlando51
    Orlando51 on Tue 13th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    Beyond any doubt this is the first class pop song, masterfully executed and produced...I just adore that slightly distorted piano...Faved!

    Compliments and respect______Orlando

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thanks Orlando, you can thank Xyilent for that piano, I just distorted it :P

  9. DjDestroyah666
    DjDestroyah666 on Mon 12th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    i was wondering if me and my brother can use this for a song we are working on and we will give you full creative criedt ok with you

  10. cellardoor
    cellardoor on Mon 12th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    I second the idea of a remix contest. This is blisteringly cool. I'm kind of in awe over here. Personally, I dig the autotune effect. Good luck fixing the bass/muddle issue you mentioned; that can get tricky--not that I noticed it. Too busy glowing over those vocals.

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thanks cellar :D I hope to upload the acapella of my track here soon; hopefully I can sort out my frustrating computer problems and get you guys some stems for a remix competition :3


  11. D3RELICT
    D3RELICT on Sun 11th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    Wow. Truly and epic record! I totally second the motion for a remix competition on this one. I really wish there were another verse or two but its awesome as is. Production wise it sounds great. It kind of reminds me of Pendulum's later stuff.

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thanks for the kind words, D! :) As I told Sik, I hope I can get the stems for the song but my computer is acting up. Glad you stopped by for a listen!


  12. SikNoiz
    SikNoiz on Sun 11th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    You ought to throw up a remix competition for this.
    It has all the elements of a killer house track.

    As for what you have here? Beautiful.
    I enjoyed every second. Even the lyrics are well written.

    Reply by BradoSanz

    I'm going to have to try it :) I don't have any money for a reward though :3 And I'm running into computer problems. 30 secs after opening one of my previous sessions, the RTAS usage spikes from like 25 pct to 99 pct and my computer just stops functioning - the only way to get out of it is to hard reboot my computer. I will see what I can do about getting separate stems from this song. I appreciate the kind words, it was all based off Xyilent's inspirational piano loop :D


  13. SoleilxLune
    SoleilxLune on Sun 11th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    This song sounds great... but, I don't like the autotune effect... just a personal taste.
    If you like autotune, go for it!
    Anyway, this song sounds awesome :)


    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thanks for your opinion, Soleil :) I understand not everyone finds autotune appealing. I don't mind it personally if it's used correctly. In this case, I just wanted to try something different! But to each their own :) Cheers and thanks for stopping in for a listen!

  14. 8Kass8
    8Kass8 on Sun 11th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    nice track .. i like it :)

    Reply by BradoSanz


  15. danke
    danke on Sun 11th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    Agreed with's a top pop hit...great vocs as usual (these words are coming from one of the biggest enemy of the autotune :-)
    Structure and mix are excellent, no complains at all...brilliant work from you Epic...

    Hats off and handshake, Danke

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thanks Danke! Your encouraging comments are always appreciated :)


  16. PatrickFox
    PatrickFox on Sun 11th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    Awesome track... Sounded great. Good job. :D

    Reply by BradoSanz

    c: c: c:

  17. Enzotic
    Enzotic on Sun 11th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    This is a great track. Didn't hear anything needing improvement as far a the production and mix are concerned. For genre, I'd just call it pop (I'm not big on sub-genres :) ).

    I liked this better than the majority of the content that I hear on the radio. Good job & keep up the good work. I always hear good stuff when I press play on your music & loops.

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thanks for droppin' in Enzotic. I think the only issue right now is that the bass is a little bit overwhelming, making it hard to raise the overall volume without hitting the limiter hard and muddling the sound. Also, the snare is a little sharp within the verses. I appreciate your comments on the radio issue, that's something I've been working hard to achieve. :)


  18. DanGoldstein
    DanGoldstein on Sun 11th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    i think your use of autotune is really good. it is good singing and good vocal mastering.. it's a beautiful song. nice lyrics. lots of drive. i think you already said - it - just need to polish a little more. regards - DAn

    Reply by BradoSanz

    I appreciate the kind words midi :) Yes, it needs a bit o' polishing and then she'll be a beauty haha

  19. Burtsbluesboxes
    Burtsbluesboxes on Sun 11th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    Definitely hear the Linkin Park influence! Epic! :p

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thanks Phatty LOL :D I seem to have the LP vibe with this one haha :P

  20. XyIlent
    XyIlent on Sun 11th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    hhheeeyy epic! :)
    loving it man, a guy said that it reminds him of Lincoln park and im really getting that vibe too!
    Vocals are awesome as usual really hit it out the park with this one good job man! :)

    You said to me to never stop what i do, same goes for you man :)

    Respect, X

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Yo Xyilent :) All in all - If I didn't happen to come across your awesome piano loop, this song wouldn't exist right now :D Thanks, I'll never stop till' the day I die ;)


  21. kennydjctxmckenzie
    kennydjctxmckenzie on Sat 10th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    Totally reminds me of early work from Chester from Linkin park ;) once you get your final mixdown on this its going to be "pardon the pun" an "epic record" :)

    Reply by BradoSanz

    I was thinking the same thing!! Haha, I plan on doing an alternate version where my brother raps in a segment haha. Thanks for the listen.


  22. toastedavalanche
    toastedavalanche on Sat 10th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    What a great track. The bright, floaty piano melodies and that smooth bassline work so well together. The progression is simple, but the execution is very detailed and infectious. I can't really help you with genre, I think that the creator has the ultimate say in what their music should be represented as. The closest I can say is electronic pop, but that does your ingenuity an injustice. So we'll just label it under "awesome" and be done with it :P


    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thanks TA :D

    I appreciate the kind words. This was definitely a song based off inspiration. I found those two loops and almost instantly found an awesome melody for it. The lyrics just flowed out so easily. It all happened so fast haha. Everything else just came together :3 Thanks for the listen!


  23. looper61
    looper61 on Sat 10th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    love it! as for advice i think there needs to be a little more pop to the kick. i like that snare. thumbs up

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thanks, I agree with you completely :) The final product should have this issue fixed.

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You pick up the pieces
movin' along now
you don't know him anymore
He broke your heart a thousand times
his words cut you like a knife

Take a deep breath now
Look what youre doin'
you dont even recognize
that he was not the one you needed
not the one you needed

bleeding out now with all
your emotions
all your sorrows on the floor
you can't take it anymore

Look at you on the floor
Peace is hard to find in war
The memories are like a sore
So you try your best to slam the door
But I want to be in your life
want to heal all your strife
I'm more than you have

ever wanted
Just give me a chance
Just give me a chance
give me a chance

give me a chance (x4)



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